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Hilary Duff has been out of the spotlight for a minute focusing on becoming a new mom. Yes, if you weren’t away, that teenage star from Lizzie McGuire is now a married, super preggers celebrity. As you can tell from the photo above, she is absolutely glowing in light of it. So, what is Hilary’s main pregnancy beauty secret?

No-Growactiv of course. In this hilarious Funny or Die video, Hilary poses as a spokesperson for a knock-off of the popular three step Proactiv skin care system that helps to remove unwanted face and body hair. In the video, Hilary explains how hormones from her pregnancy caused her to grow hair all over the place and that No-Growactiv gave her the results waxing and more couldn’t. Warning, hair babies may be a side effect. Check out the hilarious video below. It’ll make you LOL.

Check out Hilary’s advert for “No-Growactiv” after the jump.

Funny Or Die: #WhoIsPaulMcCartney?

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LOL! This video is absolutely hilarious. It literally proves that Twitter is ruled by tweens. After the Grammy’s, a hashtag began to trend on twitter posing the question, #WhoIsPaulMcCartney to which I responded, are you kidding me? I don’t care how old you are, you should definitely know who Paul McCartney is. Thankfully, the peeps over at Funny or Die have parodied this hilarious trending topic and I am more than happy to share it with all of you.

The video is full of ROTFL moments including the spot where they claim that Paul is the father of pop singer Jesse McCartney. (For those of you who are even thinking this is a possibility, you are WRONG.) Other great quotes include the following:

  • “Sir Paul’s greatest fame came when he performed at the Grammy Awards, making him the most random white dude to perform since those guys in the Suburbs last year.”
  • “After Sir Paul sung his first song, they cut to Chris Brown, who is so, so fine. I don’t care what they say, I’d let Chris Brown punch me in the face.”
  • “The world may never truly know Sir Paul McCartney, but we do know that he was old. And totally random. And not as good as Little B from the Pack.”

Watch this hilarious video ripped from real tweets post Grammy’s below.

Watch the Funny or Die exclusive video after the jump.

Cougar Town is probably the worst named show in television history. While the title fit the original concept of lead star Courtney Cox dating younger men in Florida, the show ended up taking on its own life and now, couldn’t be farther from the title. For a while, ABC tried to decide whether or not to change the title for it’s second season. After brainstorming got them nowhere, they decided to keep it as is.

However, it looks like they’ve reopened the case. A new Funny or Die video is out where the cast of Cougar Town pitch different show titles to the camera. Some of them are pretty hilarious including Courtney Cox claiming right off the top they should just call it Friends… when she realizes that won’t work, she changes her mind and pitches Buddies instead. Still a bad idea in my opinion.

Regardless of how terrible the title of the show is (it’s actually become part of its charm), fans are rejoicing that Courtney and the gang will be returning to TV on February 14 to kick off season three. With the fight to get the show back on the air, I fear this may be its last run on the small screen. Check out the title pitches below.

Watch the cast of “Cougar Town” pitch new show titles after the jump.

One of the funniest SNL sketches of all time for me was with Rachel Dratch as “Debbie Downer” in Disneyland with guest host Lindsay Lohan. The woman could not keep a straight face, and nor could anyone else. She had so much difficulty delivering her lines and I just died of laughter.

Well, in this new segment “Get Into the Snuggie With Billy” on Billy on the Street, Billy tells Rachel that she has to try to name 20 white celebrities in 30 seconds. As soon as he said that to her, she BURST out laughing and couldn’t stop (reminding of the SNL sketch). It gets even funnier when she accidentally names that shouldn’t go together, but you know how the brain works with word association. It’s hilarious and I’m not going to spoil it.

It’s your lucky day because I’ve included this new video, as well as the epic SNL sketch as Debbie Downer. Enjoy! (I know I did). Watch them both below!

Watch the video after the jump…

I love me some Rachel Bilson and my adoration for the actress only increased tenfold after checking out this gem. The diminutive actress gets in touch with her inner Compton, or should I say Bluebell, and raps up a storm in a brand new video for Funny or Die. As common in most hip hop tracks, Bilson name drops a lot of labels and disses a few celebrities. Obviously, it’s all in jest and the outcome is outright hilarity. Plus there’s a hot scene where two hot guys hose each other down. YUM.

“You said I don’t look like a what? Like a real doctor? A real doctor wouldn’t dress like me, wouldn’t look like me, wouldn’t act like me? Oh halllleee nawww,” she raps. “Lab coat: Dolce, Clip board: Prada. Vera Wang short shorts.”

Filmed on the set of her CW show, “Hart of Dixie“, Bilson recruits a few of her co-stars for the music video. Castmates Scott Porter and former Homorazzi Man Crush Wilson Bethel actually wrote the lyrics for “Call Me Doctor“. Just in case you don’t watch this cute show, Rachel plays Dr. Zoe Hart on it. Porter and Bethel came up with some zingers including “Doogie Howser” and “Black Swan” references. They even got in a Mischa Barton shout out in there. Watch the video and see how they all tie in.

watch Rachel get her rap on after the jump

Who didn’t love the ‘Rugrats‘ cartoon? With Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil & Lil always trying to avoid the manipulation of Tommy’s bratty cousin, Angelica Pickles. I’ll admit I was borderline past the age “watching cartoons” when still watching this show (which aired from 1991-2004). It was so good!

These days, it seems like so many of the shows we loved as kids are getting turned into live action films. So many of the Disney movies, ‘Carmen Sandiego‘, ‘The Chipmunks‘, and soon to be live action film, ‘Captain Planet‘. “Go planet!” Would it be a surprise if the same thing happened with ‘Rugrats‘?

In this Funny or Die video, a faux movie trailer for the live-action version of Rugrats promises to be “the most amazing (and disturbing) movie of 2012!” The video stars Alia Shawkat, Mae Whitman, Sarah Ramos, and the handsome Michael Angarano.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) recently released the official poster for this year’s Oscar ceremony and now we have the first official video promo. Produced with Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die, the clip titled “Off The Grid“, features Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox on a worldwide hunt to track down Billy Crystal. Glad to see Fox is working again after that awful “Jennifer’s Body“. I digress. Along the way, the two bump into a couple of celebrity cameos. See if you can spot them out. Eventually they find Crystal hiding out in a cave somewhere in Mongolia.

“We wanted to try something a little bit different this year instead of a traditional, clip-based piece,” says academy chief marketing officer Christina Kounelias in a statement. “The trailer has a fun twist that conveys how excited everyone is to have Billy back.”

The entire piece has the feel of a summer action-adventure film rather than a stuffy traditional promo. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that show producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer have more ideas like this in store for upcoming promos and more importantly the show itself. I love the Oscars, but sometimes they can go on forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. You get my drift.

When I first heard that Eddie Murphy stepped down from hosting the 84th Academy Awards I was a little bummed. I thought he’d bring new energy and his unique comedic skills would liven up the marathon show. That said, I’m glad Billy Crystal was brought in to step up and save the day. The “City Slickers” star is arguably one of the best Oscar show hosts ever. Based on “Off The Grid“, it looks like Crystal hasn’t lost his touch. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

check out the trailer after the jump

While the year-end lists have been flying fast and furious, we haven’t been sharing a lot of Christmas videos. I’m not sure if it’s just because they are few and far between or because it’s really hard to surpass the awesomeness that was the viral video: The Twelve Gays of Christmas. While this new video that surfaced yesterday doesn’t match the gold star that the previous earns, it’s still be great and has a few special cameos.

Starring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and Jim Carrey as Santa Claus, the trio find themselves re-enacting the story ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas while being narrated by Allan McLeod as so the prelude tells us, drank half a bottle of whiskey prior to the filming of this video. While he continually makes mistakes during the reciting of the classic poem, the director tells him to continue.

While the video doesn’t garner any huge LOL’s, it does induce enough laughter that’s worth the watch. Plus, who doesn’t love checking out Ryan Gosling at any cost, am I right? He looks pretty damn good in those pyjamas and sleeping cap I might add. Check out this Funny or Die exclusive below.

Check out “Drunken History Christmas” after the jump.

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