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Sports Stud: Jason Taylor

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This week’s Sports Stud is a former American football defensive end and linebacker who spent a majority of his career for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. In his 15-year career, Taylor played for the Dolphins on three separate occasions (1997–2007, 2009, 2011), and also played a season each for the Washington Redskins (2008) and New York Jets (2010).

This long time NFL hottie holds the sixth all-time career sacks record with 139.5 sacks, is the all-time leader in fumble return touchdowns with 6, while his 246 fumble return yards are the second highest total in NFL history. He officially retired on December 28, 2011. Aside from being really good at football, Taylor is great in front of the camera as you’ll see in his photos. He’s also competed in Dancing With The Stars back in Season 6 of the show. Check out his photos below!

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Whenever Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake get together, it’s guaranteed to be a good time. Their chemistry is undeniable and infectious. They’ve previously tackled the history of rap and now they’ve teamed up to show the evolution of end zone dances. With football season in full swing, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Naturally, the duo poked fun at controversial NFL players Manti Te’o, Aaron Hernandez and Tim Tebow. The latter’s signature pose was updated in light of his recent status free agent status. Shade, shade, shade.

But their clip wasn’t just limited to athletes, even Timberlake was a target at one point. If you ever wanted to see Fallon execute ‘N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” choreography, you’re in luck. Along the way, actual real touchdown celebrations are performed as well. Check out their dancing anthology below.

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Sports Stud: Colin Kaepernick

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

For this week’s Sports Stud, I decided to highlight on of the sexy models/athletes features in ESPN’s Bodies We Want Issue for 2013 – NFL Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The 25-year-old hottie is the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, towering at 6’5″ and weighing 230 lbs.

Kaepernick has already been praised for his performance and improvement this season. He credits this to what he did in his off season training. I’ve included a video below about what it involved, but he also said this to the BleacherReport: “I trained with a few Olympic runners and jumpers. Just to try to get a little bit faster, a little bit better. Anything I could do to try to get a little bit better and stay ahead of the competition. I think the biggest thing was the form of running and how to be more efficient when I run. I feel like that has helped me to this point, and its something I’m trying to improve on more and more, but I think those few weeks with them were very valuable.”

Kaepernick has several tattoos on his arms and chest, many of which contain Biblical verses (he was baptized Methodist, confirmed Lutheran, and attended a Baptist church during his college years). Check out his sexy photos (included the naked ESPN pictures) below.

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Sports Stud: Brady Quinn

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

This week I decided to tackle a football player that Donovan once included in his list of the Hottest Quarterbacks in the NFL.

The featured Sports Stud this week is Brady Quinn, backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He only just signed on as the backup to QB to Russell Wilson on April 11 of this year. The handsome football hottie has previously played for the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos. Prior to that he played college football for Notre Dame. While there, he graduated with dual degrees in political science and finance.

Brady Quinn is 28 years old, 6’3 and 235 lbs… basically what I’m trying to say is, “Hello to you, big boy ;)” He’s been featured in many magazines, including Men’s Health and I’ve included some of those photos below. Enjoy!

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Manti Te’o, one of the stars of the Notre Dame Football team recently fell victim to an elaborate hoax that is simply awful. The 21-year old met someone online a while back that went by the name of Lennay Kekua. He fell for her and they talked online and on the phone regularly. Kekua was believed to have passed away of leukemia on September 12, the eve of Notre Dame’s game against Michigan State, and only hours after Te’o’s grandmother had also passed. Still Te’o was able to channel his loss into a win for the team.

Now, because the story had received so much media attention, the hoax got exposed. Kekua never existed and it was a prank done by a group friends. The woman used in the pictures is still alive and well and had no idea this was going on and has never met Te’o.

This whole story is similar to the plot of Catfish, a movie where a man is being filmed by his brother and friend as he builds a romantic relationship with a young woman he met on Facebook… only to later find out she never existed. Watch ABC’s Diane Sawyer‘s report on the Manti Te’o story below.

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Back in 2010, I wrote about NFL hottie Eric Decker as one of our featured Sports Studs. The 25-year-old is a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and has recently signed on as one of the faces of Proactiv and is featured in an infomercial.

Here’s what Proactiv says about Decker’s struggle with acne and how their products helped him: “Eric Decker, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, struggled with acne until his teammate gave him Proactiv his freshman year of college. Proactiv helped him achieve and maintain clear skin, which boosted his confidence both on and off the field.” You have to wonder how much money Proactiv spends on celebrity endorsements like Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, and Justin Bieber, among countless others.

Watch the commercial below to see Decker footage of Decker working out, playing football, and in the locker room using Proactiv products while shirtless.

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The people at must have an absolute riot when making these videos. Recent victims of their videos include One Direction, Twilight and an old one (but a good one) is Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” music video turned into “Russian Unicorns.”

In this new video, we see various conversations happening on the football field of the NFL, even an announcement from the referee at one point: “I went out with a girl this weekend. We just kept having a ball. Then I come over to hang out after the game and just…the floor’s just beanbags. So that’s when I’m a jerk to her cuz I’m like, ‘Yo pick up all your floor bags, you’re not living in Southeast Asia.” LOL. That’s just a taste of what to expect. The ones that are the most random and that make no sense are my favorite. For example: “An orange peanut! For ME?

Watch the video below for a laugh. I wonder what Bad Lip Reading will tackle next!

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With the rainy weather I’ve been experiencing the last several days, I decided to take a virtual trip to Australia for this week’s Sports Stud and highlight one of their fine athletic specimens: Lance “Buddy” Franklin (I’ll call him “Buddy” in this post). he’s 25 years old (almost 26) and plays for the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League. Even though he’s super tall (6’5″), he’s known for his speed and agility on the field, mainly playing centre half-forward, and sometimes midfield.

With him becoming a free agent when his contract ends at the end of the season, there was some concern that he might accept an offer from a rival AFL team, but his manager recently confirmed that he’ll be staying with the Hawthorn. Buddy’s performance on the field over the past several years has definitely made him an attractive consideration for rival teams.

As you look through the photos below, you’ll notice that Buddy has lots of tattoos and those are dedicated to his Indigenous heritage. Personally, I love his sleeve tattoo as I have been thinking about getting a half sleeve tattoo extending onto one side of my chest myself. There are also a few sexy pictures he posted onto Instagram that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

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