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It hasn’t been that long since Taio Cruz has released some new music. In fact, his last album “TY.O” only dropped last December. That hasn’t stopped the UK pop singer and producer from working on new tracks and then releasing them right away for us to enjoy. Still riding the success of his current single, “There She Goes,” Taio is ready for us all to take a ride in a “Fast Car” with his newest dancefloor anthem.

This new single is definitely the perfect addition to your pre-gaming for the bar, weekend playlist. The bass will rattle your teeth and the lift in the chorus will have you dancing for sure. One thing that drew me to the song immediately were the harmonies on the last line of the chorus. Taio sings: “Girl you really turn me on. You know you make my engine run. And there’s no turning back cos we’ve gone too far. I’ll drive you like a fast car.” Taio’s vocals are absolutely flawless and I can’t get enough of it! Give a listen to “Fast Car” below. Trust me, you’re going to LOVE it.

Give a listen to Taio Cruz’s “Fast Car” after the jump.

Last year, I revealed to you Homorazzi readers that Meital Dohan wasn’t just an actress but also a budding popstar with somer serious Eurodance flavor. Yesterday, it was announced that Meital would be returning to the hit show, “Weeds” as her controversial character, Yael Hoffman. If you don’t watch the show, Yael is the admissions director at the Yeshiva (Hebrew school). During her six episode arc, she found herself in a “compromising position” with the character, Andy Botwin. Meital’s character will appear on the show’s 100th episode set to air in September.

In the music side of things, Meital is also a busy bee. She has just released a new single titled “On Ya.” The track resembles a little bit of Ke$ha meets Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” Ultimately the song doesn’t pack the same punch lyrically as Rihanna’s hit but the beat and hook definitely get your feet moving. This summer, Meital teamed up with Sean Kingston for a new version of the track and the two filmed a music video set for release later this summer. Give a listen to the new single below.

Give a listen to Meital’s “On Ya” after the jump.

As we close on the 11th anniversary of Aaliyah’s shocking death, we are graced with a new posthumous track from the amazing R&B singer. Accompanied by Drake, Aaliyah’s voice rings out just like I remember in the new single, “Enough Said.” The track was produced by Noah “40” Shebib and found its way online yesterday.

Rumors of a posthumous album from Aaliyah have been swirling for a while. It all began when producer Jeffrey “J-Dub” Walker tweeted: “Just got great news today; the smash unreleased song called “Steady Ground” I produced on #Aaliyah is gonna be on her upcoming album:)” Later on, the tweet was deleted and Aaliyah’s brother stated that no album was in the works. Now, it’s been talked about once again with rumors that Drake will help executive produce the project. Is this new track just the beginning of what is to come? Give a listen to “Enough Said” below.

Give a listen to Aaliyah & Drake’s “Enough Said” after the jump.

A while back, Patrick introduced us to the bubbly pop sound of Alphabeat. The Danish based group took us on a “Vacation” on their first single and are now teasing us with their second single from their still to be released studio album. The group performed the track recently at a concert and along with live footage, compiled a little one minute teaser for us to enjoy. But, does it sound a little familiar?

Once you listen to the tease, there is no doubt the group was a little inspired by the late and great Whitney Houston. The song has a striking resemblance to her hit, “How Will I Know.” From the opening guitar riff to the hook of the chorus. The song is straight up 60’s game-show goodness in my opinion. It reminds of the fluff that S Club 7 brought into our lives. Songs about nothing serious with great beats and fun to sing along to. This is one of those. Give a listen to the “Love Sea” teaser below.

Check out Alphabeat’s “Love Sea” after the jump.

Example Tries To “Say Nothing”

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Singer/songwriter Example is back with a new track and is ready to bring the dance floor anthems to help soundtrack the rest of our summer. Titled “Say Nothing,” this single will serve as the teaser for his new album due out later this year. You may recognize the name example after his #1, “Playing In The Shadows.” On Monday morning, Example debuted his new single on Capital FM’s morning show.

Produced by Dirty South, the track is definitely a full fledged anthem track with fluttery synths, a pulsing beat and Example’s smooth vocals and lyrics. The track will become available for download on September 16 and is set to feature some seriously great remixes courtesy of Hardwell and Roska just to name a few. Give a listen to the new track below and tell us what you think of this sure-fire radio smash.

Listen to Example’s “Say Nothing” after the jump.

“I’ve walked the longest road so don’t fail me now, feet don’t fail me now.
I’ve never got this close so don’t fail me now, feet dont fail me now.”

These are the lyrics that X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro sing out in the hook of her debut original single. Finally, the girl is given a chance to shine on a song of her own that isn’t an Aretha cover. I remember catching Melanie at White Party this year and being so disappointed that she didn’t get to sing a song of her own. So, will her original track debut live up to the dancefloor diva-ness of “Respect“?

Titled “Don’t Fail Me Now,” Melanie’s signature voice is showcased perfectly against the bouncy synths and drum beat of this club anthem. Produced by hit maker Darkchild and penned by Livvi Franc, Melanie is given a pretty decent shot at making a mark on the pop music scene. However, the fact that she won this massive talent competition hasn’t seemed to help her in the slightest. Many people don’t even know who she is. Hopefully with the right team behind, she’ll able to breakout of the reality competition mould and really impress us. Give a listen to her single below and tell us- strong enough to stand out or will she just blend in to the rest.

Give a listen to Melanie’s new single “Don’t Fail Me Now” after the jump.

Nelly Furtado’s new album, “The Spirit Indestructible” may not be coming out until September 12, but already Nelly is doing a ton of promo for the upcoming record. She recently appeared on AOL Sessions and debuted a new track that will be featured on the upcoming disc. It’s called “Parking Lot” and in my opinion, it’s really, really good.

The track definitely reminds me of “Do It” off of her “Loose” album. The drum beat is booming and the synths are bright with lyrics that bounce around amongst the track. The hook of the chorus is totally catchy as she sings:

Bring your car in the parking lot | And ride all night till you get a spot
Cause we ain’t doing nothing | No we ain’t doing nothing

Watch Nelly perform the track live below.

Listen to Nelly’s new track “Parking Lot” after the jump.

Rita Ora Wants To “Roc The Life”

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Rita Ora is blowing up. And, with a mentor like Jay-Z at your side, there is no doubt that you are going places. A while back, I introduced you to Rita’s rising spotlight when she debuted her first official single, “How We Do.” Now, she’s ready for more with her next single which borrows a piece of it’s title from the record label that is going to take her all the way to the top. The track is called “Roc The Life” and is definitely a jam I can’t wait to have on repeat for the rest of the summer.

Rita sings out, “My way through London, Americana | The persona, it’s primadonna | I kick the motherf-cker to the cizzurb | Yeah, I’m crazy, I’m bizarre | I’m off the chain, you gotta love it | I can’t express enough, how bad I want it | Maybe one day, I’ll live there | Beyond the stars, I can see it.” I think that “Roc The Life” is definitely a better track than her debut and I cannot wait for an accompanying video for the single. Give a listen to the new track below and tell us what you think in the comments.

Give a listen to “Roc The Life” by Rita Ora after the jump.

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