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I’d gladly volunteer to assist Mr. Mitchell Slaggert test his limits among other things in his Calvins 😉 The American fashion house’s latest muse is all kinds of blonde goodness.

He’s front and center in a new batch of striking black-and-white images for the brand’s Performance campaign snapped by Boo George. Check out more images of Mitchell below sweating, pushing and much more in his Calvins.

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I don’t watch Broad City, but maybe I should. NBA player Blake Griffin recently dropped by the Comedy Central show for one memorable guest appearance. The Los Angeles power forward lets it all hang out, literally.

The 27-year-old plays himself on the episode where he hooks up with series co-creator Ilana Glazer. When she discovers the anaconda he’s packing is too damn big, they decide to think outside the box.

Check out all the sexually creative things they come up with below. That Ilana is one lucky chick. She gets to ride him, lick his body and other things that make this boy a bit jealous 😉

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To this day, it still baffles me that Paris Hilton dated River Viiperi. How she snagged the Spanish male supermodel is beyond impressive. Gotta say, I’m still a little envious she did naughty things to him in the sack.

Viiperi appears in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Men Thailand. Titled “Day and Night,” he models suits and other dressy affair in the daylight and then just skimpy briefs for the nighttime shoot. If you have a tighty whitey fetish, be sure to check out the ones where he’s rocking some soaked ones in the tub. YIKES!!!

Check out more pics below snapped by Kreerath Sunittramat on location at the Hotel Rivington in New York. Stayed there a few years back and loved it. Too bad, River wasn’t visiting at the same time 😉

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The Austrian stud that is Julian Schneyder is one of my favorite male models of the moment. The up-and-comer is building up his portfolio quite nicely. I can certainly see why he continually gets booked. He photographs like a dream.

Schneyder appears in the latest issue of DSection magazine. The striking black-and-white shoot takes place on the beach with Julian flashing his sexy mischievous smirk. What exactly is he thinking? WOOF!!! Check out more pics below shot by Philippe Vogelenzang.

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Mike Chabot For Pump Underwear

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It’s evident Marc Chabot often goes to the gym to get his swoll on. Dude is jacked everywhere it counts. Definitely the perfect canvas to show off underwear.

Pump Underwear shares a whackload of new promo images featuring the 24-year-old personal trainer rocking their line of skivvies. Check out more pics below snapped by Rick Day.

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With this kind of encouragement, I’d gladly hit the gym, all day, all night. Give me a hot stud in person to serve as inspiration and I’ll be ripped in no time 😉 Dedication definitely has its rewards.

FitMit, a leading insurance company in Germany, decided to go the tried-and-true route of sex sells. Much to the delight of many at the gym, a butt naked male model works out within their sight line.

Check out the provocative ad below. It’s relatively SFW with gym equipment blocking his naughty bits.

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H&M Taps Alessio Pozzi To Model 2016 Beachwear

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With daylight saving time and Easter having passed, the countdown to summer is in full swing. As much as I love bbqs and other outdoor activities, beach time is what I’m most looking forward to. Shirtless men everywhere… sign me up.

H&M taps model Alessio Pozzi to model their beachwear offerings for 2016. If you’re not keen on forking over a ton of cash for swim shorts, the Swedish brand has some laid-back and affordable styles for your choosing. Check them out below.

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American Eagle is the latest brand to jump on the real body bandwagon. Their new ad campaign features four men of different shapes and sizes including a body-positive style blogger, a self-proclaimed ‘normal guy’ and a professional underwear model.

Keeping in line with the message of self-love and being comfortable in your own skin, their new material is all unretouched and doesn’t feature any Photoshop post-editing work. Check out the clips below promoting the brand’s new collection of underwear for men, #AerieMAN.

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