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The American version of GQ needs to copy this initiative immediately as well. Their German counterparts enlisted several of their country’s famous straight men to kiss in the name of anti-homophobia. #MundPropaganda (roughly translated as “word of mouth”) features notable names from acting, music and sports to lock lips for the new program to battle intolerance. Nothing says good cause like a little man-on-man action ;)

Those involved include rappers Moses Pelham and Thomas D, Olympic champion volleyball players Julius Brink and Jonas Recker, hip hop group Fettes Brot and actors Herbert Grönemeyer, August Diehl, Kostja Ullman and Ken Duken. The latter two can be seen above. Check out some of the others engage in some tender kissing below. Some of them really get into it. #justsaying

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I was obsessed with Archie Comics as a kid. I’m so glad that the characters I grew up with have embraced gays in such a great way. The iconic comic book broke new ground several years ago when they introduced Riverdale’s first gay resident Kevin Keller. The character was such a huge hit, he received his own full series, a novel among other things.

Yesterday, Archie Comics pushed the envelope even further and printed its first same-sex kiss. Ironically, it was One Million Moms outrage over a previous issue that inspired the scene. Take that OMM. Check out an excerpt below from Kevin Keller Issue No. 10: First Kiss.

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Should The CW Renew The Carrie Diaries?

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When I wrote last week’s Should NBC Renew The New Normal post, I expected mostly a negative response. Surprisingly though, the overwhelming consensus on our FB Fan Page and the post, was that most people wanted a second season. I’m curious to know if our readers feel the same way about The Carrie Diaries.

The CW Sex and the City prequel aired its season finale last night. Like The New Normal, it’s been struggling in the ratings and overall quality consistency. As annoying and neurotic, teenage Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) is to the grown-up version (Sarah Jessica Parker), I really do quite enjoy the show. Truth be told, it’s the only teen-centric show I watch right now. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia I feel from all the music, fashion and trends the show uses brilliantly that keeps me coming back. Speaking of music, I love that in several episodes a classic track began the show and a cover of an 80s song typically ended it. Keep that up. Oh, and I want more of Carrie’s teen nemesis, bitchy Donna LaDonna (Chloe Bridges).

Beyond the trip down memory lane, a storyline I find really fascinating is Walt’s (Brendan Dooling) coming out story. If a Season 2 happens, I’m curious to know how the show will handle the gay teen story arc with the 80s AIDS epidemic in background. I hope they keep Walt’s crush SLASH mentor Bennett (Jake Robinson) in the mix. They’re so adorable together.

Now, to what I don’t like. I want to love teenage Carrie, but she’s far too neurotic for her age. No disrespect to Robb, who does an excellent job of channeling Parker. Perhaps, too good of a job. I want her to be a normal’ish teen and not a 40-year-old damaged Carrie that appeared in the HBO series. Also, kinda annoying is Carrie’s BFF Maggie (Katie Findlay). She’s no Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha. The only reason why I want her character around is to keep seeing her hot cop hookup (Josh Salatin).

Well, there’s my two cents on the show. I want to hear your thoughts. Sound off below. I’ve posted Walt & Bennett’s kissing scenes just in case you wanted to relive them or missed it.

Should The CW Keep The Carrie Diaries?

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relieve Walt & Bennett’s gay kisses after the jump

There’s no denying that Mondays can be a bitch. It’s always hard to go back to the office after having a fun-filled weekend. Thankfully, two brand new shows make starting the week a bit easier for me. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy The Carrie Diaries and The Following as much as I do. And that’s before both shows featured two gay kisses during last week’s episode. Since a new episode of each airs tonight, I thought it was a perfect time to blog about aforementioned smooches.

On The Carrie Diaries, Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and her best friend Walt (Brendan Dooling) celebrated Halloween in NYC. At the party, they meet Interview writer Bennett (Jake Robinson). During a chat, Bennett leans over and gives Walt his first man-on-man kiss. Still struggling to deal with his sexuality, Walt runs and heads back home to have sex with his ex-girlfriend Maggie (Katie Findlay). Side note: Check out our interview with Katie.

Over on The Following, two straight aspiring serial killers Will (Nico Tortorella) and Billy (Adan Canto) pretend to be gay to befriend a victim. After a series of flashbacks, we learn that during a drunken night, the two actually hooked up. This eventually leads to Billy developing real feelings for Will. Check out their angst-ridden kiss below, along with the Carrie Diaries’ one.

check out both kisses after the jump

Earlier this week on Modern Family, Phil Dunphy (who is played by Ty Burrell) found himself in a very awkward predicament. I’ve been waiting to find the video of the scene online and I’ve finally succeeded.

In the episode, Phil meets a guy at the gym named Dave (played by Matthew Broderick) and because Phil is so oblivious, he doesn’t realize the guy was gay and into him when he invites him over for a “guys night”.

Dave is recently out of a relationship and is encouraged to go out by Cam, who obviously isn’t aware that the guy in question is Phil. With the Dunphys out for the night, the boys have the house to themselves. Dave isn’t sure about the signals he’s getting from Phil, but as the “date” progresses, Dave starts to think things are moving too fast. It’s an absolutely hilarious scene and the best part is when Phil realizes after the fact what kind of signals he had been sending out all along. Enjoy!

Watch the clip after the jump…

Just in time for a hot weekend, we’ve got a new Steam Room Stories episode to share with you. This one is called “The Gay Audition Movie Kiss” and I think you’re gonna like it. Actually, you’re not the only one. Someone from Nigeria also left a comment on the video that I simply had to include in this post. He wrote:

“OMG I am all the way in Nigeria (where homosexuality is illegal), I am in an internet cafe, surrounded by stinky men, internet is slow, and I? STILL managed to watch this! That just shows how dedicated I am to this channel.”

While sitting in the steam room, two hot guys discuss how to kiss for camera because one of them has an audition he has to prepare for. Luckily the other guy knows exactly how to take on this very difficult task and show him how it’s done. There’s a lot of build up and in the end it doesn’t disappoint. Just the way I like it ;) Pucker up and enjoy the video below!

Watch the video after the jump…

Before you think it, no, this is not the same Jayson Blair that committed plagiarism and fabrication in his stories with the New York Times. This Jayson Blair is one sexy, sexy piece of man and the reason why you should check out The Hard Times of RJ Berger. I mean, there are other reasons to watch this MTV original series – great writing, funny and revealing parallels to your own high school experiences – but for no other reason than some serious eye candy, I thought you all would enjoy this.

Yesterday, I came across a GIF while perusing a few blogs and I wondered where the scene was from. The GIF displayed a nerdy kid awkwardly spying on two men (one jock and one twink) in the locker room shower. After some research, I discovered it was from the episode Steamy Surprise of the second season of the MTV show. Turns out, Jayson Blair’s character of Max has been super sexy over the past two seasons and I had no idea. As you can see from the photo above, he likes to take his shirt off. A lot. I’m not complaining.

The sexy kiss between Jayson Blair and his sexy twink friend can be seen in the little montage below courtesy of All About Strength. They also showcase some of Jayson’s finest (shirtless) moments in the two seasons. Trust me, it’ll make you want to catch up on this little gem via Netflix.

Check out all of Jayson Blair’s sexiness from the show after the jump.

Steve Jones & Jake Shears Lock Lips

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Back in September, this video made it’s rounds and conversation went crazy. However, I hadn’t seen the video until yesterday so for those of you who also may not have seen this action go down, you’re welcome. I’m happy to share it with you. X Factor host and recent Man Crush Steve Jones pulled quite the practical joke on one Jake Shears when the two presented a band on UK television. Without hesitation, Jones planted his lips on Shears after calling for more masculinity. I agree Steve, male-on-male kissing is supes totes masc. In an interview with After Elton back in September, Jones talked about the incident.

AfterElton: You ambushed him with a kiss, and trust me our readers noticed that. What prompted you to kiss Jake that way?
Steve Jones: Well, because I thought it would be funny and because I’m a big fan of Jake, and I knew he would take it the right way. And I would do anything for a laugh, and the look on his face – the shock was well worth it. I never considered ‘Is it okay to kiss a man on TV?’ I’m personally one of those “Who gives a shit, everyone is doing what they are doing, no one is getting hurt and everyone is having fun do whatever you like” people. That’s never an issue for me to kiss a man. I can do that any day of the week.

AE: The look on his face was utterly priceless.
SJ: It was wonderful. It was wonderful and I’m glad I did it. He came up to me afterward and he’s such a sweet guy and he came across and said ‘Was my breath smelly? I felt like I had onions before…” No, no, no, minty fresh. Don’t worry about it, Jake. It was a good kiss. [laughs]

You wouldn’t have to ask me twice… with either of them. Am I right? Check out the cheeky little clip below.

Watch Steve Jones lock his lips on Jake Shears after the jump.

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