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Welcome back, Mr. Damon. Welcome back indeed.

The 44-year-old actor returns to the spy franchise in the upcoming fifth installment, tentatively titled, The Bourne Betrayal. Believe it or not, it’s been a whopping eight years since he last played the CIA assassin. And based on the first photo, it’s as if no time as passed.

Producer Frank Marshall shared the new pic of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne earlier today. The photo represents the first day of principal photography. Damon is buff, muscular and all kinds of tasty in the image. The release date can’t come soon enough.

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Marlon Teixeira Gets In His Undies For H&M

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What do you get when you mix a little Swedish with some Brazilian flava? You get my favorite male model posing in his underwear for H&M.

Marlon Teixeira teams up with the retailer to show off their line of underwear styles. The poses are a little catalog but I adore 23-year-old stunner so much, I don’t care if they’re a little blah. Check out more pics below.

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For their last campaign, Sluggers hit a home run with model Ben O’Donohue. No disrespect to O’Donohue, but the Australian brand has outdone themselves with their latest piece of man candy.

Aboriginal stud Casey Conway models the label’s skimpy line of swimwear briefs for photographer Russell Fleming. How jealous are you that you’re not one of those grains of sand hanging off his chest in the photo above ;) Right? Check out more pics below.

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Confession time. I sported a man bun slash top knot but years ago before every Tom, Dick and Harry started doing it. Honestly, I loved having it because it was so easy and low maintenance. Plus, I didn’t have to go to the barber every two weeks to get a clean up.

While it’s not every person’s cup of tea, I love a man bun on the right kind of guy. If a dude doesn’t have the style or swagger to pull it off, it just looks awkward. The towel-clad guys of Steam Room Stories discuss if the hairstyle is hot or not. Watch the video below and weigh in afterward.

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Sports Stud: Leigh Halfpenny

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For this week’s Sports Stud, we’re featuring a Wales and British Lions international rugby union player named Leigh Halfpenny.

Halfpenny is sponsored by Lucozade Sport, UnderArmour, and Land Rover among other companies. In 2013, the 26-year old fullback was voted sexiest man in Wales and it isn’t difficult to see why. He’s incredibly handsome, has gorgeous eyes, wavy hair, a chiselled body and super muscular legs. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Check out his photos and video below!

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So that’s the secret to getting washboard abs. I’ve been doing it all wrong. I’m sure the copious amounts of carbs and deep fried food I scarf down doesn’t help either ;)

Harry Shum Jr. of Glee fame recently shared a clip of his workout to his Twitter followers. The 33-year-old actor does a few side leg crunches before busting out his sick dance moves. To cap it off, dude does a slick pull down. Check out the hot clip below.

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I’m a sucker for a guy with curly locks. It’s probably because I wish my hair was naturally wavy. Walison Fonseca’s luscious head of hair is definitely something to be envied. I could spend hours running my fingers through that.

The Brazilian model stars in a sexy fashion editorial for Reflex Homme. The 29-year-old shows off his hairy chest while rocking some rugged denim looks for photographer Ari Mendes. Check out more pics below.

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Tom Daley must make a bucket load of cash from his calendars. Year after year, the 21-year-old diver releases them for his adoring fans. I’m sure it’s a tradition that will continue for many more years to come.

The 2016 offering is already available now to purchase. If you think it’s too early to get it, it isn’t. The 16-month wall calendar begins with September 2015. Check out a recently-released behind-the-scenes clip of Daley’s calendar shoot. If possible, I think his abs are even more ripped than before.

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