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Watch Kylie Minogue As She-ra In FOD Clip

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For the honor of Grayskull. This is the best thing Funny or Die has done in ages (save for those hilarious Gay of Thrones recaps). For their latest, they’ve tapped Kylie Minogue to star in a live-action reboot of the classic cartoon, She-Ra: Princess of Power. The reboot is even rebootier. At least that’s what the narrator claims. I know it’s only a joke but truth be told, this faux NBC show looks better than 80% of the shows currently airing on the peacock network.

Stepping into She-Ra’s shoes isn’t much of a stretch for the Aussie popstar. After all, she’s worn a similar headress during her Aphrodite days. Watch her as she battles Skelly aka Skeletor, teams up with her male counterpart, He-Man, and discover that she’s with child. You’ll never guess who her baby daddy is. That’s not even the biggest reveal. Who knew her last name was Weintraub? Check out the clip below.

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Funny or Die’s Gays Beware PSA

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“There is one person living on this street whose orientation threatens to destroy society….Dale looks normal, but he gives off clues of his prejudice with buzzwords like ‘pro-family’, ‘traditional marriage’ or …. ‘pole smoker’,” says George Takei the narrator of Gays Beware.

The new Funny or Die-produced PSA for marriage equality features Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) and Brad Goreski (It’s A Brad, Brad World) as a couple living across same-sex marriage opponent Dale. Eventually Dale comes around after the boys give him a bow tie. No doubt a plug for Ferguson’s advocacy organization Tie The Knot. Once he rocks the stylish neckwear, the black and white video transforms to color. Turns out Dale is actually a closeted down low “sister”. Check out the clip below.

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Since it’s Game of Thrones Sunday, I thought I’d share a couple of GoT-related clips. Both are ridiculous but somewhat entertaining, even for me and I don’t watch the HBO show. Yes, I realize I’m missing out, but have the show queued up. Soon enough, I’ll be caught up with all you folks.

The first clip involves Games of Thrones footage spliced up with the Friends theme song. A couple of weeks ago, I shared a similar video with The CW’s Arrow getting a Friends-type of intro. IMHO, this one works better because GoT is far more serious and hearing “I’ll Be There For You” associated with it is the last thing you’d expect. Emilia Clarke and them prove they’ll be “heir” for you in the fan made clip.

Next up is Funny or Die’s hilarious recap of the show. I’m so glad Jonathan the hairdresser is back to deliver his unique viewpoints. This time he amps it up by bringing along Alfie Allen who stars in the HBO show. Check out his fierce musings on this week’s Gay of Thrones which includes twerking, Alfie’s gang rape scene, the three “T’s” and three “B’s.” It’s must-see FOD.

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Michael Shannon Reads Insane Sorority Letter

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Last week, an email sent by a sister from the University of Maryland Delta Gamma chapter went viral. In case you missed it, the expletive-filled rant was the most ridiculous and angry thing ever. It chastised her fellow sorority sisters for being “LITERALLY being so f**king awkward,” making plans with other fraternities besides Sigma Nu, and for being “so fucking BORING.” The horror. It definitely showed the ugly side of the Greek system.

Funny or Die enlisted Michael Shannon to give a dramatic reading of said email. Shannon plays Superman’s archnemesis General Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel. Truthfully, I don’t know what’s more frighteningly evil- General Zod or this Delta Gamma chick. I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. Check out Shannon’s video below. While not as hilarious as FOD’s recent Gay of Thrones video, it’s still worth a watch. It perfectly illustrates how insane the email was to begin with.

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Funny or Die’s Gay of Thrones

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Funny or Die videos are hit or miss. When they’re on, they’re hilarious. Even though I don’t watch Game of Thrones, I was thoroughly entertained with their Gay of Thrones clip. I think you will too.

Jonathan is a very gay, very flamboyant hairdresser who chats up his client about the HBO fantasy series. He sassily gives a breakdown of the first two episodes of the season. You don’t even have to be familiar with the show to appreciate his delivery. From dropping a Christina Aguilera reference to talking about a “f**king beetle,” Jonathan hilariously reviews the show with lots of limp wrist hand gestures.

Though references to the show are dropped, his random confusing plot analysis won’t give away any spoilers. Check it out below.

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I just checked out this new video from Funny Or Die called “She Said, She Said” and just had to share it with you. I sure needed a good laugh on this rainy, “spring forward” Sunday afternoon.

The short video (directed by Stuart Blumberg) stars Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez as a lesbian couple that is on the brink of divorce and decides to go through mediation in order to decide how to divide their possessions. As you know, divorces and breakups are definitely not smooth sailing so things get ugly. At one part, they have a flashback where one of them develops a fling with the hilarious Aubrey Plaza who you know best from Parks & Recreation.

Watch the funny video below to find out how it all turns out in the end. Happy Sunday!

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Black, White & Gay

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In a new video from Funny or Die, two female friends & coworkers are working out together in the park. One of them turns out to be a well-meaning but accidentally racist white girl who informs her best black friend of a vast underground conspiracy of gay athletes.

It all starts when the ladies are doing sit-ups and talking about their new manager, Mark. They talk about how they love him but then the conversation takes a sudden shift. “I know! I love him… but then he’s so racist.” The black friend is obviously shocked about this revelation and wants to know more about where this is coming from. That’s when she learns that the white girl has no clue about racism & gays, and a lot of other things for that matter. Needless to say her black friend is not having it and packs up & leaves because she obviously can’t have an intelligent conversation with this nitwit – LOL.

Check out the funny video below. Two gay guys enter the picture at the end of the video.

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Every now and then, Zach Galifianakis does a hilariously awkward faux interview segment on Funny Or Die with celebrities and this week, the actor/comedian takes on some of the biggest names in Hollywood that are in the running for Oscars this season in Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition.

The actors he interviews include: Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, and Sally Field.

If you’ve every scene an episode of Between Two Ferns, you’ll know that these actors are pretty much walking into a trap and are not walking into a conventional interview. Galifianakis doesn’t give them the respect their used to by other interviewers and asks some really embarrassing and off topic questions. Hathaway shows up drunk for her interview, Jennifer Lawrence puts him in his place, and Bradley Cooper and him have a huge fight. Watch the hilarious interviews below.

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