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Katherine Heigl has launched her campaign to help save the world… by eliminating testicles. That’s right, in this new Funny or Die video, she explains why she hates them and wants to get rid of them one by one (or two by two). The actress goes as far as to make a list of pros and cons to testicles. Here are a few of the ones she lists: Jiggly, look awful shaved, look awful not shaved, size fluctuates unpredictably, seems like an anatomical mistake, Muppet-like, and so on.

Fortunately for men and unfortunately for Heigl, she isn’t able to neuter men… yet, so instead she has focussed her efforts on ensure that pets get neutered. Sidenote, the hottie in the underwear who’s penis Heigl talks to in the video is actor Derek Theler, whom you may recognize from 90210 and Conan, among other projects.

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Kristen Wiig, part of the Clinton Foundation’s Celebrity Division, has a bunch of ideas that may solve our global warming issues. In this new Funny or Die video, she explains a very simple and overlooked solution to global warming: breathing.

If the issue is carbon dioxide, well, we know every time we exhale we release the said gas with our breath. What if everyone held their breath for one minute every day? Wiig goes on to explain the different campaigns that could go along with the concept as well.

Earlier this year, Kristin Wiig was named one of the two sexiest vegetarians for 2001 by PETA. She’s all about a good cause and a good laugh. Take a deep breath (and hold it) and enjoy the video below!

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I think this is the first acting gig I’ve seen Mel Gibson in in years! In a new Funny or Die video, Gibson joins Jamie Foxx and Garry Shandling as the three of them brainstorm for how they can best honor Robert Downey Jr. for the The American Cinematheque Tribute.

It soon becomes apparent that Foxx is a little bitter that Robert Downey Jr. is being honored for his acting, having played a black man in Tropic Thunder. “Listen, he does this now, if we don’t nip it in the butt, next thing you’ll now he’ll be playing Martin Luther King… ‘I have a dream…,’” says Foxx. He then goes on to explain how they should avoid using the words “black” and “white”. He holds his phone and asks Gibson what it is. “It’s a Blackberry,” sas Gibson. “No, it’s an African American Berry,” responds Foxx. After some trial and error, Foxx asks Gibson again, “What group does Will.I.Am sing for?” Gibson confidently responds, “The African American Eyed Peas“. LOL.

I love how these guys were also able to make fun of themselves. Gibson wasn’t afraid to bring up his trouble with the law, Shandling his face, etc. You have to watch this. Great to see Gibson back in the spotlight for something that doesn’t involve a mugshot.

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Ryan Gosling Is “Quiet Ryan”

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It’s rare but special when an actor can appear on our film or TV screens and say so many things without even opening their mouths. Sometimes, a look or elapsed silence is more powerful than dialogue. Don’t you agree? Take the film Wall-E for example. The robots don’t have any dialogue but the storyline and their emotions are so clear. An actor who is famous for saying everything with his eyes and face is the beautiful and talented, Ryan Gosling.

Last night, Patrick and myself along with former Homorazzi writer Jamie checked out the film Crazy, Stupid, Love. Ryan Gosling plays the womanizing playboy who ends up falling in love with his protege’s daughter. Although Ryan does a lot of his flirting and courting with vocalization, it’s Ryan’s looks and smirks that has us all weak in the knees. So, it’s only fitting that Funny or Die would create a spoof video featuring him in faux-film titled, Quiet Ryan.

In a world of constant communication it can be hard to find your voice. This year’s break out movie star doesn’t say a lot but speaks volumes.

If any of you have seen Gosling’s latest film, Drive, you know that Ryan’s dialogue is very limited. However, the power he posses through the scenes is enough to remind you that he is one of the greatest actors around right now. Check out the Quiet Ryan trailer below. Funny or dumb… you tell us.

Watch the trailer for “Quiet Ryan” after the jump.

Over the weekend, Will Ferrell was awarded the prestigious Mark Twain Award at a star-studded ceremony in Washington, D.C. In winning this award, he follows in the footsteps of Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, and Bill Cosby. When accepting the award, Ferrell said to the audience, “It’s about time” as he dropped it, shattering it into pieces (it was a fake one).“If my children try to touch this, I will beat them,” he joked while trying to put it back together.

Now, a new Funny or Die video has just been released where several stars read a personal letter they received from Will Ferrell. In fact…they all received the same letter, but only the name was changed. The only person to figure this out is Larry David, and he is not a happy camper. The other stars to receive the letter include: Amy Poehler, Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Eva Mendes, and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite). Watch the hilarious video below.

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Recently, I wrote about the fact that ABC ordered full seasons of “Revenge,” “Suburgatory,” as well as ordered more of the hilarious sitcom, “Happy Endings“. This show definitely has staying power and it always makes me laugh hysterically.

One of my favorite characters is Casey Wilson, formerly of SNL. Remember the episode where her character “Penny” learns that she has to to get drunk in order to speak Italian? Amazing. Anyway, in this new video for Funny or Die, Casey Wilson strops by the female writing staff of the show to try to control her storylines. The writers dread when she stops by, where she pretends to connect with them and care about them before spewing her awful ideas on them.

Casey WIlson as Penny is funny, but equally as funny when she’s playing a neurotic control-freak version of herself as well. Enjoy the video below and watch the next episode of Happy Endings this Wednesday.

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Now unlike Tommy, I haven’t seen many episodes of “Toddlers & Tiaras,” but lucky for me, I have seen an episode with a 4-year old named Makenzie. In the following parody, Funny or Die does a fictitious “Where Are They Now” scenario, following up on what Makenzie’s life is like at the age of 25.

With Hellcats not getting a second season, Ashley Tisdale had some free time to play the whiny grown up version of Makenzie. Also with some spare time, Leah Remini (who got the boot as a panelist on The Talk) plays Makenzie’s mother, Juana. At the age of 25, Makenzie has now been in 5,000 beauty pageants and won 3213 crowns. But isn’t she too big to be competing in the 5-7 year old category still? Unfortunately, after 22 years, we find out Makenzie hasn’t changed a bit.

I will say that the best thing about this video were the two random faux ads that popped up promoting other TLC shows: “Evil Robot Brides” and “Two Ton Virgin“. LMFAO. Enjoy the video below!

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I’m so excited for the “Captain Planet” live action film that will be coming to theatres in the future. Nothing has been decided or revealed in terms of who will be cast as mother nature’s superhero, or which actors will be playing the the planeteers.

It looks as though actor Don Cheadle wants to throw his name into the hat to play Captain Planet. In the following Funny or Die video, the stereotypical planeteers see a forest being cut down so they decide to summon Captain Planet to help them deal with the crisis. Little do they know, this Captain Planet will take things a little too far and they may think twice before ever bringing this guy back again.

Check out the hilarious video below. Also, just as in the cartoons, be sure to watch until the end because Captain Planet will have a special message for viewers at home!

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