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Oh. Em. Gee. This just made my day. Back in July, I wrote about a Funny Or Die video called Frenemies starring Eliza Coupe from Happy Endings along with another hilarious comedian named Lauryn Kahn. The two frenemies meet over lunch and give each other backhanded compliments and “Kristen Wiig ‘Penelope’” each other until they can no longer stand it.

Now, they’re back and have just happened to run into each other at Pilates class. Of course they act happy to see each other, but both secretly roll their eyes as they hug each other. And so it begins… From the type of fluids their drinking to their carbon footprint to knowing “Lululemon,” the stuff they argue about (in a frenemies way) is absolutely hilarious.

Watch the video below. You won’t regret it. Spoiler alert, someone ends up bleeding. Enjoy!

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It’s election time again in the U.S. and if you haven’t registered to vote, you definitely should! The election is coming up on November 9 and your vote matters.

A bunch of celebrities got together to help encourage you to do so by sharing how they “Rock The Vote“. Essentially, with the help of Funny or Die, they bring some humor to reasons why they love voting. Jane Lynch says, “Voting is the best decision you can make. A close second is getting a One Direction tattoo on your ass – likeI did.” Kathy Griffin says, “I’m voting because everyone at the polling place is LEGAL! Seriously, I can f*ck anyone there.” LOL.

Celebrities in the video include: Miley Cyrus, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, Josh Duhamel, Miranda Cosgrove, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Busy Phillips, Joel McHale, Tony Hawk, Kathy Griffin, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Chad Lowe, and Connor Paolo.

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Bruno Mars has a pretty incredible life. So many people ask him, “What’s it like to be Bruno Mars?” He feels like that’s like asking him what it’s like to be a man…a mighty, mighty good man.

In the following Funny Or Die video, Bruno Mars shows what it’s like to be a man like him set to the tune of Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s “Whatta Man” song. From dancing in the gold boxers above to being a hero and a pillow to cry on for woman, to winning arm wrestling competitions, whatta man he is.

Not only is he incredibly sexy and have an amazing voice, but he’s also got a great sense of humor as you’ll soon see in this video. If you like Bruno Mars, you’ll like this video. The video ends with a spoof of The Lion King, where the singer holds up a newborn baby, mimicking the iconic scene from the Disney movie. Enjoy!

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I guess when two actors that go by their full three names get together, there’s bound to be sparks. In this new Funny or Die video, actors Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill) and Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) play two people ending their first date when they move in for their first kiss.

This isn’t just any first kiss, it’s a freaking hurricane of a first kiss. He first mounts her on the kitchen counter (hot), then soon they’ve pretty much made a disaster of the whole apartment. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll see what this crazy makeout session leads to when you check out the video below. Oh, and the picture above? That’s after they terrorized the fridge and somehow made a peanut butter & jelly sandwich while making out. Then they eat it… while making out.

Enjoy the video below. Have you ever experienced anything even close to a first kiss like this?

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Getting a job after you’re done school is often easier said than done, despite how impressive your resume may be. An organization called Our Time has a petition that aims to convince candidates and members of congress to create one million jobs by expanding national service.

To get people’s attention, they’ve enlisted the help of Funny Or Die and a few talented celebrities to get the message across – in a hilarious way, of course. The first video stars Renee Zellweger as a demanding mom who has two difficult children and is interviewing a recent graduate for a babysitting job. The second video stars Alan Thicke, the father of a recent graduate who turns to his dad for some consulation because he hasn’t been able to find a job. What he gets is just the opposite.

Watch the two hilarious videos below and go to if you want to sign the petition.

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Grindr For The GOP Convention

In: Patrick, Random Reads, Totally GAY!, Videos

A new Funny or Die video has just come out that pokes fun and some of the gay scandals some politicians have had involved hookup apps like Grindr.

In the faux promo video, we learn that this year hooking pp at the GOP Convention is going to be so much easier for closeted politicians thanks to Grindr being a sponsor. “You’ll be up to your ears in anonymous c*ck,” says the chairman of the 2012 GOP Convention. He also adds that whatever you’re into (listing many terms I had not even heard of before), it all stays in Florida where they’ve got it all figured out.

Watch the hilarious video below and be warned that there is definitely some NSFW language used.

Watch after the jump…

Peeing In Pools With Ryan Lochte

In: Patrick, Random Reads, Videos

Just when you thought you couldn’t love U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte more, he shows us his sense of humor in this new Funny or Die video where he clears up any and all confusion surrounding peeing in pools.

I first wrote about him over a year ago as one of my Sports Studs, but now he’s become an Olympic Here and making headlines everywhere. Lochte made his country proud at the 2012 Summer Olympics over the past week whilst on the cover of Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, and a feature in Vogue.

In the following video, Lochte owns up to peeing in pools and not only that, avoiding toilets and only peeing in the pool. Listen to his hilarious message encouraging people to pee in the pool. From Gold Medals to Golden ShowersWatch the video after the jump…

Oh. My. God. If you saw the first “You’re So Hot” video with Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse, you’re probably just as excited about this as I am. The Funny Or Die videos feature the two men battling in dirty “You’re So Hot” comebacks, trying to outdo the other and make the other person laugh.

In this “Spagetti Western” sequel, the game starts off when the two guys realize that they’ve got the same spagetti noodle in their mouths – “Lady & The Tramp” style. At this point, they realize that there’s nothing else to do but to battle in “You’re So Hot”. Now if you’ve never seen them do this before, be prepared from some very dirty, NSFW language. “You’re so hot, I wanna put on one of those old school Scrooge nightcaps, sneak into your bedroom at night, and blow you like the Ghost of Christmas Ass.” LOL.

Watch and enjoy the hilarious video below. It doesn’t disappoint, as you may have guessed from the photo above. You’re so hot…

Watch the video after the jump…

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