If you’d rather have hunky firefighters greeting you everyday on your cubicle wall instead of Kylie Minogue, then this calendar is for you. For the fifth year in a row, heroic firemen from the Midwest go shirtless to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Research. Plenty of corn-fed hotties here.

Whether you like your men, tatted up, older, younger or hairy, the calendar has a guy for you. Check out a few of the guys below along with a brief bio. Be sure to weigh in afterward on which stud you want to rescue you from a burning building.

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If NBC’s Chicago Fire is one of your favorite new shows, then this is the calendar for you. Just imagine 12 blokes as handsome and buff as Taylor Kinney greeting you every day on your refrigerator but with British accents. Not only will they make each day more beautiful, but they might make you think twice before going for that second (or third) helping of your favorite treat.

Pound for pound these guys are as heroic as they are muscular. The calendar comes in a standard poster size, but also a slim version for those extra tight *wink* places. If you like men holding hoses, check out the following photos. My favorites are Jamie Johal (January) and Simon de Gruchy (July) shown below. But I’m also smitten with Rich Young who can be found on their website. Link is at the end of this post.

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Why are cute guys exponentially hotter when they’re in uniform? I know I’m a sucker for a man in their official attire. Firemen are definitely at the top of that list. It’s ironic that these men are paid to put out fires, yet they’re responsible for millions of women (and gay men) getting hot and bothered at the very sight of their toned bodies.

Nation’s Bravest: Firefighters Unite is the first national firefighter calendar ever made. It was available earlier this summer, but I thought with the new year just around the corner it would be the perfect time to re-acquaint ourselves with America’s hottest heroes. Who wouldn’t want to spend 2012 looking at these guys on your wall? Or if you’re in a giving mood, you can buy it as a stocking stuffer. Speaking of which, it doesn’t look like any of these guys are stuffing their stockings, if you know what I mean.

Photographer Katherine Kostreva, traveled around the country to snap these men in their hometowns. Though it looks like they were photoshopped in the pictures, no green screening was used. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will benefits twelve separate charities from the following cities: Charlotte, Chicago, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle and Tampa.

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It’s getting hot in here. So hot. So the firemen of the FDNY have decided to take off all their clothes and honestly, I’m not complaining (and trust me, you won’t be either). After a 3 year hiatus of “official calendars”, the firefighters of New York are baring it all to raise money for the FDNY Foundation. Last year, an unofficial calendar was released titled City of the Brave, but this will be the first official FDNY calendar release since the scandal in 2008 when one of their firemen/models was found in an adult film (bad boy… but kinda hot).

In a photo shoot with Battman, the hunks found themselves posing in everyday rescue like situations… they just happened to be missing a few important pieces of clothing.

“We know this official FDNY calendar will raise funds and awareness about fire safety and will serve to remind everyone of ways to be fire safe year-round,” said Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano. “The FDNY Foundation’s important role in our fire safety education, and the great work of our members, has helped push civilian fire deaths to record lows in New York City.”

Check out photos and video from the calendar here.

Hot Firefighter Calendar For Your iPhone

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With the end of the 2010 year comes the huge push of sales for a good 2011 wall calendar. Donovan and Patrick have shown us a few steamy calendars that can truly make your house a home, but today, I want to tell you about a new app from the iTunes store that is sure to heat up your phone and iPod wherever you go.

A few firemen from British Columbia, Canada have banned together to create a Firefighter Calendar that you can take on the go. Its called FMC and its available for $.99 in the iTunes App Store. The calendar appears in the foreground, while a fully clothed fireman (but still hot) appears in the background. Ah, but a twist. Turn your phone or iPod upside down and the jacket removes itself. Once the jacket is off, the picture flips around and you have your half naked hunk, right there on your screen.

With 13 hunky men to choose from, there is sure to be the one for you. Did I mention that when you strip your fireman, the siren’s go off? Once you flip your phone back around, the jacket slides back on and the calendar returns to the foreground. Though highly unpractical as you cannot use it for actual calendar use (like setting appointment times etc.), it is really entertaining and the money from the sale of the apps goes to The Firefighter’s Burn Fund and Breast Cancer awareness. How awesome is that?

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Bilbao Firefighter 2011 Calendar

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During our 2011 hot guy calendar coverage, we featured the sexy firefighters from New York City a couple of weeks ago. I admit, their City of the Brave calendar is eye-pleasing, but these boys from Bilbao could give them a serious run for their money. I don’t know what they’re feeding them over in Spain, but me likey. Apparently, the criteria for being a fireman in Bilbao requires applicants to be gorgeous and built.

Not only are these heroes sexy, but I appreciate the artistic photo direction implemented by the photographer. Sure watching shirtless firefighters in suspenders holding ratchets is hot, but looking at them during staged scenarios makes it far more interesting. It’s good to know that if I’m ever in peril during a vacation in Bilbao, I can look forward to these hunky boys carrying me out of a burning building.

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Spend 2011 With The New York Fire Department

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New York City’s firefighters are normally used to putting out fires and not creating them. I’m sure lots of ladies and gay men will be in heat after checking out these chiseled heroes in the 2011 City of the Brave calendar. 12 of NYC’s finest from the FDNY donated their time and apparently the clothes of their back for this charitable effort. Portions of the proceeds will benefit the Thomas R. Elsasser Fund, which supports families of active NY firefighters who die outside the line of duty.

Photographer Katherine Kostreva has been snapping these brawny men for several years now for her annual calendars. She made it her mission to honor these everyday heroes as her way of giving back to them. Years ago, firefighters saved her life when they pulled her body from a severe car accident. Discover why the City of the Brave calendar is one of the most anticipated ones of the year by checking out the pics below.

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