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How complex can it be? He’s cute, has a great body and solid voice. You can pretty much rule the world with that simple recipe 😉

The 23-year-old singer graces the cover of OUT magazine’s June/July 2016 issue, to promote the June 10 release of his new album, Last Year Was Complicated. Photographer Doug Inglish snaps the youngest Jonas brother in designer threads from Dior Homme and Louis Vuitton to name a couple.

Check out more pics below. If you have a thing for armpits, definitely proceed.

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Technically, he’s the Aussie brand’s featured model for April, but Josh Moss is too juicy not to share despite it being a new month. The 23-year-old Sydney born and bred stud is exactly what you envision when you think of the Land Down Under. Check out more pics of Moss below.

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It’s pretty obvious I have a major thing for Cole Monahan. I can’t get enough of the Tennessee-born stud with the killer body and perfect amount of body hair. Clearly, someone over at Charlie By Matthew Zink feels the same way. The long-haired demi-god appears in a new batch of promo pics for the brand.

If The Rock is still looking for eye candy for the Baywatch movie, might I suggest Cole. He absolutely sizzles in red-hued swimsuits. Don’t take my word for it. Check out a couple more pics below where he shows off his sexy tanline.

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In the wise words of Ginuwine, “If you’re horny, Let’s do it.” And do it, is exactly what Channing Tatum plans on doing.

The 36-year-old actor held a Facebook Live event where he revealed a live version of his stripper film franchise is headed to Sin City. Magic Mike Live will debut at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in Spring 2017.

“We are going to be doing Magic Mike Live in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, coming March of next year,” Channing said. “We want to change what male entertainment has been for years. For 40, 50 years it hasn’t changed. We want to make it better. It’s time to revolutionize.”

Channing will direct the show, alongside Alison Faulk and Teresa Espinosa, both of whom worked on the Magic Mike movies. When asked by Cosmopolitan if he would ever make a guest appearance, “If I’m ever in shape enough to do that again, I’ll absolutely go out and have a fun night or two,” he teased.

Tatum also introduced some of the guys that “will work hard” to entertain the frisky audience. Eventually, he plans on taking the show on the road! Check out some of his sexy crew below.

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For any actor, having a steady gig is reward enough. It’s especially great when the gig is a hit show beloved by millions. Apparently that wasn’t enough good fortune to befall Game of Thrones actress Carice von Houten.

After reading her interview with Entertainment Weekly, I’ve concluded she’s probably the luckiest girl on the HBO set. Who knew resurrecting someone from the dead could be so titillating. The 39-year-old reveals she washed Kit Harington’s practically naked body at least 50 times while filming last episode.

“It took forever to resurrect him, forever!” says van Houten. “It was such an important scene, we shot it from so many angles. I think I washed his body 50 times. There would be a lot of people who would be very jealous, including my mother and sister. I was joking about that with him – ‘if only my mother could see this’ – and he loved that.”

How lucky is that little beyotch? Read more about that resurrection over at EW.com.


Well, hello there Mr. Dimitrije Sreckovic!!! Aren’t we a tasty blond demi-god? He’s got hills and valleys in all the right places 😛

Dimitrije returns to the pages of ADON magazine for a sultry new spread shot by Tal Peer. He flexes his muscles and playfully teases his assets inside the publication’s 19th issue.

As if being handsome model wasn’t enough, Dimitrije is also an aspiring singer. Check out one of his songs below, along with more pics from his recent pictorial.

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Once again, Modus Vivendi delivers a beautifully-shot new ad campaign. Gotta give them credit for coming up with different and unique concepts to promote their goods, instead of always using the beach or pool as a go-to.

For their latest, they enlisted dancers Davide Zongoli and Elihu Arcopom to show off their flexible moves in the city of Madrid. Photographer Joan Crisol snapped them as they performed handstands, splits and other impressive poses in the Spanish capital city. Check out the stunning promo pics below.

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With every season of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell always makes sure there’s a bit of eye candy in the mix. Last year, it was sexy strippers and this time around, it’s super sculpted gymnasts. Absolutely perfect timing since it’s an Olympic year. The gymnastic competition and swimming events are my favorite to watch for obvious reasons 😉

A group of ripped guys describing themselves as a “men’s artistic gymnastic act” performed impressive stunts on the parallel bars and pommel horses. Naturally, they were shirtless. But that wasn’t enough skin for judge David Walliams. He suggested they only wear thongs, should they advance. I like the way he thinks.

Adding even more spice to their act is the fact the sexy quartet call themselves 4G. After watching their audition, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind an invitation to their fourgy 😉 Check out the eye-popping routine below.

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