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Model Behavior: Mark Vanderloo

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Hope you’ve been enjoying my European edition of my Model Behavior feature. As my month-long vacay is coming down to a close, I wanted to end my series with a male model that is the gold standard of the fashion industry. The fact my last stop is Amsterdam and this hottie is Dutch is kismet. Meet my favorite male model of all-time and a true supermodel by every definition.

Mark Vanderloo ruled the fashion industry during the 1990s. He scored every major ad campaign possible. Clients from Calvin Klein, Guess?, Versace, Hermes, Hugo Boss, DKNY and many more wanted a piece of him. Not to mention his huge fan following (including me) who were mesmerized by his stunning good looks. Even his female colleagues were entranced by him. He dated model Carolyn Murphy and married Esther Canadas. Not bad for a guy tending bar for $200 a night in Holland before signing to Wilhelmina Agency.

Vanderloo was such a phenomenon that he won VH1’s Fashion Awards’ Male Model of the Year honors. His influence extended beyond the fashion industry and even hit Hollywood. He was one half of the inspiration for Ben Stiller’s movie, “Zoolander“. The title character’s name, Derek Zoolander, was based on a portmanteau of Mark Vanderloo and Johnny Zander’s names.

These days Mark is still working in the industry and proving his looks transcends the limitations of the industry wide youth obsession. has ranked him #1 of all time on their Icons’ list. I thought featuring a more distinguished male model would be a nice change of pace for my Model Behavior series. Check out new and vintage images of Mark below.

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Man Crush: Haris Giakoumatos

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As you know by now, I’m having the time of my life in Europe with Brian. I honestly don’t want to go back home. Our trip is so jam-packed visiting several countries, I didn’t have enough slots in my Model Behavior series to fit a representative from Greece. Thankfully, I have my other weekly feature where I can highlight a Greek god. Problem solved. So I’m taking a break from featuring studs from the upcoming Fall television season for one week. It’d be a shame not to share this juicy man meat.

Haris Giakoumatos is a model, actor and wait for it… a water polo player. Not just your average one either, he’s a water polo champion. I couldn’t find too much information about him besides the fact he was born in Halandri, Greece on February 2, 1982. His first film was “A Sea Apart” and his favorite music is Ksulina spa8ia (whatever that is). I’m sure a majority of you check out these posts more for the pics rather than the biographical info. For those who do, I’m sorry. I hope his hotness will make up for the lack of background knowledge. Check out Haris’ pics below.

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Model Behavior: Henny Seroeyen

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After picking high fashion models for my Model Behavior the past couple of weeks, I’m giving you some delicious man candy beefcake this week. Currently, Brian and I are in beautiful Brussels, Belgium. Saying this city is beautiful is an absolute understatement. It’s amazingly picturesque here. Equally as eye-catching, is this week’s pick, Henny Seroeyen. Hope you’re enjoying my European edition of my Model Behavior feature.

Seroeyen is a fitness model from Belgium, the land of mussels and frites and Stella Artois beer (yum). Judging by Henny’s extremely lean body, it’s obvious he doesn’t partake in anything I just mentioned. Why does beer have to be so fattening? In addition to posing in front of the camera, the Flemish stud is also a personal trainer. If he can guarantee me a body like his, I’d hire him in a second.

According to his Model Mayhem profile, Henny is very sporty. He enjoys climbing, running, biking, Martial arts, close combat, and swimming to keep his body in ultimate shape. Whatever it takes to get that bod, I approve. Check out more of this sumptuous beefcake’s shirtless photos below.

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Model Behavior: Ollie Edwards

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If you read last week’s Model Behavior post, you’re aware I’m selecting models based on my current Europe 2011 vacay. Even though I’m still in Italy today, I’m heading off to Jolly ol’ England tomorrow so I’m picking a British bloke for this week’s Model Behavior feature. Meet Ollie Edwards. I couldn’t have picked a better dude to represent the UK. Currently, this in-demand model is in the Top 25 of male rankings. That’s kinda of a big deal.

His sexy combination of killer bad boy features meets boy next door looks make him a favorite for fashion editorials and ad campaigns. It’s hard to believe he only reluctantly started to model after being persuaded to give it a try. Ollie was a professional racing motorcyclist before posing in front of the camera. His flawless skin and perfectly plump lips quickly captured the eyes of many within the fashion industry. In his relatively short career, he’s already worked with some of the big guns including Polo Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Trussardi, Y3 and many more.

While he’s known for his perfect bone structure, Ollie is also known for an imperfection he has. The Brit has a rather huge scar across his stomach. At four-years old, he injured himself while having fun on a slip-and-slide. He went over a chipped stone which sliced up his stomach. Showing off his sense of humor, Edwards often jokes he received the scar via a Samurai sword. He states it’s cooler to tell that story than that of his childhood mishap. Check out Ollie’s scar, lips, flawless skin and every part of his body below. Stay tuned for next week’s Model Behavior and see where I end up in Europe.

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Model Behavior: Simone Bredariol

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As you’re reading this, I’m en route to Europe for a little vacay. Even though I feel I’m utterly unprepared, I’m excited to go despite planning nothing. Since I’m visiting a few places during my European vacation, my Model Behavior picks will reflect the country I’m in for the next four weeks. First stop for Brian and I is Italy. Choosing a male model to represent this beautiful country was a no-brainer. Meet the stunningly gorgeous Simone Bredariol.

If Bredariol looks familiar to you, you’re probably a huge ANTM fan. During the first high fashion cycle, Simone posed with the girls during the statue photo shoot at Lake Como. I was so jealous of those girls being manhandled by this 6’0″ stunner. Bredariol has been featured in numerous fashion editorials for various publications including Hercules Magazine, Attitude Magazine and Slurp.

One of his most recent ad campaigns was for Gas Jeans 2011 Winter collection. He’s represented by Major Models in New York and Nous Models in Los Angeles. His mother agency is d’management group which is located in Milan, naturally. Check out this Italian hottie’s sexy pics below. I hope I’m inundated with gorgeous guys like this during my week long stay in Italy. Please, oh please.

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