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As I was searching for related links to include for this post, I realized I’ve never featured Garrett Neff for my Model Behavior series. Shame on me. I’ll definitely rectify that in the near future. In the meantime, I wanted to share this sexy editorial of the 29-year-old model in Da Man magazine.

The publication taps the American stunner as the return of the male supermodel. I don’t blame them. He looks beyond scrumptious whether he’s wearing suits or skimpy white Calvin Klein briefs. Check out the Mitchell Nguyen McCormack-snapped spread below.

shirtless photos after the jump

Anderson Davis Returns As Kraft Zesty Guy

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

Chalk up another failure for One Million Moms. Kraft ignored their silly complaints and ordered a second helping of their sexy Zesty Guy.

Model Anderson Davis returns to show off his chiseled pecs for the salad dressing brand. This time he’s saddling up, being buried in sand and showing off his (tennis) balls to promote Kraft’s Raspberry Vinaigrette, Classic Catalina, Thousand Island, and Classic Ranch. Check out the new images snapped by WOOF-licious photographer Douglas Friedman.

check out more photos after the jump

As hot as all these guys are with their shirts off, I couldn’t justify dedicating a separate post for each. So, you’re getting two (or should I say four) for the price of one.

To promote his new film Kick-Ass 2, Aaron Taylor-Johnson shows off his kick-ass abs for Men’s Health UK. The 23-year-old English actor talks about his brutal training to get in tip top shape for his role. Job well done. Dude looks hot as hell as a result of all the sweat and grunt work.

On Being A Gym Virgin

“Only recently have I been introduced to the gym and heavy weightlifting and things like that. Before that, when I grew up I just did a lot of gymnastics and dance. I had more of an athletic background but nothing where I was in the gym or using any kind of weights.”

Moving on… If you’re not a teen girl or a fan of X Factor, you probably don’t know who Emblem3 is. Luckily for you, I’m both a teen girl and a viewer of the FOX show. To kick off their first tour, opening for Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance Tour, the trio channeled Justin Bieber in their Vancouver hotel. They posed naked with only musical instruments covering their naughty bits. Check out both photos below.

check out the shirtless pics after the jump

Steam Room Stories: Boys In The Bathhouse

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

With such a salacious title, I expected more from the Steam Room Stories guys. Given the topic of bathhouses, I was ready for some really hot stories about Chris Reid’s (middle guy) first experience. Instead, the discussion leads to Bette Midler’s days as Bathhouse Betty, a Taylor Swift song quote and other random topics. Definitely not their best clip. With that being said, a shirtless Reid is always welcome. Check out SRS’ latest below.

Side note: If you’re never been to a bathhouse, be sure to read Adam’s tips. That hooker is beyond an expert ;)

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Sports Stud: Andrew Ference

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

All week it’s been hot, hot, hot where I reside in Vancouver so I’ve decided to cool things off with a sexy hockey player while we are in the off season. I’ve chosen to feature 34-year old Andrew Ference of the NHL Edmonton Oilers. The fellow Canadian has played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames and Boston Bruins. When the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in, Ference was on the team.

As previously mentioned, Ference now plays for the Edmonton Oilers and he was actually born in Edmonton, Alberta as well – but grew up in Sherwood Park, Alberta. He recently signed on with the team for four years and $13 million. Ference is married and has two kids and worked with David Suzuki to create a carbon-neutral program for the NHL so the league could offset their carbon footprint.

Check out his photos below!

Pictures after the jump…

Last season, Stephen Amell was The CW’s prize pony. Single-handedly his abs made Arrow the network’s breakout hit. Hoping to replicate the same sort of success is Stephen’s younger cousin Robbie Amell. The 25-year-old stud stars in the network’s most promising freshman series, The Tomorrow People. The CW is pairing up the Amells for their Wednesday nights. Talk about the perfect hump day.

Robbie talks about his show and being paired up with his cousin for the latest issue of Bello Mag. In addition, he poses for photographer Aleksandar Tomovic for a sexy photoshoot. Abs must run in the family, because Robbie is sporting a nice set himself. Check out quotes and photos from the publication below.

On CW’s Amell Nights

“It wasn’t until we were doing a promo for Wednesday nights where I kind of leaned over and said, do you realize how insane this is? For one of us to be the lead of a show is massive. For two of us, that’s crazy. For two of us to be on the same network? That’s completely insane. Same network, same night, one after the other is impossible.”

check out photos after the jump

The title sounds like a porn plot, doesn’t it. If only it were true in an x-rated kind of way. Let me just preface the rest of the post by saying, I’m a horrible gay. Due to the hectic nature of Vancouver Pride and the eventual recovery, I somehow missed this gem. Better late than never I suppose.

A deleted scene for The Place Beyond The Pines recently surfaced. It shows Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling) being asked to remove his clothes for his new jail outfit. I’m not certain why the scene was cut, but thankful it’s here.

Perhaps, director Derek Cianfrance felt the vision of Gosling in his underwear, which he fits quite nicely I might add, would’ve distracted moviegoers. Speaking for myself, time stood still when that moment appeared on my computer screen. Watch the clip below and see if the same happens to you.

watch the scene after the jump

Tom Daley Previews His 2014 Calendar

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

It may be only August, but it’s never too early to start pimping out 2014 calendars. Especially if your name is Tom Daley. The sexy British Olympian returns with another calender for the upcoming year. His 2013 edition must’ve sold like those proverbial hotcakes.

Interestingly though, he’s switched things up and wearing more clothing this time around. Not to say there aren’t any shirtless shots, but just none in those very skimpy Speedos that barely cover his naughty bits during competition. Check out a preview of Daley’s 2014 calendar below.

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