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From the Latin, Modus Vivendi translates into lifestyle or way of life. That has become the philosophy for this Greek underwear brand. This mantra every aspect of their company from the production quality to design and manufacturing. Their lifestyle is do everything you do because you love it. Great words to live by in my opinion.

In a new campaign, Greek designer Christos Bibitsos is showing us The Evolution of Man. Selecting only the best, high-quality fabrics and using creative and ground-breaking designs, we’re given a range of undies, t-shirts and tanks that come in dark earth tones to paler shades of yellow and blue. These underwear aren’t only fashionable, but comfortable as well.

Modus Vivendi continues to be an interesting, creative and innovative design house with affordable prices for all fashion-conscious men. Check out the photos from their newest campaign below.

Modus Vivendi’s “Evolution of Man” after the jump.

Last night, I came across this video by a group of guys called the Bar Brothers and was blown away by their intense workouts and chiseled bodies. Here’s how they describe themselves and the video:

“Bar Brothers is a workout team that performs creative calisthenic exercises to obtain strength. These types of workouts are efficient, fun, and the cheapest way to get a great body, stay healthy, and best of all feel great. We believe in maintaining a positive attitude. We use no supplements just train very hard. Our goal is to inspire you to get in shape and motivate you to reach your goals. If we can do it, so can you!!!”

It certainly goes to show that for the most part, guys with bodies like that don’t get them without a lot of hard work. These guys workout hard and do come pretty creative exercises that really push their own personal limits. The exercises performed in this video are not easy. Check it and get inspired! Also, they’re really hot. LOL.

Watch the video after the jump…

Sports Stud: Brendon Ayanbadejo

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

This week, I’ve chosen highlight Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Baltimore Ravens as the Sports Stud. As an NFL player, he’s super beefy and very sexy, and also shows a lot of support to the gay community. The sexy 35 year old NFL linebacker has been showing such huge support for for gay marriage and has participated in some sexy NOH8 photo shoots that shout loud and clear that he supports the gays. As you already know, the more professional athletes that speak up about this and show their support, the better. Many look up to these people as role models, so it’s great to Ayanbadejo standing up for such an important cause.

Originally from Chicago, Ayanbadajo has played for several pro football teams. In 1999 he was signed by the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL as an undrafted free agent. He served on the practice squad of the Falcons and the Chicago Bears before being picked up by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL in 2000, and spent time with them and the Toronto Argonauts. He played the 2001 season with the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe, and played for the BC Lions of the CFL in 2002. In 2003, he returned to the NFL as part of the Miami Dolphins. In 2005 he started playing for the Chicago Bears, and finally in 2008 joined the Baltimore Ravens.

My favorite thing I learned about the father of two children (and a CUTE french bulldog) is that recently, in response to a fan on Twitter, Ayanbadejo stated that his biggest accomplishments were “marriage equality support and playing in a Superbowl.” Check out his photos below, as well as his video in support of gay marriage.

Pics & video after the jump…

Michael Fassbender starts off his interview with W Magazine with the following quote, “From the start of my career, I’ve been naked,” and AMEN to that. The 34-year-old actor certainly looks good doing it, so why not. If you got it, why not flaunt as they say. Fassbender gives his best “bedroom eyes” and everything else bedroom for W Magazine’s February 2012 issue with Brad Pitt/Charlize Theron gracing the cover.

Photographed by Jeff Burton, Michael poses for a series of striptease photos. For those looking for something racy *cough* peen *cough* like he displayed in “Shame“, don’t hold your breath. W isn’t a porn magazine nor is it a NC-17 indie movie. That said, Fassbender still looks smoking hot. The Irish/German actor can currently be seen in “Haywire” hitting theaters today. Check out a few memorable quotes from his interview with the publication.

On Being Nude

“From the start of my career, I’ve been naked. My first job was a commercial for SAS airlines. In the spot, I wake up in a pink room next to a beautiful blonde girl and get out of bed naked. From that point forward, it’s been in all of my contracts: He must be naked in this film.”

click here to check him out without the suit he’s wearing above

You may or may not have a Manhunt account depending on your relationship status, but everyone can hookup hangup one of their 2012 calendars. With winter suddenly kicking into high gear, save money on your heating bill by heating up a room with this latest calendar by the talented Spanish photographer, Juan Pablo Santamaria.

Santamaria is actually the same photographer who shot the Manhunt Mobile ad/billboard that created such controversy in Los Angeles. The picture was used for the back cover in this calendar. Also, since the ad was so successful, Manhunt put it up all over New York and even had it in Time Square during New Year’s Eve.

I’m not certain where the calendar is available to purchase as of yet, but you can check out more photos and behind the scenes video footage from the shoot below.

Behind the scenes video after the jump…

Man Crush: Brandon Quinn

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

Today is Thursday and you know what that means on It’s Man Crush time. Last week, I gave you two hotties to fawn over to make up for the fact I missed the prior week. You’re only getting one today, but he’s sexy enough to tide you over til next week’s selection. Meet Brandon Quinn. The man who captured my virtual love this week.

I first came across Brandon a few months ago when I was on the Lifetime press site looking for Project Runway pictures. Once logged in, a picture of him popped up promoting his show on Lifetime. I never heard of “Against The Wall” before, but after seeing him shirtless, I knew I had to catch a show and investigate further. Coincidentally enough, Quinn plays a cop on the Lifetime serial.

Born Brandon Quinn Swierenga, the 6’1″ stud was born in Aurora Colorado. Prior to appearing on “Against The Wall”, Quinn guest starred on numerous shows including “The O.C.”, “Charmed“, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Entourage” to name a few. For those curious to know more about his personal life, he’s married and has one daughter. He met his wife Rachel Catudal in Montreal, Canada where he briefly lived. Even though he’s taken, it doesn’t mean we can’t lust after him and admire his sexy body which you can see in all its shirtless glory below. Enjoy.

view shirtless pics of Brandon after the jump

Male Models Get Sticky

In: Totally GAY!, Tyrell, Videos

When in Milan for Fashion Week, what is one thing you must make sure you do? According to photographer and director Luca Finotti, it’s round up the hottest men in male fashion modelling and have wet and sticky liquids tossed at their face. Sounds dirty and sexy right? Well Luca did just that while in Milan and the result is a sweet and sexy video for all of us to enjoy.

Starring a few models that Homorazzi knows and loves including River Viiperi and Andrea Preti, the boys stand shirtless and unsuspecting in front of a black backdrop as a rainbow pallet of liquids and powders gets doused upon their heads and faces. As you can see form the above picture, it looks like River Viiperi (our 2011 Model Behavior winner) is enjoying it just fine. Check out the Taste.It video below.

Check out #Taste.It after the jump.

Fulfilling a promise to their fans after reaching 500,000 of them, former X-Factor UK contestents “Jedward” have uploaded a video of them dancing in tight pants, underwear, and at intermittant points, completely naked holding only a sign in front of their privates. The twinky-looking twins literally dance their pants off to LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” track.

I went to look up some info on these 20-year-old twins on Wikipedia, but of course I forgot that they are offline today protesting SOPA. All you need to know really is that when they are actually wearing clothing in the video, it’s super tight. The men continuously thrust their crotches to the camera throughout the video and seem to be having a gay old time…

Which brings me to my next observation. Apparently neither one is gay (ahem… at least so far). “Some people ask us about that but we don’t really care what people think. We like lots of girls,” John has said to Telegraph. “We have a lot of gay fans. We don’t mind what people say. It’s no big deal — we are always just ourselves. We don’t get annoyed with people. We don’t care what people think.” Kudos to them! Enjoy the video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

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