I am willing to put it in writing that Oprah’s Lifeclass truly changed my life. It has been over a week since I attended Oprah’s Lifeclass the Tour in Toronto (which airs tonight), and I’m still experiencing the emotions I felt as the legendary talk show host walked out on the stage, a mere fifteen rows away from my Mom and I. But let me start at the beginning of this story.

On February 28, I received an email from Oprah’s Lifeclass announcing that Oprah herself would be taking her classroom on the road, making stops in St. Louis, New York and Toronto. I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my odds, as I might actually get a chance to see Oprah live in person after all – a dream I have wished for years, and one my mother has been dreaming of since the first day Oprah Winfrey’s talk show was broadcast in Canada. I was shaking when I saw there were tickets available, and after a quick call to my Dad and sister, we decided it was time to make my Mom’s dreams finally come true.

Less than two months later we were flying to Toronto and finding our place in line next to the rest of the 9,500 people who also had tickets. We honestly lined up at 10am for a show that was to begin at 4pm, as tickets for the four different assigned sections were still general seating once you made your way to your specific section. Needless to say it was pandemonium as every woman and man dashed for the best seats possible, as we all wanted to be as close as possible to Oprah. We were lucky enough to snag seats in the fifteenth row, next to some amazing girls that we had met while waiting (somewhat patiently) for the Toronto Convention Centre to let us in to the seating and stage area. The setup was breathtaking.

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Forgive…Me a Break?

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debateSo Adam and I were having a “debate” on the phone the other day – seems to be our new thing. Basically we don’t see eye to eye on how to deal with and resolve conflict, and how to forgive. Without getting into specifics, Adam has the tendency to easily start ignoring people or stating they are “dead to him” if they do something that bothers, angers, or hurts him. He used to expect that people take his side and not talk to this people as well – which wouldn’t happen of course because otherwise due to the frequency of these occurrences, we’d have no friends. These mini-dramas would usually last a week or so. There are of course others, not in our immediate group of friends, that he has made “dead to him” and he no longer associates with them, because he cannot or does not care to forgive them. I guess a person is entitled to make their own choices – but the frustrating part is that everyone else is affected by these choices. We can’t invite, bring up in conversation, hang out with, or worst of all date anyone that has made it onto Adam’s hit list, for fear of starting an argument with Adam, having him feel like we don’t care about what they may have done to piss him off, or worst of all, making it onto Adam’s hit list ourselves. Anyone that Adam has gone on dates with where it doesn’t end up working out, gets an automatic free pass to Adam’s hit list. What happens when you make it on this list? Deleted friend from Facebook. Removed from phone. Will now refer to them as Hitler. And can no longer be brought up in conversation without reference to what they did, a rumor about them, their least flattering quality, or all of the above.

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