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Carly Rae Jepsen is still riding high on the success of her single, “Call Me Maybe” which went absolutely viral with the help of Justin Bieber. She’s toured the world hitting radio stations and TV shows to promote the single and to put that fresh face to the song that everyone has stuck in their head across the globe. Now, Carly Rae is ready to follow up the success of smash hit with her next single, “Curiosity.”

While the song doesn’t have the same sort of catchy hook that “Call Me Maybe” contains, the pulsating pop track is still infectious in its own right. The song contains the kind of pop magic that Hilary Duff seemed to hold in her tracks.

While her smash single talked about falling in love, this one focuses more on the turmoil of love and being with someone who will continually break your heart, but curiosity won’t let them go. I love the new single a lot and think you will too. Just to sweeten the deal, I have also included an acoustic version of the track that Carly Rae performed on Kidd Kraddick In The Morning. Give the new single a listen below.

Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Curiosity” after the jump.

This past weekend, Justin Bieber’s track “All Around The World” featuring Ludacris leaked on the web and fans of the Biebs were furious. I guess many are awaiting the albums full release before they are teased with new music. I however, was intrigued by the new dance track sound and have since been unable to stop listening to it. But, it’s not this pumping track that Bieber has revealed to be his next single. It will actually be the newly leaked audio for “Die In Your Arms.”

After hearing the dance floor anthem, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Justin on this track. My ears were once again shocked at the sound. The best way to describe the composition of this track is one part John Legend, one part Bruno Mars with a dash of Beyoncé. I know this may sound absolutely ridiculous upon a first read but honestly, he encompasses these three artists well on this more, R&B fused single.

The lyrics in the chorus ring out, “If I could just die in your arms | I wouldn’t mind cause every time you just touch I die in your arms | It feels so right, so baby baby please don’t stop girl!” The sound is definitely a lot more mature than we are used to hearing from the Biebs. I actually really like it and think now this Believe album could be quite the eclectic mix of genres showcasing Justin’s newfound versatility. Give the new single a listen below and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Listen to “Die In Your Arms” after the jump.

On the finale of American Idol, judge and singer Jennifer Lopez performed her new single which features Flo Rida. Now, the studio version has surfaced and was debuted On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning. The track will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film, Step Up 4. The single is titled “Goin’ In” and no doubt is for the clubs. I absolutely LOVE IT and will be a great addition to everyone’s Memorial Day playlist. Get ready to get your grind on. The breakdown is fierce.

The catchy club banger was producer by GoonRock who has recently been most noted for creating huge hits for the party rockers themselves, LMFAO. He definitely pulled out all the stops for this new track with J Lo and Flo. I especially love some of the lyrics that Jennifer serves us like, “we’re going orangatang – bananas.” Classic J Lo. Flo Rida’s rap also adds to the track nicely while we hear Lil Jon throw his ad libs in there every now and again. Give a listen to the new track below and tell us what you think of J Lo’s newest dance floor anthem in the comments.

Listen to J Lo & Flo Rida’s “Goin’ In” after the jump.

Yesterday on SoundCloud, a new track from her upcoming album, A Million Lights surfaced under her account. The track is called “Love Killer” and it’s pretty. Anything from Cheryl at this point will please my ears compared to the lackluster B-Sides that were debuted this past weekend. Not to be confused with Joe Jonas’ track “Love Slayer,” Cheryl’s “Love Killer” is a song about an affection that seems to wear her down. She sings out during the synth heavy, pseudo dub-step track:

Why do I love you so much, when you’re a love killer?
Why do I give you my love, when you’re a love killer?
Baby, baby you’re like the worst drug, but you’re a buzz killer.
You’re a love a killer. I’m in love, with the love killer.

Give “Love Killer” a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Check out Cheryl’s new track after the jump.

Homorazzi has been giving Cheryl Cole a lot more love lately. A few weeks ago, the former Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge released a brand new solo single with the help of smash dance floor producer and DJ, Calvin Harris. Although the Brit hasn’t officially started promoting “Call My Name” quite yet as the song only was just released onto iTunes in the UK, the single did come with two alternate B-sides.

The first one is titled “Make You Go” and it’s little bit of a schitzophrenic track for what I would normally expect from Cheryl. The track combines a little bit of the Black Eyed Peas with M.I.A. I can’t even place the vocals because they barely sound like her. It’s got a fun little reggaeton beat and the lyrics are little cheeky in the hook, but other than that, there is a clear reason why this track only cut it as a B-side.

The second track is a slower piano ballad titled “Telescope.” It’s a little reminiscent of something I’d expect to hear on Christina Perri’s latest album. While it’s a nice and soulful chance up from “Call My Name,” it fails to really impress. I think if Cheryl’s vocals were presented a little more strongly, it could really be a strong single. However, the producer seemed to have sucked out all the emotion of the her vocal performance. Give a listen to both tracks and tell me what you think.

Listen to “Make You Go” and “Telescope” after the jump.

Sean Kingston has had one rollercoaster of a year. After a treacherous jet ski accident which put Sean in critical condition, it was unsure whether or not we’d see him a make a triumphant return to music. However, it looks like the time as come and this new single couldn’t be more appropriate. The new track is titled “Back 2 Life (Live It Up)” and features the rap stylings of T.I.

The song samples Soul II Soul’s famous 1988 hit track “Back 2 Life” and assume the concept for the track came in light of Sean’s recent accident and recovery. In the track, Sean sings “What don’t kill me, make me stronger / I know it’s gonna be alright / So celebrating tonight, we’re celebrating life tonight.” Producer JR Rotem is responsible for the banger which Kingston states is bringing him back to his island/reggae/pop blend. I personally love the track and can’t wait to see the video which T.I. and Sean already filmed in LA this week. Give a listen to “Back 2 Life (Live It Up)” and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Listen to Sean Kingston’s new “Back 2 Life” after the jump.

I have to be honest in saying, I don’t really dig without his backup band Black Eyed Peas counterparts. His first album intrigued me slightly but his latest solo efforts for his forthcoming solo album titled #willpower have less than impressed me.

In his latest effort, Will teams up with Steve Angello who is one third of the unreal DJ and production trio, Swedish House Mafia. The track also features the vocals of Eva Simmons who definitely puts a different yet, similar spin to what Fergie usually offers on a BEP track. I can’t lie – I’m not a huge fan of this track and don’t expect to place it on my iPhone anytime soon. However, as many songs do, a few listens and drunken night dancing to it at the club could probably easily persuade me to sing it’s praises. I’ll let you decide. Give a listen to “This Is Love” below.

Listen to’s new single “This Is Love” after the jump.

Donovan introduced Patrick and I to The Saturdays about a year ago and I have to be honest, I never really caught on to their awesomeness until I gave their album On Your Radar a full listen. Immediately, I was hooked! These five ladies know how to bring the fierceness to their music and I am just waiting for the day they really break out in North America. With boy bands making such a big comeback in the US, it’s only a matter of time before girl groups to do the same.

The ladies recently released the video for their newest single, “30 Days” and at a first listen, I wasn’t a fan. I thought the beat and track itself was great but, the lyrics were primary at best and didn’t impress me. Thankfully, the ladies have produced a B-Side for the single’s official release and I gotta say, it’s much better than the actual single.

In “Turn Myself In,” the ladies sing out, “turn myself in tonight, this is me coming clean with my hands up.” This song is WAY BETTER than the actual single, “30 Days” and I am so disappointed that it’s only receiving B-Side status. This should definitely be single of their next album. The girls actually were performing this track back on their Headlines Tour. Maybe with enough of a nudge, their label will get the hint and at least give it a try. Give a listen to their new-ish track below.

Listen to “Turn Myself In” by The Saturdays after the jump.

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