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I’m so excited for the “Captain Planet” live action film that will be coming to theatres in the future. Nothing has been decided or revealed in terms of who will be cast as mother nature’s superhero, or which actors will be playing the the planeteers.

It looks as though actor Don Cheadle wants to throw his name into the hat to play Captain Planet. In the following Funny or Die video, the stereotypical planeteers see a forest being cut down so they decide to summon Captain Planet to help them deal with the crisis. Little do they know, this Captain Planet will take things a little too far and they may think twice before ever bringing this guy back again.

Check out the hilarious video below. Also, just as in the cartoons, be sure to watch until the end because Captain Planet will have a special message for viewers at home!

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Dave Franco certainly knows how to play to his fans – actually, both of the Franco brothers do. A while back, Dave Franco came out with a hilarious slash sexy Funny Or Die video called “You’re So Hot“. Now he’s back with another one that’s definitely worth a watch.

After he and his girlfriend breakup, she screams at Franco, “Go F*ck Yourself!” Little do we know that it’s actually a little bit of foreshadowing. Dave heads out to the bar only to find himself there. They share some shots and we fade to a montage of them having a blast hanging out together.

Well, all that pent up sexual tension can only lead to some hot man on man sex. This is a whole new level of “pleasuring yourself”. Enjoy – I know you will…

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We know how this all works. Someone goes on a show, dates everyone, loves some of them, finally chooses one, they break up, then they start over again with a new show where they try all over again. Earlier this week, Ashley Hebert of The Bachelorette chose J.P Rosenbaum, and he also chose her. The two are now engaged and will live happily ever after…unless J.P. wants to star on The Bachelor, in which case he can breakup with Ashley and start his own search. LOL.

Anyway, in this Funny or Die video, we see that perhaps Ashley’s sister was right all along and J.P. wasn’t the right guy for Ashley – so she’s single again. That doesn’t stop her from moving on right away. Her first stop – the grocery store. There are so many men there for her, how will she decide who the man of her dreams is? LMFAO. Watch the video to see this actress Darcy Carden perfectly parody Ashley on The Bachelorette. Enjoy!

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Okay, you probably already know what a Fleshlight is, but in case, I’ll fill you in. Okay, here we go… Fleshlight is a brand of male sex toys where a flashlight shaped cylinder with an inner sleeve made of flesh-like material is used for masturbation. There are several different shaped orifices for you to choose from (vagina, mouth, anus, etc.) for you to insert your…rod into. You then pretend like it’s the real thing, and presto! LOL. Whew, that was a mouthful (that’s what she said…).

ANYWAY, in this new Funny or Die video / mock movie trailer, a guy’s world is turned upside down by a Fleshlight after he uses it. Here’s the plot: “When Daniel James discovers a magical Fleshlight, he thinks that he has found a way to fulfill his ultimate fantasies, but when he comes upon its real power he must make a choice between the girl he lusts for and the girl next door.” Check out the hilarious video below. The Fleshlight can also be used with The Tuggie.

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Rap trio The Beastie Boys have always been well known for their music but also, for their eye popping videos that accompany their unique sound. Their latest clip for Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win is no exception to that rule. Following up their star-studded video for Make Some Noise off their latest album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, the boys get action-figured for some thrilling gun slinging and high speed chasing.

Directed by Spike Jonze with a screenplay by Adam Yauch, we see the boys being hunted by a military strike command. After a failed attempt to off them at an outdoor concert (featuring Santigold), the boys and military are off in a high speed chase in the snow. The end result is nothing short of an amazing parody of G.I. Joe meets the A-Team. Well worth the watch.

Check out the new Beastie Boys video here…

So, you have your junk hoarders, cat hoarders, animal hoarders…what else could there be? Well, in this new Funny or Die video, we take a closer look at the “Untold sTori” behind the closed doors of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s home. Tori Spelling hoards gays. LMFAO. It’s been a problem for quite some time, as the gays have been an important part of her life, but it’s just getting out of control. They’re everywhere (even in the walls) and Dean had to call the experts from A&E’s Hoarders to help address the situation. As they’re getting rid of all the gays, I laughed so hard when Dean says to one of them, “Can you please let go of my cock?”

After the help of friends and family, 237 gays are rescued. Since Tori did such a great job, the Hoarder expert lets her choose one gay to keep and she does just that. Wondering who it is? Hint: He’s famous. Watch the hilarious video below to find out who it is. I love Tori & Dean.

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In this faux movie trailer by Funny or Die, the sexy Taylor Lautner stars in “Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout“. When Lautner, disappointed about the NFL lockout, starts hearing voices in his corn field (Kevin Costner-style), he plows….(hold that thought for a moment before I finish the sentence)… a football field into his corn acreage. “If you build it, they will come,” and that they do. A bunch of idled NFL players show up on his property ready to play: Tony Gonzalez, Ray Lewis, Steve Smith, Dwight Freeney and DeSean Jackson. Lautner struggles to maintain his household with all of these men that are all of a sudden crashing at his place, getting tackled several times in the process.

On top of those familiar faces, you’ll also see Dennis Haysbert (the former President on “24” and the guy from all of the Allstate commercials – “Are you in good hands?”) who takes on the James Earl Jones role and tries to explain the labor situation. There are more familiar faces in the film, including Kevin Costner who shows up towards the end. What role does he play in this faux film? You’ll have to watch to find out. Also included below is a video of “Behind The Scenes” footage and one of “Deleted Scenes“. Enjoy!

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“Do you find the Snuggie too restrictive for certain activities? Sounds like you need a Tuggie!”

The Tuggie is the evolution of the popular wearable blanket, The Snuggie. Some people found the Snuggie to restrictive for “certain activities” so they added a third hole – in the crotch area. This is perfect for when you want to “read a magazine,” or “work at the computer“, all in the comfort of a blanket.

In this mock infomercial Funny or Die video, the guy that the voiceover man is speaking to is clueless as to what the third hold would be used for. Although it’s blatantly obvious, he still doesn’t have a clue and the voiceover man clearly can’t come out and say, “It’s for jerking off.”

Watch the video below and order your Tuggie today! (just kidding, it’s a joke. Cut a hole in your Snuggie if you need to that bad).

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