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Get “Hella Bad” With NiRé All’Dai

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I first met NiRé All’Dai at this year’s White Party. She hit the stage at one of the afternoon’s pool parties and rocked the house with her electro-synth sound and high energy dancers. A while back, I debuted her psychedelic “Inside Out” music video but hadn’t heard much from her since then. Now, the firey singer and songwriter has released a new dance track titled “Hella Bad” which is sure to get you moving.

If you are not a fan of big production and auto-tuned vocals, this track is definitely not for you. But, if you’re looking for a sick beat and a catchy hook to add to your pre-game party playlist, this is a must-have for your Saturday night. The chorus is fun to sing along to which pumps out, “if you really want it, then say you want it bad… if you really want it, then get up on it.” I personally think her previous single “Inside Out” was a lot stronger than her new track, you can’t help but bop your head to it. Give a listen to “Hella Bad below and tell us what you think of NiRé All’Dai.

Listen to NiRé’s “Hella Bad” after the jump.

3OH!3 Think “You’re Gonna Love This”

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After a mini-hiatus, trip-hop duo 3OH!3 are back with a new single that is sure to be a massive hit this summer! I must say that this track is the most dance influenced I have ever heard from the group but I like the new direction a lot. The track serves as the lead-off for their new album “Omens” due out later this fall. I wonder if we are to expect more dance-like tracks from the two.

Members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte rock out the lyrics, “I’ll buy you a round, if you come close / Turn up the sound, turn the lights down / Give me a chance, I will take her home with me.” Borrowing some of David Guetta’s production style and tricks, the track builds up the verses slowly the reveal a bass and synth heavy chorus. The track contains a lot of energy and I know it’ll land on some TV or movie soundtrack this fall. Cue the CW Network.

I actually had the opportunity to work with the group on Hellcats and they are the nicest guys ever. I hope this song reaches the success of their biggest hit to date, “Don’t Trust Me.” Give a listen to “You’re Gonna Love This” below!

Listen to 3OH!3’s new track “You’re Gonna Love This” after the jump.

Jay Sean is busy getting ready for the release of his new album “Worth It All” later this year. But, instead of releasing a new track or single from his upcoming album, his camp has released a music video from his 2011 mixtape “The Mistress.” The track features label mate, Tyga and definitely shows a more smouldering side of Jay Sean than we are used to seeing. If you feel like you need to be brushed up on your sex-ed, than this track is the one for you. Careful, you may need a cold shower afterward.

The video directed by Adam Wood features Jay Sean in bed with a few women but selecting one very special lady to have a sexy shower with. Although the track features Tyga, we only get a hologram version of the rapper. Overall, the track is fun enough to listen to with a visual that is moderately stimulating but frankly, not my favorite tune from Sean’s catalogue. Give a listen to “Sex 101” below.

Check out Jay Sean & Tyga’s “sex-ed class” after the jump.

Back in 2004, Ne-Yo made a triumphant break in the music industry when he penned a track for up and coming artist Mario. The song was called “Let Me Love You” and it quickly became a massive hit. The track gave Ne-Yo his big break and soon, we were singing along to his own recorded tracks on the radio. Ne-Yo’s first official single of his upcoming R.E.D. album (which stands for Realizing Every Dream) is also called “Let Me Love You,” don’t get it confused. His new track is anything but a slow R&B jam from the early millennium. Instead, this one is ready for the clubs.

Not straying far from Ne-Yo’s newfound sound in dance music and beats, the R&B artist employs drum and bass along with glittery synths to juxtapose his smooth vocals on a track that is sure to have you fist pumping and dancing along. While the title of the song may seem long, it’s lyrically perfect for the new single. The track is a little typical for my liking especially when it comes to Ne-Yo but, the Stargate and SIA produced track is sure to be a radio hit. Give a listen to his new single below.

Give a listen to Ne-Yo’s new track “Let Me Love You” after the jump.

It has been a startling four years since we’ve heard any new music from the Las Vegas bred band, The Killers. After dazzling us with great hits like “Mr. Brightside” and “When You Were Young,” the group almost disappeared into the sunset. Finally, the group has announced that they will be releasing a new album soon titled “Battle Born” and today, the first single has been released online for our listening pleasure. The Killers are back baby!

I have always been a fan of this rock/pop groups lyrics and musical style and “Runaways” is no exception. Blending perfectly their ingredients of synths, guitars, drums and frontman Brandon Flowers’ vocals, you have one solid tune that doesn’t shy away from the tracks we’re used to from the band. Flowers sings out: “We used to look at the stars and confess our dreams, hold each other till the morning light / we used to laugh, now we only fight, baby are you lonesome now.” The heartbreaking track is a great lead-off for the new album and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record. Check out “Runaways” below.

Give a listen to “Runaways” after the jump.

I may not be as big of a fan of Kelly Rowland as fellow writer Donovan but I have to admit, her latest album and singles have given me reason to hold her high above her “soul sister” Beyoncé. Last year, she topped charts with her sexy single “Motivation” which had all of us grinding it down to the floor. Seriously, that track is the ultimate baby maker soundtrack. Now, she’s teamed back up with Lil Wayne and producer Sean Garrett to bring us another sexy song to soundtrack our slow jam summer.

Titled “Ice,” the single will serve as the lead-off single to her yet-to-be named album due out later this year. As much as I love “Commander” and “When Love Takes Over,” R&B Kelly is much more up my alley than dance track Kelly. The sensual lyrics and icy vocals are sure to give you shivers. Give the new track a listen below and tell us if you got goosebumps while listening.

Listen to Kelly Rowland’s “Ice” after the jump.

Brian Todd Collins better known as rapper Kid Ink is a fairly fresh face to the music industry. Making his mixtape debut back in 2010 with “Crash Landing,” he teamed up with DJ Ill Will which helped gain him some popularity. In 2011, he released two mixtapes titled “Daydreamer” and “Wheels Up,” the latter featured popular reggae/pop artist, Sean Kingston. This year, XXL Magazine featured him in the 2012 freshman class putting him on the map as one of this year’s young rap artists to watch.

This month, Kid Ink released his debut, full length album titled “Up And Away,” (I sense a common theme in his album titles). The album features a long list of production collaborations. A song that caught my attention yesterday features heavy hitters Tyga and Chris Brown. It’s titled “Time of Your Life” and sounds like it could easily fit on one of Brown’s latest albums. The track has smooth vibe with enough beat to give you a pulse to enjoy. I personally love the track and am looking forward to previewing the rest of his album today. Give a listen to “Time of Your Life” below.

Check out Kid Ink’s “Time of Your Life” after the jump.

Today, dance floor trio Cascada will release their new single “Rhythm of the Night” internationally. If you think the title sounds familiar, you’re not incorrect. The song was previously recorded in the 90’s by Corona and was an international hit. Aside from the verses, the track is exactly the same in the chorus lyrically but the track itself stays true to Cascada’s classic dance floor style and synthesizer patterns.

There is still no word on if a new album is in the works or being recorded but the trio isn’t slowing down releasing a few singles here and there to keep their fans happy. Give a listen to Cascada’s rendition of “Rhythm of the Night” below.

Check out Cascada’s version of “Rhythm of the Night” after the jump.

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