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If you love interpretative dancing, this one is a must-see. Matthew Richardson crafted a beautiful acrobatic piece depicting two men falling in love. He partners up with Francis Perreault for the number which he’s dedicated to our brothers and sisters lost in Orlando.

‘The Arrow’ is a striking visual representation of a simple story – two male artists who fell in love. From the first time our eyes met, the first embrace, to creating a bond and love that is unbreakable. The video shows two talented men who transform their personal story into an exciting performance to send a powerful message. That we are proud of who we are, the love that we share, and that all love is equal.” – YouTube description

Watch the video below.

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Rhea magazine plans to feature up-and-coming models for their weekly series, #ModelMondays. If their future picks are as cute as this one, consider me a frequent visitor.

For their first installment, the publication selected Ethan Turnball to highlight. Definitely a solid choice. The 23-year-old Aussie stud is adorable. He’s got that whole blond surfer thing going on. Check him out below, flaunting his washboard abs for photographer Scott Hoover.

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Logo recently announced their new Bachelor-like dating show, Finding Prince Charming. While the network revealed Lance Bass would be hosting their new reality show, nothing was mentioned about the eligible bachelor. Luckily for us, TMZ has discovered the lucky man wooing the 13 male suitors.

“Logo has a long history of showcasing LGBTQ-focused stories with memorable characters that transcend pop culture,” said Logo exec Pamela Post in a statement. “Finding Prince Charming will take viewers on a whirlwind journey through modern love and relationships in a way that only Logo can do.”

Meet Robert Sepulveda Jr. He’s an Atlanta-based interior designer with Puerto Rican roots. As you’d expect, Robert fills out a pair of Speedos quite nicely. The spicy Latin silver fox is certainly in good shape.

Check out plenty of shirtless pics of Sepulveda Jr. below. Be sure to weigh in afterward if you think producers chose wisely or if they should’ve tapped a bachelor that didn’t look like he spent time at the gym instead 😉

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Leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, Aussie station ABC will its salacious new drama Barracuda. Based on a novel by the award-winning Melbourne-based writer Christos Tsiolkas, the four-part program tells the story of a swimmer pursuing Olympic gold and dealing with his homosexuality.

Six Feet Under actress Rachel Griffiths plays a prickly mother of one of the swimmers while Elias Anton takes on the main character Danny Kelly. Finger crossed, a US network brings over this promising series or adapts it. It wouldn’t be the first time. Both NBC’s The Slap and ABC’s Secret and Lies were based on the Australian television series of the same name.

Barracuda Series Synopsis

Melbourne 1996. The Golden Age of Australian swimming is beginning and a scholarship to an exclusive boys school brings 16-year-old Danny Kelly one step closer to his ultimate goal – winning Olympic gold.

Initially, Danny struggles to find his place in the prestigious social circles of the private boys school. However under the charge of highly regarded coach Frank Torma and a friendship/rivalry with teammate Martin Taylor, Danny is soon on track to become Australia’s youngest swimming champion, the unstoppable Barracuda.

Soon, everyone has a stake in Danny’s success and as he swims closer towards gold, he finds himself being drawn into a world where the only thing that matters is winning. When he gets his shot at victory, with all of Australia watching – can the ‘Barracuda’ live up to everyone’s expectations and realise his dream?

Check out the trailer below.

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It must be stressful knowing you’re going to appear in a publication called The Most Beautiful Man In The World which celebrates and explores the beauty of men. That’s a lot of pressure to live up to. The plight of good-looking people 😉

Not a problem for Chad Gunther. He’s definitely one beautiful specimen. Famed photographer Greg Vaughan snaps the Nevadan at a seedy motel for a sexy editorial found in the magazine’s fourth issue. Check out more pics below.

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ESPN’s Body Issue is one the most anticipated offerings of the year. For eight solid years, their annual exploration of the athletic form has been a must-see. Who doesn’t love sifting through photos of athletes in peak physical condition?

The magazine recently uploaded all the photos from the Bodies We Want 2016 class. I’ve gone through them and picked out my favorites. Not surprisingly, all of them are of the male variety.

Check out below fighter Conor McGregor, NFL players Antonio Brown and Von Miller, motocross star Ryan Dungey, pitcher Jake Arrieta, diving legend Greg Louganis and swimmer Nathan Adrian showing off their assets.

Weigh in afterward to reveal which of the athletes is your favorite. My gold medal goes to that sexy stud that is Nathan Adrian. I’d dive in his pool any day :)
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Man, that is one chiseled jaw. In fact, everything about this dude is defined. Damn, genetic lottery 😉

Photographer Ted Sun snaps Gabriel Loureiro enjoying a day at the Arpoador Park in Rio de Janeiro. Loureiro puts his fine physique to use, rocking stylish trunks from Parke & Ronen, Charlie by Matthew Zink, Danward to name a few.

The summery shoot can be found in the latest issue of Caleo Magazine. Check out more pics of Gabriel below. Love his hairy legs.

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The World’s First Naked Gym

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

Before you get too excited, it’s not a real thing. Rather, this clip is just a fun little sketch. With that being said, I’m sure there’s probably a gym somewhere in the world where clothing is optional. While I’d never join, I’d gladly sign up for webcam viewing subscription, right?

Byron Langley and Thomas Willows are South African YouTubers who are behind this amusing sketch. They reveal the idea of the nude gym was a solution for them overheating during their workouts. Watch their faux promo below.

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