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Panic! At The Disco Goes Naked For New Music Video

In: Donovan, Music

Who knew Panic! At The Disco was still kicking around? Even more so, who knew they were such fans of D’Angelo. The Las Vegas rock band pays homage to the R&B singer by replicating his titillating “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” music video. If you recall, D’Angelo bared it all back in 2000, showing off his well-defined torso and Apollo’s belt. This time, it’s lead vocalist Brendon Urie that’s shedding his clothes.

Being that the band’s new single “Girls/Girls/Boys” is so racy, the 26-year-old front man thought it was only fitting to film an equally racy clip. Director DJay Brawner was tapped to capture the vibe and essence of D’Angelo’s steamy original.

With nudity the go-to gimmick these days, I fully expect Panic! At The Disco to garner plenty of views. As cute as Brendon is, he doesn’t hold a candle to D’Angelo. That man is pure chocolate goodness. Check out both vids below.

watch the video after the jump

Sports Stud: David Belyavskiy

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

With the 44th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships taking place this week in Antwerp, Belgium, I figured it would make sense to put the spotlight on one of the many handsome and chiseled competitors. Some of them we’ve already featured before, but one gymnast that hasn’t been highlighted in a Sports Stud is Russia’s David Belyavskiy. That being said, he was listed in our 15 Hottest Male Gymnasts at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Earlier this week in qualifications, David Belyavskiy had a bit of trouble on his first two apparatuses, the Parallel Bars and the Horizontal Bar, but then stepped things up on the Floor and Pommel Horse. He was able to secure a 14th overall placing to solidify his spot in the finals which are taking place this weekend. Belyavskiy is the 2013 European All-around champion.

Check out some of his photos below as well as some of the videos from the competition earlier this week. Enjoy!

Pics and video after the jump…

Personally, I love me a gingy. I find freckles extremely adorable. If you’re not a fan of redheads, I bet this new exhibit in London’s East End will change your mind. Prince Harry has nothing on these sexy British gingers. Photographer Thomas Knights teams up with the Anti Bullying Alliance in hopes of presenting the redheaded male as the ‘ultimate’ alpha male and sex up their overall image. This season, red is the new black.

In the UK and throughout the world, being ginger and male comes with many stigmas attached. Many are bullied at school and for some, even later in life.

As far as I can see, no one has focused (or noticed) the huge, polarised gap between the way our society perceives red headed women (often the ultimate woman – think Jessica Rabbit) and red headed males (often emasculated and de-sexulised in film and TV – no Hollywood heroes – no leading men).

No other hair colour has this level of gender inequality in any society, and RED HOT holds a mirror up to the preconceived limitations we put on the red headed males.

Essentially, what I’m doing is creating an exciting and revealing exhibition showcasing a positive outlook on the red-haired male, and aiming to re-brand the ginger male stereotype along the way. – Thomas Knights

Obviously being a ginger himself, Conan O’Brien felt slightly slighted that he wasn’t included in the Red Hot exhibit. For one, he’s not British and secondly, I dare you to say you’d rather with Conan than any of the following guys. Check out the army of sexy redheads below. They range from strawberry to full on crimson. Be sure to state which one you find the hottest in our comments section afterward.

check out the parody and more photos from the exhibit after the jump

Earlier this week, Britney Spears debuted her new music video for “Work Bitch” and it featured the incredibly sexy, Richie Nuzzolese. As shown him above, you may recognize him from Katy Perry‘s “Last Friday Night” music video, among other things like the “Dirty LaundryAndrew Christian video and more. We’ve also previously featured him in a Model Behavior post.

Aside from the music video, Nuzzolese is working on a YouTube project with some friends and is working on his own music. He’s posted a few covers on line and is busy recording his own original stuff as well. Other things you might recognize him from is a Renuzit commercial and if you watch the E! Network, he’s the guy promoting the Ross Matthews talk show.

Check out a bunch of videos as well as some exclusive never before released photos of the hottie below. Enjoy!

Pictures & videos after the jump…

They’re bringing dirty back. Nope, not that Christina Aguilera type of dirty. That has about three extra “r’s”. Rather, good old fashioned mud on bare chest type of dirty. My favorite type.

Dieux Du Stade returns for a fourteenth year to feature professional rugby players in their naked glory. Once again, photographer Fred Goudon was chosen for this, arguably the best gig in the entire world. How does one apply to be an assistant for Mr. Goudon? Sign me up.

Some of the studs featured in this year’s calendar include Oliver Giroud, Jules Plisson, Djibril Camara, Nikola Karabatic, Clement Daguin, Hugo Bonneval and Alexandre Flanquart. Check out a slightly NSFW video preview below, along with some pics. I can’t wait for the outtakes and for all the money shots and by that, I mean peen ones ;)

more pictures and video after the jump (slightly NSFW)

Holy death-defying Batman. Not content to showcase his new Fall 2013 collection in typical fashion, Paul Smith headed to the French Alps to film his breathtaking new campaign.

With the help of director Sébastien Montaz-Rosset and slackliners Antoine Moineville and Tancrède Melet, the English fashion designer showcases this season’s trousers, shirts and underwear as the two adrenaline junkies precariously pop peak to peak. At times, there is nothing but rope and boxer briefs keeping them from falling.

While the guys are shirtless, it’s not their bodies that you’re marveling at. Rather it’s their eye-popping daredevil antics. Really a push-up on a rope in between mountains? Really? My hands were sweating at the mere thought of some of their stunts. I’m chicken just riding a few rides at Disneyland. This takes advertising underwear to dizzying new heights.

watch the promo clip after the jump

The long-awaited official pictures from the Jonas Brothers’ photo shoot for OUT Magazine are finally here. The second a preview image of Nick Jonas in a wife beater surfaced online, fans (and gays) have been wanting more, myself definitely included.

The youngest bro looks absolutely scrumptious in the Kaz Z Feng-snapped editorial. Joe and Kevin do their best to match their sibling’s hotness, but don’t come close, IMHO. Dude’s arms are double the size of either of theirs. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a gun show ;)

Along with mugging for the camera, the three discuss a multitude of topics including Miley Cyrus, twerking, leaving their record label, maturing and those pesky gay rumors. Check out what they have to say about the latter below, along with more photos.

more pictures and quotes after the jump

It’s been three years since Tyrell ranked the Dancing With The Stars‘ male professional dancers. Since several new pro hotties have joined the ABC dancing competition since, I thought it was time to reevaluate his rankings. Also, everyone has their own personal tastes and I wanted to share mine. If you’ve been reading the site for awhile now, I’m pretty sure you have an idea who top ballroom dog is in my book. Check out the studs below and be sure to sound off on my choices.

check out my rankings after the jump

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