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Homorazzi Hangs With Amanda Lepore

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This past weekend, Tyrell and I got to spend some time with the infamous Amanda Lepore who was in town to perform at Five Sixty. Prior to going to event, we had dinner at the Opus restaurant, Cento Notti, followed by a bit of a pre-party for her at Opus Hotel, where she was staying (it’s her favorite hotel in Vancouver and she loves to take her bubble baths there).

She was extremely sweet, stunning and I don’t know if it’s weird to say this, but she smelled fantastic! LOL. After the pre-party, Tyrell and I went home quick for a quick costume change (no, we don’t think we’re Beyonce – LOL) – we were a little too overdressed for Five Sixty. Once at the club, we met with Amanda again backstage for a quick interview before she went on stage. I’ve included the video of the quick chat below.

Her performance had the crowd cheering… and taking their tops off. That’s right, as Amanda’s “wardrobe malfunction” turned into her top coming completely off, so many other girls tops did too. Amanda performed some of her songs like “My Hair Looks Fierce” and “My Pussy” and she was so fun to watch.

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If you didn’t make it out to the last bear-stravaganza in Vancouver, then where the hell were you: Mars?? Bearracada– for the 8 of you still out there who haven’t heard of it yet- is an everyone-allowed, bears MOST assuredly welcome, internationally touring party of dancing and drinking that spreads Canada, the States and Australia and appeals to all types. Most definitely, this is the party to go to if you enjoy the harrier, handsomer, and builkier side of things as bears are the quintessential attendee of this fun night- but, take a look at me and know that even us non-furballs do JUST fine. This February we got a real (juicy) taste of this epic event as they SOLD OUT and packed Club Five Sixty busier than I’ve seen it… well, possibly ever. It was hands down the sexiest night I’ve spent in Vancouver this year as the boys MEN were out in full force and couldn’t have been in better moods- I was goldilocks in the bears’ den and ALL the beds fit juuuuuust right.

I’ve hands down adored the new branding that Club Five Sixty has offered us this year under the direction of scruffy stud and good friend DJ Adam Dreaddy as he’s attempted to appeal to all factions of gays by pulling in big name DJs, international parties and talent from all walks to ensure that no one group or type of guy is solely pleased. If you’re like me and like to try out different themes, spaces and concepts, you’ll know that every event we gays get facebook tagged into offers a different feel, a different look and more often than not a different type of man to flirt with: I have to say, Bearracuda is without a doubt my bailiwick and I can’t wait. This Saturday, May 5th from 9PM till late at Club Five Sixty (560 Seymour Street) is catering to the bearish brutes in town and pulling out all the stops; you gotta be there.

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Last weekend, Homorazzi hit up Vancouver’s biggest nightclub, Five Sixty for the debut of their new gay night, PONI. Headlining the occasion was DJ Marco Da Silva, a well-known dancer, model, actor, and DJ. Before his set, Adam and myself joined Tyrell backstage as he interviewed the sexy and talented DJ.

In the interview below, Tyrell asks him about his transition from dance into DJ-ing, what he has learned from his mentor Peter Rauhofer, and more.

So what’s on the agenda this year for Da Silva? Well, one big thing on his list involves hopping on a plane and spending time in a certain hot & sexy place this summer (where little clothing will be needed). Find out where and what exactly he’ll be doing there in the interview below.

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While I might be the LEAST physically appropriate writer from the site to cover this event. I am however hands down the most excited mo’ to attend it!

This Statuday, February 4 at Club 560 (560 Seymour Street), this friend of Dorthy’s is gonna be chanting: “Lions and Tigers and BEARS oh my!” all throughout the 3 story bar. In case you’re new to the scene or this particular brand of party, Bearracuda is a bear-specific event that travels the States and Canada to the bigger gay hot spots and puts on a REALLY well-priced, good time for all. It’s low on pretension, low on cost and high on sexy. And, before you ask, no they don’t count chest hairs before admitting you: anything from full bear to cub to otter to smoothed out admirer (ahem, right here) is allowed in so long as you’re looking to have fun.

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