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Spencer Herbert No More!

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Well Vancouver, our very out and proud, community oriented and sweet as puddin’ pie NDP MLA Spencer Herbert will soon not be Spencer Herbert. Did you know last Saturday (Mar 27th), he got MARRIED?? Well, he’s actually been off the market for about a decade, because he wed his long time partner and LGBT community activist Romi Chandra on their 10 year anniversary. So congrats! *Insert round of applause here*

Well he’s actually taking his partner’s surname as well as his own and will legally change his name to, and campaign with, Spencer Chandra Herbert. Has kind of an exotic ring to it. I’ll support it!

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Don’t Blame Me For Your Mess

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I am tired of being attacked, robbed, and denied equal rights by heterosexual religious bandits who blame same-gender-loving people for their failed marriages. Today is January 27, 2010, and I have just read a statement released by the Associated Press, quoting the founder of a family values think-tank who said (while testifying before the California Supreme Court) that rights of same-sex couples should come second to preserving the cherished social institution of marriage.

Most of my life, I have served in worship centers across America in one capacity or another, and I can tell you that what has eroded heterosexual marriages has nothing to do with a secret gay agenda and/or conspiracy spearheaded by evil men and women dressed in rainbow-hooded robes like the Ku Klux Klan in the ’50 and ’60s. Unlike many same-gender-loving men and women who have left the church because of crazy statements like these (heralded from pulpits across America) and attitudes that demean and demoralize them as individuals, I have decided to remain in the ranks. So I know first-hand that the reason Bishop so-and-so and prophetess so-and-so got divorced had absolutely nothing to do with my attraction to another man. I didn’t live in their house! I did not attend their lavish wedding! I certainly didn’t secretly carry on an illicit sexual affair behind the scenes with either of them. And I was not the confidant they confided in when things began to crumble in their marriages and the erotic flame burned out in their sex lives. Nor was I the person they sought when they made their decision to marry and needed marriage counseling, although after observing the horrific aftermath of their failed marriage, perhaps I should have been!

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Uganda, Uganda, my heart weeps for you! For you kill, murder, and imprison the innocent (those who express love differently) in the name of The Righteous One, but it is clear that you do not know Him!

Like America, you label them pedophiles and child molesters, yet continue to close your eyes to the true heterosexual offenders, allowing them to continually rape your children and infect them with AIDS, foolishly believing that this will cure them from the pandemic.

It has been said that you freed yourself from the tyranny and oppression of a king (Mwanga) who was demented, greedy, self-serving and who defiled the people and if these things be true, then this is good! But you forgot that even though he was said to be corrupt and accused of raping the people both physically and emotionally for years, still we must judge each human being by their own conduct, character, and deeds, and not punish the innocent for another’s sin.

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San Francisco State University conducted a study on the frequency of open relationships among gay couples. In a recent article in the New York Times, they describe the findings:

“The Gay Couples Study has followed 556 male couples for three years — about 50 percent of those surveyed have sex outside their relationships, with the knowledge and approval of their partners.”

The study will be released this month, which will finally shed some light on a topic that I feel has been taboo for too long. The study says that for many of the couples, they have stronger, longer lasting, and more honest relationships as a result. They almost always have rules to play by. When straight people do this kind of thing, people call it cheating or having an affair, whereas in the gay world it doesn’t have such a negative connotation.


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Friday night after having drinks with friends my partner and I walked back home. Our tummies were rumbling and decided to grab something to eat. A Seven-Eleven taquito was our not so glamorous choice, but good enough to ease our hunger. Since we were just a few steps from home we decided to share our greasy choice instead getting our own. Just when we were about to cross the street my partner fed me a bite of this phallic gourmet without noticing two straight boys standing on the opposite side of the street.

These guys, stumbling with drunkenness, asked us for directions. Like good citizens and people we are, we stopped and tried to help them out. We took the time to try to understand what they were saying and where were they going, as they were making no sense. After providing them with directions, just before turning around to keep going we were stopped by a condescending question: “Hey, are you guys gay?” Proud of being who I am and not wanting to hide my sexual preference and being aware that there would be a confrontation I responded: “Yes, we are gay.” The “dude”, as he was called by his friend, started to laugh sarcastically and asked us if we were going to go home to suck each others dicks. His friend, being aware that my partner and I were cold sober and them not even able to keep their sight “straight”, pushed his friend away from us and told him to carry on.

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Mexico City Approves Gay Marriage!

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Excellent – an early Christmas present for the gay community! Mexico City is the first city in Latin America to legalize gay marriage, so it’s huge news and a big success! As of right now, gay marriage is only allowed in 7 countries and some parts of the US. In Latin America, some places (parts of Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia) allow civil unions for same-sex couples. The proposed Bill 39-20 calls for a change in the definition of marriage in the city’s civic code – from “the free union of a man and a woman” to “the free uniting of two people”.

The city’s mayor is now expected to sign this bill into law. Of course the Catholic church and conservatives in Mexico City have opposed the movement, but I’m glad to say it’s pretty much a done deal!

“It was approved overall by 39 votes in favor and 20 against, with five abstentions,” declared a spokesman for the bill’s chief sponsor, assemblyman Davi Razu.

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New Contender in 2010 Repeal

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Previously I had written about two big groups, The Courage Campaign, and Equality California duking it out a l’il’ for a 2012 or 2010 Repeal. In a nutshell, EC said “no let’s bide our time”, and CC was all “let’s go for gold!” Well the first update is that both are now no longer having a hand in any sort of 2010 repeal. Even the Courage Campaign has pulled out before it got pregnant, and is waiting until 2012.

Someone else is stepping up to the plate though, and that guy’s name is Love Honour Cherish. Execute Director John Henning is the guts behind the operation and is going full force on a 2010 repeal, and people are happy about it after criticizing Kors and Jacobs of EC and CC respectively of using the same repeated methods to turn Prop 8 around. Well hopefully Henning has some other tricks up his sleeves, and a fresh perspective on the situation and strategies involved.

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Gay Marriage Defeat In New York State

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Gay lobbyists in New York had spent over 1 million dollars on their campaign to legalize gay marriage in their state, and it fell short very quickly yesterday.

In this relatively liberal state, the vote of 38 to 24 came as a huge surprise and disappointment to everyone involved. A Marist College poll showed recently that 51% of New Yorkers were in favour of gay marriage, but it seems that the senate was not a true mirror image of what the people really wanted and now everyone is calling “not fair”. Some are also wondering why it had to be held in “secret session” without lead up or warning. It happened very quickly.

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