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Rising Artist Spotlight: Maliibu N Helene

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Can’t really explain why, but I’m kinda obsessed with these two chicks. How could I not? One of them spells their name, Maliibu with two ‘i’s. Can’t get any more ghetto fabulous than that 😉

Maliibu N Helene are an exciting new duo signed to Island Records. Helen Britany is a Cali-via-Jersey songstress while Maliibu Miitch is a South Bronx rapper. Together, they’re poised to make a big splash this summer. Especially, with their hot new single, “Figure 8.”

“The fact that our partnership does work and that we truly enjoy each other’s company and love making music together shows that it doesn’t matter where you grew up or what you’ve been through,” Helene says. “Music is the one thing that can bring people together. It’s universal.”

Figure 8” is another DJ Mustard-produced masterpiece. DJs have been pushing this hardcore at the clubs recently which will no doubt translate to a strong showing on the charts.

The accompanying clip is a fun romp that boasts some simple yet fun moves. It’s all about the choreography during the chorus. Not surprisingly, I’ve dropped those moves several times since seeing it. Check out their music videos below.

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Ellie Goulding Sees Red In ‘Figure 8’ Music Video

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Earlier this week, Ellie Goulding debuted the music video for “Figure 8“. Much like “Anything Could Happen“, the clip is another beautifully-shot abstract visual. It begins with Goulding laying in bed alone caressing a red piece of cloth. We soon realize the cloth belongs to her deceased boyfriend. In between a series of flashbacks with her lost love, we see Ellie singing through said red cloth. The video ends with the Brit dropping, fittingly enough, the red cloth and her levitating off the bed.

Figure 8” is the second single off her Halcyon album which was released in October. I wonder if the music video’s theme of death is in any way supposed to represent her recent breakup with ex-boyfriend, dubstep king Skrillex. The two dated for roughly a year. They say art imitates life, right? If you’re worried Ellie will be alone during the holidays, fear not. Rumors have it she’s now dating Brit actor Jeremy Irvine. That was fast 😉 Looks like the 25-year-old singer took as along as the length of the music video to get over Skrillex 😉 Check out the “Figure 8” music video below.

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