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Although I haven’t seen This Is 40 yet myself, I love a good blooper reel. I’ve heard mixed reviews for the movie but one thing is for certain, bloopers are always a hit.

In the following video, cast members Jason Segal, Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Chris O’Dowd, Megan Fox, Melissa McCarthy & more breakout in laughter as they try to push through some very awkward scenes or hilariously obscene dialogue. One hilarious scene is with Segal, O’Dowd and Fox. When the guys learn that Fox is single, O’Dowd says, “We both would like to know for one…we both want to make love in you.” Needless to say, they all burst out in laughter. Seriously, how could you deliver a line like that and not laugh? I sure couldn’t.

Watch the video below if you want a good laugh to wrap up your week. Enjoy!

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We’ve all had to watch those awkward sexual harassment videos when starting at a new company at some point in our lives. Usually, they’re super outdated and inadvertently humorous.

In this new Funny or Die video, a new guy named John (Travis Van Winkle… SO HOT) is hired at a company and his new boss (Brian Guest) makes him watch their sexual orientation video before he starts working. Unfortunately, their media centre is totally outdated and thus they decide to give him a live demonstration of what is and isn’t allowed. The guy and his co-worker Samantha (Maria Lopez) proceed to demonstrate various inappropriate touching scenarios or positions and tell John that it’s not allowed. They go to great lengths to show what isn’t allowed… let’s just say some S&M gear come into play, as well as a huge black dildo.

Watch the hilarious video below. I warn you that you may finish watching the video wanting only to sexually harass John yourself. Yum. Enjoy!

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This funny music video surfaced on YouTube a while back but somehow it broke one of YouTube’s many rules and was taken down. That being said, I recently found it on Funny Or Die and wanted to share the LOLs with you.

While on tour, the comedy/rock band Fortress of Attitude found a goofily homophobic note on their car critiquing their parking job. Using the note’s exact words, the band turned the note into a hilarious, catchy rock song, and an even funnier, positive-messaged video.

Taste the rainbow by watching the video below, featuring a rainbow VW Bug and some sexy & entertaining full-body carwashing!

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As you may already know, Cougar Town is moving to TBS in 2013, premiering on January 8. With this move comes a bit more freedom in what they can say and do, and in the following video, they provide some examples of their new found freedom.

Courtney Cox, Ian Gomez, and Busy Phillips sit down with an interviewer and start spewing out the dirtiest and naughtiest words just to prove they can. They then want to emphasize how they’re allowed to drink actual wine in scenes instead of the fake grape juice stuff and things get a little crazy. It’s at this point that Josh Hopkins joins in…fully clothed…at first.

After all of the chaos, the interviewer reveals something to cast that causes them to bolt in a matter of seconds. Find out what he said and enjoy all the Cougar chaos in the video below.

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A while back, Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel competed in a “Nice Off“, battle each other with compliments rather than insults. It you haven’t seen it yet, you should. Now, two other Hollywood stars have battled it out, but this time it’s a “Sad Off.”

Both Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson have “sad” movies coming out this winter. Hathaway stars in Les Miserables, while Jackson stars in Django Unchained. Both have sad stories, but which is sadder? Both Hathaway and Jackson think their movies are the saddest and will go to great lengths to prove it too each other in this hilarious new Funny or Die video.

Christmas gets competitive in this must-see showdown between Hathaway and Jackson. “It’s a sad-off, mother f*cker,” says Anne as she challenges Samuel. Seriously, there are some really good lines in this video and I laughed quite a bit. Enjoy the video below!

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Holy ’90s blast-from-the-past mashup, Batman! She’s All That star Rachel Leigh Cook joins Saved By The Bell hottie, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Growing Pains legend, Tracey Gold in a hilarious new Funny or Die video tackling the crimes of the craft world and the black market world of In the intro to the video, the site is explained as follows: “To many, it’s the website that women all over America turn to when their poetry careers don’t take off. But beneath it’s crafty veneer lies a teaming, unregulated black market and one person rules it all with an iron fist.”

In the following video, we learn that Etsy is run by a maniacal queen named Ellie Harper (Rachel Leigh Cook). After Maggie Chester (Tracey Gold) is attacked by the Queen of Etsy, FBI Agent Michael Peck (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) investigates. Harper is one woman that you don’t want to mess with. If you’ve seen Savages, she’s essentially Elena, which was Salma Hayek’s character (minus the accent and the drugs).

Watch the ‘Queen Of Etsy‘ video below to see if they’re able to take down the

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Earlier this month, Measure B was passed thanks to L.A. voters and it requires that all porn actors wear condoms. Needless to say, it’s been a controversial topic from both sides of the fence… and continues to be.

In a new Funny Or Die video, Steven Hirsch (the founder and co-chairman of the adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment) explains how they have taken things one step further by consulting top safety experts. Examples include prevention methods for carpal tunnel syndrome when giving HJs, wearing a face shield to avoid any bodily fluids in the eye, wearing a helmet while on a sling, and more safety precautions. Watch the video below.

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The sexy and funny Dave Franco (who is one of the leads in the Now You See Me movie trailer that just came out) plays a game of “Would You Rather” with Talia Tabin (Parks and Recreation) in a hilarious new Funny or Die video.

The two childhood friends find themselves in increasingly awkward and funny situations when their game of “Would You Rather” takes an unexpected twist: the choices they make start coming true. For the first time ever, they can make anything come true, just by offering it as an option in the game. Will they use their power to make their fantasies become reality, or will the temptation to mess with each other be too much to resist? Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) and Dave’s mother, Betsy Franco co-star as well.

This isn’t the first game Dave Franco has played for Funny or Die. He has also done a couple of “You’re So Hot” videos with Mintz-Plasse that are definitely worth watching if you haven’t. First, check out the new “Would You Rather” below to see what outrageous scenarios become reality.

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