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With his silky suave voice, it’s only natural Tom Ford voices the video launching his skincare and grooming line. Ford believes that any man can achieve a handsome and impeccable look with a straightforward and effective grooming regimen. Inspired by this philosophy and by his personal grooming ritual, he developed Tom Ford For Men.

The eight product line consists of a moisturizer, cleanser, a mud mask, concealer and bronzing gel. Two new fragrances will also be added to the unisex Private Blend collection. Cuban born model Juan Betancourt was tapped to front the inaugural campaign. A perfect choice if you ask me. Check out the short film below.

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I didn’t think it was possible but Thierry Pepin looks even hotter than ever. I’m not sure if it’s his longer curlier locks that does the trick or the fact he’s dressed up as a cowboy. Probably a combination. Now you have more to grab onto as you’re riding bronco ;)

Gregg Homme enlists the sexy model to introduce their new snakeskin line of underwear. Chaps, leather belts and suede looks blend together to offer you all you ever dreamed of to ride your sexiest fantasies. Watch how Pepin handles an unwanted intruder in his tent. Be forewarned, a full moon is in view and I’m not referring to the one in the sky. Check out the western-themed promo below.

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Meet The New Faces (And Bodies) Of Grindr

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

A month ago, Grindr began the hunt for a new face and torso to represent the hookup app. Aspiring hopefuls were asked to submit their entries via Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #grindrmodel. After 780 submissions and more than 2,500 votes, two winners were announced. Why have one, when you can have two? Both guys will be featured in upcoming Grindr ads.

Who are the lucky winners? They are Eric Angelo, a go-go dancer originally from Texas now living in Hollywood and Matthew Stehlik, a bartender in Florida by way of Pittsburgh. Both will fly out to Los Angeles for a three-night stay that includes some new wardrobe, photoshoot and serious pampering. Oddly enough, both winners could pass for brothers. They have that same boy-next-door look about them. Take a look at their winning good looks below.

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Sports Stud: Olivier Giroud

In: Patrick, Sports & Health, Totally GAY!

With the recent release of the Dieux Du Stade 2014 Calendar preview, I thought I would highlight one of the hotties from the shoot. This week’s Sports Stud is Olivier Giroud, a French footballer who plays for English club Arsenal in the Premier League and the French national team.

The 27-year old is known for his size (6’4″), physical style of play, his heading ability (hehe), his shot power, and his strength. This sexy Frenchie has shirtless on the cover of several magazines including, Tetu and Men’s Health. I’ve included a few of these covers below.

I’ve also included a video of when he and fellow teammate Mathieu Debuchy kiss on the field. You may recall that I included this video quite a while ago in a Sports Stud feature on Debuchy. In case you missed it, the video is also included below. Enjoy!

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We all have those friends who fall victim to this modern fascination. Whether through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or some other social networking application, they constantly take selfies (more often time than not shirtless) for some online validation. While I appreciate looking at eye candy, let’s face it. Some take it overboard.

Cazwell is back and explores this phenomenon in his latest single, appropriately titled, “No Selfie Control.” Directed by Athena Maroulis, the openly gay rapper pokes fun SLASH celebrates those who suffer from this ‘plague.’ Expect to be inundated with images of guys working out, duckie faces and popular finger poses.

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If there’s one industry where females dominate the males, it’s the fashion one. When you compare the cumulative earnings total of the Top 10 men to the women, it’s a measly $8 million as opposed to the ladies who bring in a whopping $83 million. Gisele Bundchen alone raked in $42 million while the top-earning male model cashed in only $1.5 million. Insane right?

Check out Forbes’ Top 10 Earning Male Models from September 2012 to September 2013 below. Almost half of them I’ve featured in my Model Behavior feature. I’ve linked their names to their respective dedicated post where numerous more photos are there for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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Not since my childhood have I wanted so badly to head to the zoo. If those attractions had these sexy studs on exhibit instead of captive animals, I would frequent them more often. Seriously, aren’t rugby players the best. They aren’t afraid to show off their hard bodies at a drop of a dime. Just look at the annual Dieux du Stade calendar and a recent testicular cancer awareness clip as evidence.

Paignton Zoo enlisted players from the Exeter Chiefs to front their new ad campaign. Justin Blanchet gets his stripes on as a zebra, while his brother Sam goes the cheetah route. Fetu’u Vainikolo is a graceful gazelle, but my favorite Matt Jess is fittingly enough, a mandrill. Dude can drill this man anytime ;) Photographer Phil Mingo captured the boys as their beastly alter egos. Check out a few pics below.

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Did you watch the 1994 feature film version of The Little Rascals? If so, you’ll probably remember Blake McIver Ewing who played the snotty villainous Waldo. He’s the one wearing the glasses in the promo pic above. He followed up that part with guest spots on Full House, The Nanny and Home Improvement.

Now 28-years-old, Ewing is back on television on Bravo’s social series The People’s Couch. The show is based on the UK show Googlebox, which showcases households in America as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp and scream at their TVs. Based on the snippet I’ve seen, Blake is now a card-carrying sister. Not to go solely based on stereotypes, but if he isn’t a big ‘ol homo, then my gaydar needs some major fine tuning.

After a few Google searches, I discovered he loves taking shirtless selfies and posing in very skimpy swimwear and underwear. Check out what he looks like now below.

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