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Top 12 Breakup Songs

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Oh what the heck, I’m going there. In my last article, I mentioned I’m going through a breakup and I’m coming to realize that several other people I know are too so why not share my list with others. Spring Fever, I guess!

Over the past week, I put in the effort to dig up songs that really spoke to how I was feeling and really help you get through the angry part. Yes, I’m not listening to the depressing types of breakup songs that make you cry. I’m listening to the “eff you” type songs that help build myself back up. I’m sure many of you have had these songs on your playlist at one time or another when going through a breakup, while others may want to add them in right now if they’re going through it now. Enjoy!

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Before I begin, I just wanted to preface this post by saying it’s bit self-indulgent. That said, the aim of our Behind The Cast posts are to give you a better insight to who we are. True? Anyhoo, I just wanted to quickly chat about one of our favorite pastimes while getting ready for a night out on the town.

Usually, Brian and my home is the meeting place before we head out. Most of our friends live nearby and we have a bigger place so it makes sense. Plus we have all the board games, karaoke, a hot tub, booze and most importantly an Apple TV. Combined with the brilliant VEVO app, the Apple TV is my favorite thing in the world. Friends come over all the time and play me their favorite new tracks by simply logging on to our Wi-Fi and playing it on our sound system. With the VEVO app, we can play all our current music video obsessions and our favorite oldies which brings me to this post.

Nothing gets a roomful of homos screaming more than playing music videos from our favorite DIVAS. Yes, we’re a gay cliche. However, we also listen to folk music, old school grunge, rock and hip-hop but there’s something about the ladies that gets us all fired up. I decided to share some of the music videos that seem to get the most airplay at our house while enjoying cocktails. I purposefully left out clips from 2012 since that would make this post extremely long. Without further delay, check out a few oldies and relatively-recent clips we love watching while a tad intoxicated.

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Canadian pop-rocker Fefe Dobson is back with some new ear candy. In her new track Can’t Breathe, Fefe plays with a sound that we haven’t really heard since her very first album. The song has more of a definite rock edge but more mature and really shows off her vocal chops. The song also features an amazing guitar solo from female guitarist Orianthi. Does that name sound familiar? She was picked by Michael Jackson specifically to go on her last tour before his untimely demise.

The lyrics ring out of a relationship gone wrong where someone has walked away but she wishes it would have been forever. The lyrics may be a little cliche but ring out true to how anyone usually feels in this situaion.

I can’t breathe, if I’m not breathing with you. I can’t sleep if all I’m dreaming is you. Can’t you see I’ve got no air without you? I can’t breathe…

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My “Stuttering” Interview with Fefe Dobson

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Fefe Dobson first entered the recording industry as a teenager when her self-titled debut album hit stores, now she’s back older and wiser with a new album, “Joy“. Her second studio album hits stores in Canada today, and next week in the US. It’s already spawned two addictive tracks, “Ghost” and “Stutterin“. In between heavy promotion engagements, Fefe was gracious enough to sit down and talk to us about her upcoming album.

After long delays and being dropped and later resigned to her record label, Island Def Jam, we are treated to a brand new CD. Luckily for Island Def Jam, they came to their senses and snatched up Dobson before anyone else picked her up, because “Joy” is poised to become a hit for her and her label. In other words, Ka-Ching.

Originally Patrick was supposed to handle the interview, but due to a time change, I had to step in at the last minute. Thankfully, I was very well-versed with Fefe since I had covered her before, back when I was working at the teen online magazine. I’ve been mentioning that lately, haven’t I? I digress. With only minutes to prepare, I quickly caught myself up to speed with the latest Fefe news. Patrick was also kind enough to give me his notes and questions.

In the end, I didn’t even need them because our chat was so free-flowing, it felt more like a conversation rather than an interview. Props to her for the ability to make an instant connection easily with the other person on the line. We were like BFFs by the end of it.

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Fefe Dobson “Stuttering” In New Music Video

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Canada’s Fefe Dobson has released her music video for her next single, “Stuttering“. The song and music video tell a story, as you would probably guess by the title, of lying and cheating. The 25 year old singer is going to be performing on an upcoming episode of the CW’s Hellcats, so between this song or “Ghost,” (also about relationship troubles) perhaps there’s trouble looming for one of the new blossoming romances on the show. Her cameo on the show as herself will air on the November 10th, 2010 broadcast.

In the video, Dobson, her boyfriend, and their friends, are all staying at a motel partying, when the next morning she realizes that her boyfriend is cheating on her and it all goes down hill from there.

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Top 10 Songs OTM: Hollywood, Love & Teenage Dreams

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A big portion of summer is gone and not only have we been spoiled with tons of sunshine (excluding today & yesterday), but there was a lot of great new music released over the past few months that made it all that much more memorable.

In this list of my Top 10 Songs of the Moment (in no particular order), there will be some recently released songs alongside some upcoming singles from artists on the rise, and artists already on top.

Feel free to add your current faves to the list by commenting below!

10. Usher – DJ Got Us Falling In Love feat Pitbull

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First Look: Fefe Dobson – “Ghost”

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Yesterday, Canadian pop star, Fefe Dobson came out with her music video to her single, “Ghost” and I have to say that I love both the song and the vid. The single is part of the 25-year old’s upcoming album, Joy which is her favorite to date. The video was directed by Alan Ferguson, who has shot videos for peeps like Katy Perry & Fall Out Boy. The two really had the same vision for this video, Dobson explained to MTV:

“Alan Ferguson called me and we were talking about it on the phone. I was like, ‘I see myself upside down.’ And he was like, ‘That’s crazy, ’cause I saw you upside down in my head too.’ ”

The song is about discovering your other half is cheating on you, which puts two and two together as to why he or she was never there, and in turn declaring that it’s your turn to go-go-go, like a ghost. The accompanying video tells the story of a hot shirtless guy who is being unfaithful to Fefe and she finds out by seeing the betrayal right in front of her. When she does, she leaves him, but her ghost haunts the hell out of him and his guilt so much that he isn’t even comfortable in his own skin that is tattooed with her face.

A good angry breakup song for those who have been wronged by an ex, but also just a good song – very catchy!

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Homorazzi’s Fashion Police Trinity is back. This time Redd, Tommy & Donovan take on the outfits seen on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet- by far the most irreverent carpet of them all. Hope you enjoy our playful and biting critiques.


MVA’s Big Winners: Beyonce & Taylor Swift

Redd: I do like this outfit on Beyonce, it does show a lot of skin in the front without appearing to be too indecent. It’s also less theatrical than her usual getups… maybe this one isn’t from the House of Dereon. A classic one shoulder sheath dress would have been the appropriate choice for Taylor, but it ages and makes her look like she’s well into her 30’s. Although a little color and youth would have been a better choice.

Donovan: You called that one correctly Redd, this isn’t another fashion monstrosity from the House of Crap Dereon. Beyonce looks smoking hot in this red hot Cavalli minidress- it accentuates all her best assets. “Ring The Alarm” for sure. Not only did she look Sasha Fierce in this plunging outfit, but the girl was even hotter during her “Single Ladies” performance! Out of context, Taylor Swift’s dress does look a tad Hollywood wife-ish but when you consider the fact she arrived to the awards on a horse drawn carriage a la Cinderella, it all fits. Loved her modern take on a classic fairy tale. Beyonce even played her fairy godmother when she brought Swift on stage to redo her speech. Taylor was definitely the evening’s princess.

Tommy: Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce…I think Beyonce’s favourite thing in the world is double sided tape for real. Every deep V she wear, her tits are ALWAYS safely secured, and always perfectly displayed. I will say that I am SO happy she stopped letting mama dress her. And Taylor, wel funny thing is I have actually grown to like this girl. I still HATE Love Song, but I think this girl is so cute. I love her first dress more than the red one she ended in.

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