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Music: What’s On My Dance Party Playlist?

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I always gravitate towards music when I’m hanging out at home and listen to anything from lounge music, top 40 to electronic/house tunes. At any given time, there is a Dance Party Playlist on my iPhone which usually contains remixes of popular Top 40 hits and come in handy for various activities like cleaning the apartment, showering, laundry or going for a run.

Here are 6 tracks currently on my playlist. Leave me some of your suggestions in the comments below. I’d love to know what you’re listening to.

Check out the tracks on the next part of the post.

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When Interscope Records released The Great Gatsby soundtrack sampler, I mentioned a highlight was the contribution from Florence + The Machine. The record label just made the entire track available and it’s even more amazing than I imagined.

Over The Love” is a smoldering track that builds to powerful closing crescendo. Reportedly, the song is sung from Daisy Buchanan’s (Carey Mulligan) point of view. The track is littered with multiple references from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. Florence Welch’s evocative signature style is absolute heaven on the theatrical track. I can’t wait to see how Baz Luhrmann incorporates it in the film. Take a listen below.

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Listen To The Great Gatsby Soundtrack Sampler

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The first released trailer of The Great Gatsby was captivating, but the most recent one featuring some of the music from the soundtrack just put it over the edge. It’s remarkable how music can elevate emotion.

If hearing short snippets, of what is bound to be a phenomenal soundtrack, had you begging for more, you’re in luck. The official soundtrack sampler has been unveiled, featuring 30-second snippets from each of the songs on the LP, with one notable exception- the Beyonce & Andre 3000 cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black.” Speaking of which, I’m sure if Winehouse were still alive today she would be included in this talented bunch.

Jay-Z who was commissioned to curate the soundtrack did a fantastic job of lining up artists who evoke the roaring 20s while keeping it contemporary. A few of the standouts on the soundtrack include Florence and the Machine, Sia, Coco O. and Lana Del Rey’s contribution. Normally, the latter gives me gas, but I think she’s absolutely divine on her track and will fit perfectly in the film. Also worth mentioning is my girl Emeli Sande. She does a swing version of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love.” So glad that the Scottish songbird is finally getting some love in North America. Listen to her cover along with the rest below.

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Rising Artist Spotlight: Let’s Talk About HAIM

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I’ve been obsessed with these girls for a few months now, and get unnecessarily excited when they come out with anything new, whether it be song or video. I just realized yesterday that I haven’t posted about them at all, and now that they’re quickly nearing hipster royalty, I should really introduce you to, if you haven’t already heard, HAIM.

These three sisters, Este, Danielle, and Alana, only started releasing singles last year, but being the new kids on the block haven’t stopped them from growing underground notoriety at a rapid pace. All of a sudden my Songza is playing them and I realize they’ve arrived.

After already being on tour with people like Edward Sharpe, Mumford and Sons, Florence + The Machine, and Ke$ha, these girls don’t have a full length album yet, but one is scheduled for release this year, to be vague, and the fans (me) can’t wait for the 80′s influenced pop to continue. Every single they’ve released has been absolutely epic, and below is my absolute favorite to date still “Don’t Save Me“, along with an amazing follow up that just debuted a couple months ago “Falling“.

I’m pretty sure these ladies have a sound I haven’t quite pinned down or been able to completely compare anything to with some great harmonies and haunting vocals and a whole lot of retro keyboard. I’m stoked to see their careers blossom.

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There are a couple of things to expect from a Baz Luhrmann film- great visuals and even greater music. Both Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet were masterpieces with fantastic soundtracks. With the talent on board (onscreen and off) for his big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, I expect nothing short of spellbinding.

Luhrmann just dropped a brand new trailer and it’s even better than the first one. It’s amazing how music can change the mood and help tell a story. A couple days ago, word leaked that Beyonce and Andre 3000 were covering Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black” for the film. It’s not the entire thing, but we have our first listen at their remake in the trailer. Also featured in the clip are soundtrack contributions from Lana Del Rey and Florence + The Machine. Both are equally as promising.

I can’t wait for The Great Gatsby to hit theaters on May 10 and I’m even more excited for the soundtrack to drop. Check out the new trailer below.

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Concert Review: Florence + The Machine

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Friday night my favorite band from across the pond, Florence + the Machine, graced the stage at Deer Lake Park to a packed crowd of nine thousand screaming fans. I was lucky enough to be there with a bunch of my friends and had the BEST time.

I had a few fears about the show as lead singer Florence Welch had cancelled two of her recent European dates after having lost her voice. Having witnessed what had happened to Adele last year, a lot of people were expecting it to be an extended illness causing the cancellation of more tour dates. Thankfully for me and everyone else in the crowd, not only did she regain her voice and perform the show, but her voice was as powerful and enchanting as ever.

My second fear for the show had to do with the weather. Although we’ve had a few good weeks here in Vancouver, the weather took a turn Friday morning when it started to rain. Throughout the day it was raining on and off and although I would have gone to the concert regardless, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when the rain stopped just in time for the show. Having said that, I was begging the weather gods to pour down on me at one point. It would have been pretty magical.

The show opened with one of my favourite tracks off of Ceremonials, “Only If for a Night“. From then on, vocal power house Welch delivered a mind blowing, ethereal performance highlighting some of the best songs from their most recent album and reviving past favourites from their debut album, “Lungs“.

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I love me a good Florence + the Machine track. Probably not as much as fellow writer Nic does but I really enjoy Florence’s unique voice and the groups unique sense of lyric and melody. The group has now had their track “Spectrum (Say My Name)” remixed by it-producer of the moment, Calvin Harris. It’s been kind of proven that any track Calvin producers or remixes turns to gold and I would say, his Midas touch wasn’t too far off on this little ditty.

Calvin took Florence’s vocals of this powerhouse ballad and completely transformed it into a dancefloor anthem. While some may say this production style has completely stripped the track of its soul, I think it’s given it a whole new breath of life and may now reach more people than it did in its original form. What’s disappointing is that all of Harris’ tracks are starting to blend together and their chord progressions are becoming so similar that the tracks aren’t standing out on their own. For example, this track could easily be mashed up with Cheryl Cole’s “Call My Name,” which could actually be pretty fierce. Give the track a listen below and tell us what you think of Calvin’s dancefloor treatment in the comments section.

Listen to Calvin Harris’ “Spectrum (Say My Name)” remix after the jump…

Last night, the season finale of the best show on television, ‘Revenge‘ aired and it did not disappoint. After so many intense twists & turns, cold stares, and elaborate schemes, Season 1 went out with a bang leaving fans like me majorly thirsty for more and eagerly awaiting Season 2.

The last 5 minutes of the episode (titled “Reckoning“) I literally had to watch again right after. It was epic, scored to the haunting sounds of Florence + The Machine singing “Seven Devils“. So much happened in those five minutes that open the door for an exciting and intense second season this fall.

Literally something huge shifted in the story for every single one of the main characters in this last episode and it was definitely the most shocking & explosive episode of the season. You’ll notice that I’m not giving anything away in terms of specific in case you haven’t yet scene it. For those of you that have, relive the last 5 minutes again below. You won’t regret it.

Watch the last 5 minutes below…

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