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Thom Evans Is Poetry In Slow Motion For D. Hedral

In: Donovan, Fashion

What’s better than Thom Evans fronting D. Hedral’s print campaign? Watching the 28-year-old former rugby player running in slow motion on the beach wearing skimpy swimwear. That’s what. Dude could easily land a part in a Baywatch reboot. Based on all the remakes Hollywood is greenlighting lately, I fully expect one based on the iconic lifeguard series to come soon.

Evans is joined by Paolla Rahmeier for a fashion film directed by Daniel Jaems. Titled “La Sirena” (The Mermaid), the story follows the young lovers as they explore the fragility and vulnerability of loves beginnings, set on the stunning beaches of Barbados. The film is also being used to promote the opening of D. Hedral’s new flagship store at 38 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London. Watch the visual feast below.

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I really hope Andrew Christian gives this type of treatment to every hot stud in their endless stable of underwear models. It’s nice just focusing on one hot specimen as opposed to having my eyes dart from one shirtless hottie to another. With his stunning eyes, Jon Varak is one ‘Trophy Boy‘ I’d love to place on my mantle. Check out every inch of the intoxicating stud’s body below. Well not every inch. After all, we aren’t a porn site. Can’t wait for the next installment from the underwear brand.

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This post is too hot to handle for any other day of the week than Saturday. Since most of you are probably reading this while at home rather than the office, you’re in the clear to check out the slightly NSFW images. Using photos from his best-selling photo book All Players, famed photographer Rick Day picked a dozen of them for a 2014 calendar. Check out a few of the sizzling visuals below.

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This week I’ve decided to do a two-for-one Sports Stud with two hot Lithuanian rowers. I thought about doing them separately but the fact is most of their photos are together so it made sense to feature them both in one shot. Meet Saulius Ritter (right) & Rolandas Mascinskas (left).

Both handsome rowers have done very well over the past few years and I’m sure we can expect great things from them in the years to come. They both have their eyes set on the next Summer Olympic Games and are training hair to make sure that it happens.

Check out their photos below and watch for them at the next Olympic Games!

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Apparently, every foreign actor has a credit on their resume playing a hooker. First Alexander Dreymon and now Chris’ younger brother Liam Hemsworth. While promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno surprised the Aussie actor with his steamy work on the Australian drama Satisfaction.

In the clip he shared, Liam is shown seducing a woman in his tighty whities while waving a peeled banana in her face. Sounds hot. If watching the scene gets you going, there’s a YouTube montage featuring even more risque scenes including Liam baring his toned Aussie butt. Check out both vids below.

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If you’re watching American Horror Story: Coven, you’re fully aware there’s a lot of estrogen this season. Given the witches theme, it’s only natural. Thankfully, Ryan Murphy’s obsession for working with hot studs has benefitted us once again.

Prior to joining AHS: Coven, Alexander Dreymon only has a handful of credits. One of those credits happens to a BBC film called Christopher and his Kind where he played a gay hooker. In the scene below, Dreymon flexes his biceps and gets hot and heavy with another guy who happens to be Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame. Watch the two create sexy magic below.

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Love, love, love this. As someone who’s been involved in an interracial relationship for more than a decade, I been subjected to certain stereotypes. The obvious being with regards to sexual position. Hieu Tran tackles the common perception that Asian men are bottoms in his new gay short titled Squared.

With Squared, I want to show that not all Asians fit into the stereotypes that society has constructed, says Tran. I chose to show an interracial relationship because I see many interracial couples in my daily life but usually not on screen. I see interracial relationships as something beautiful – two people who are able to share and learn about each other’s cultures. However, I see a problem when one objectifies or manipulates the other.

Yamil Jaiman picks up Ethan Le Phong thinking he’s about to get a power bottom. When the action starts to get steamy, he’s in for a rude awakening. His one night stand gets competitive and the two battle it out to see who’s top dawg… at least for that night. Check out the sexy teaser below.

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Chris Pratt Reveals Male Stripper Past

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Donovan

Looks like Channing Tatum wasn’t the only one taking off his clothes prior to making it big in Hollywood. The Parks and Recreation actor revealed this interesting tidbit during an interview with Buzzfeed while promoting his upcoming film Delivery Man co-starring Vince Vaughn.

“I was always a very much naked person. I loved to always get naked,” Chris Pratt tells Buzzfeed of his teenage years. “I was very free, so I thought, I may as well get paid.” He continued to share that at age 18 he worked several gigs with the most memorable one being for his friend’s grandmother’s birthday party where he was paid $40.

I’ve got two twenties with your name on it Pratt ;) I’m even willing to add another $20 to ensure I get Guardians of the Galaxy and Zero Dark Thirty Chris, instead of Delivery Man Chris. Dude yo-yo diets more than Renee Zellwegger did during her Bridget Jones hey day. It’s pretty impressive how he can transform his body from sculpted Adonis to flabby couch potato just like that. Check out shirtless pics of both versions below.

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