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Sports Stud: Danny Amendola

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

This week I decided to feature the sexy 26 year old wide receiver for the St. Louis Rams, Danny Amendola. I’m surprised I haven’t written about this hottie before actually.

Amendola first played for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008, then moved onto the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 and is currently still playing for the St. Louis Rams. Last year, he was put on Injured Reserve after he had to get triceps surgery. Sidenote, his arms are huge.

He’s got some pretty sexy photos, thanks to a shirtless photo shoot he did last year for “Alive,” a lifestyle magazine in St. Louis. Check them out below!

More pics after the jump…

Model Behavior: Victor Ross

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

Sorry for the day late Model Behavior post. I was in Seattle for the past few days and the internet where I was staying was a little wonky. Hopefully, this week’s male model’s sexiness will make up for the delay. He’s has the most adorable freckles on his face. SWOON.

Victor Ross is a Midwest boy from Kansas City Missouri born in 1985. He was scouted at a model search near his hometown. Ross moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and has worked steadily since. He’s been featured in fashion editorials in GQ, Vogue and Blink magazine. Ross can also be seen in music videos and small bit roles on television in “Body of Proof” and “The Bold and The Beautiful”.

One of his biggest gigs to date was posing naked on the cover of Prestige magazine with whatshername from every E! reality show and dating Kanye West. You know the one, I refuse to mention by name, Kim Voldemort. In addition, to being gorgeous, Victor is also a poet. He’s published his writings which can be purchased on Check out a few pics from Victor’s modeling career below.

view lots of sexy pics of Victor Ross the jump

Who’d You Rather: Renner VS Kwanten

In: Totally GAY!, Tyrell

I feel like it has been a while since I have partook in my weekly ritual of Who’d You Rather. Thankfully, my lovely fiancé Patrick has been helping me out for the past two weeks. I’m back and ready to bring the heat for this week’s duel of male hotties. I’ve wanted to feature these two for a while now but haven’t had anyone to pair them up against. So I thought, why not pair them up against each other. Let’s begin.

This week’s WYR is between hotties Jeremy Renner and Ryan Kwanten. It’s quite perfect to feature Renner this week with The Avengers opening in theatres over the weekend. I remember first seeing Jeremy Renner is one of my favorite movies, S.W.A.T. when I was still in high school and loving him immediately. Ever since, I’ve seen almost every movie he has appeared in and cannot wait to check him out in The Bourne Legacy when it hits theaters. Plus, he’s SUPER sexy. Right?

Renner’s opponent is Ryan Kwanten who is currently most famously known as Jason Stackhouse on the hit show True Blood. I first remember Ryan’s sexy abs on the show Summerland (which I watched pretty faithfully might I add). Ryan has stuck pretty close to the TV and hasn’t strayed too far away from that to enter the realm of big screen blockbusters like Renner has. However, Ryan’s sexiness weekly on HBO is good enough for me! Check out pics of both men and make your choice below.

Pics of Jeremy and Ryan and your vote after the jump.

Not too long ago, I wrote about the extremely sexy Todd Sanfield‘s new book called Hotel | Motel by photographer Kevin McDermott. Now, two worlds have collided with the sexy Benjamin Godfre endorsing and literally stripping down for Todd Sanfield’s underwear line.

In the following video, Godfre is in Todd Sanfield Underwear and talking to the camera through a mirror as someone else films (It looks like he’s in a hotel room). He lists the reasons why he likes the underwear and why he’ll be wearing them all the time now. That being said, towards the end, he mentions that there’s one problem. When he’s wearing the underwear, he’s not naked. So, he changes that.

In my fantasy, Todd Sanfield is actually filming Godfre in this video and after filming is done… Anyway, enjoy the video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

Sports Stud: Mario Gomez

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

Since soccer season is starting for me, this week I decided to highlight a sexy soccer player named Mario Gomez. The 26-year old is of German-Spanish descent and plays for FC Bayern Munich.

Gomez is also very supportive of gays in sports and believes that “they would play as if they had been liberated” if they did so. Gomez, whose nickname is “Super Mario,” has also said he would like a “radical rethink” about homosexuality in football (soccer). It’s great that someone like him with such a huge platform has used it to speak about something so important. This was a couple years ago when he first made these comments, and slowly but surely other athletes have also spoken about this and some have even come out.

Gomez does have a girlfriend and her name is Silvia Meichel. They look adorable together. Check out “Super Mario” and his sexy pictures below!

More pics after the jump…

Supermodel, David Gandy takes the cover of Men’s Health UK for their June 2012 Issue. The fitness guru and famed model, who recently guest starred on an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, looks as hot as ever.

In the behind the scenes video of the shoot (which I’ve included below), Gandy takes his shirt off and provides a glimpse into what his workouts might be like. He then gets decked out in the latest in men’s fashion for a photo shoot that covers various locations. The Summer 2012 Campaign video for Lucky Brand featuring Gandy was also recently released and I’ve included that below along with a video where Gandy talks about the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for which he is a spokesperson.

Check out the full magazine cover and aforementioned videos below. I want candy? More like I want Gandy – enjoy!

Full cover & behind the scenes video after the jump…

Man Crush: Robert Hoffman

In: Donovan, Movies, Totally GAY!

After going international with my last Man Crush selection, I decided to stay local this time around. This week’s Man Crush comes courtesy of “90210“. Robert Hoffman joined the cast a few episodes ago as Caleb Logan- a surfing Catholic seminarian. Only in Beverly Hills would you find a hottie tackling gnarly waves in between studying to become a priest. The whole forbidden love affair with Annie (Shenae Grimes) is all very “Thorn Birds“.

The 31-year-old stud got his start in Hollywood as a dancer. His first film credit was appearing as a backup dancer in the atrocious “From Justin To Kelly“. Hoffman followed that up with more dancing roles in other films including “You Got Served”, “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” and “Coach Carter”. His first legit acting role came in 2006 where he appeared in “She’s The Man” with Amanda Bynes as her douchey boyfriend.

But by far, his biggest role to date was starring as the lead in “Step Up 2: The Streets“. He took over the dancing torch from Channing Tatum who played the lead in the first film. Hopefully his stint on “90210” lasts a bit longer. I wouldn’t mind seeing him de-frocked. Speaking of which, check out a few shirtless pictures of Robert below. Enjoy.

view shirtless pics of Robert Hoffman after the jump

Who’d You Rather: Dinicol VS Moore

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

Last night, ‘The L.A. Complex‘ made its series premiere on the CW last night and I have to say I’m hooked already. Here’s the official show description: “Full of new relationships, salacious temptations and make-it-or-break it decisions, the series coming-of-age dwellers grapple with life’s defining moments as they deal with the unreality of the show-biz industry.”

Some crazy sh*t went down in the first episode already, the worst of which involves Abbey (a struggling actress played by Cassie Steele) throwing up all over the casting director’s piano at an audition, nauseous from taking the “morning after pill” because she had unprotected sex (while on ecstacy) with Connor the night before. Oh yeah, and she’s completely broke and has a long distance boyfriend. Nightmare!

Anyway, I thought I’d highlight two of the hotties from the show in this week’s “Who’d You Rather“. One is 30-year old (possibly still 29) Jonathan Patrick Moore, who plays Connor Lake and has just made his big break in the leading role of a series that just got picked up. The Aussie is a real player, but has the hots for Abbey after having just met her. The other is 28-year old Joe Dinicol, who plays Nick Wagner, a struggling comedian who was literally told in the first episode that he should quit comedy. Ouch. Check out some of their pics below and vote for “who you’d rather” between the two of them.

Pics & poll after the jump…

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