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2014 Screen Actors Guild Nominations

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It appears Birdman is the one to beat at the 87th Academy Awards. The film has been racking up numerous accolades all awards season long but with its multiple Screen Actors Guild nominations, it’s pretty much solidified itself as the frontrunner. Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, and Emma Stone all scored some love along with Best Ensemble which is the SAG’s version of Best Picture.

When it comes to correctly predicting Oscar nominees and eventual winners, the SAGs have one of the best records. With the 2014 nominations now unveiled, the Oscar race for the acting categories is becoming a lot clearer.

Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette and Keaton cemented their statuses as the ones to place your bets on, while Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Eddie Redmayne have all now officially entered the race. Check out all the nominations below which includes Meryl Streep snagging her umpteenth nod.

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2015 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations Announced

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Since major studio big budget films aren’t eligible for these awards, the Independent Spirit Awards aren’t much of a reliable barometer for the Oscars. However, it’s still an important stop during the crowded awards season. Anytime you can grab some campaigning time for your film, it’s always beneficial. Love Is Strange, for instance, starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina has barely been mentioned in the Oscar race but snagged several nominations including Best Feature.

Rosario Dawson and Diego Luna announced the nominations at the W Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday. Leading the pack with six nominations was Birdman starring Michael Keaton. The 63-year-old actor snagged a nod himself, along with his co-stars Emma Stone and Edward Norton. Close behind with five nods apiece were Selma, Nightcrawler and Boyhood. The latter film featuring Patricia Arquette is considered a strong frontrunner to take home the Best Supporting Actress Oscar come February.

The winners will be presented with their awards on Saturday, February 21 in Santa Monica Beach, the day before the 2015 Oscars. Check out all the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations below.

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Movie Review: Getaway

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Wednesday night I had the unfortunate opportunity to see the embarrassingly terrible film Getaway, a film that packs an hour and a half with so many crashes, wrecks, flips, stunts and swerves that the audience barely knows where they are or what is going on at any given moment. After about 20 minutes I was nauseous with a headache.

Allegedly there was a very thin plotline somewhere underneath the crashes and explosions but I found it hard to keep track of or give enough attention to. The film follows retired racecar driver Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) who comes home to find his wife has been kidnapped. He soon learns that if he doesn’t follow the instructions of a mysterious man on a phone (Jon Voight), his wife will be killed. His first instruction is to steal a car, and this is where the film goes downhill. Magna soon picks up an unexpected passenger (Selena Gomez), who turns out to the owner of the car attempting to steal her own car back from Magna. If this sounds as stupid to you as it did to me, you might as well stop here.

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Selena Gomez To The Rescue In Getaway Movie Trailer

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Just in case you ever find yourself in a predicament where someone has kidnapped a loved one, be sure to call Selena Gomez. Not only can she shimmy as evident in her “Come and Get It” and “Slow Down” video, but she’s a gifted hacker as well. At least she plays one in an upcoming film. Getaway pairs her up with Ethan Hawke, as they try to save his wife from a mysterious kidnapper. Warner Bros. recently released a brand new trailer for the thriller which hits theaters next weekend, August 30. Check it out below.

Official Synopsis

Getaway is the gritty, heart-pounding action thriller from Warner Bros. Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment in which former race car driver Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) is pitted against the clock. Desperately trying to save the life of his kidnapped wife, Brent commandeers a custom Shelby Cobra Mustang, taking it and its unwitting owner (Selena Gomez) on a high-speed race against time, at the command of the mysterious villain holding his wife hostage.

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America is a nation reborn. Unemployment is at 1%. Crime is at an all-time low because one night a year, all crime is legal. It all boils down to surviving that night. Brought to you by the producer of Paranormal Activity and Sinister, The Purge is a thriller that follows one family over the course of a single night. The film reunites Ethan Hawke with his Sinister producer, Jason Blum.

“In an America wracked by crime, the government has sanctioned an annual 12-hour period in which any and all criminal activity—including murder—is legal. The police can’t be called. Hospitals suspend help. It is one night when the citizenry regulates itself without thought of punishment. On this night plagued by violence and an epidemic of crime, one family wrestles with the decision of who they will become when a stranger comes knocking.”

Joining Hawke in the film are Lena Headey, Max Burkholder, Adelaide Kane, Edwin Hodge, Tony Oller and Rhys Wakefield. James DeMonaco (Assault on Precinct 13) directs the film. The Purge hits theaters on May 31. Check out the intense trailer below. It sorta has a Panic Room meets The Hunger Games vibe.

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Since, my post on Kelly Ripa’s rooftop penthouse proved so popular, I thought I’d share pictures of another celebrity home. I admit, I love checking out how the rich and famous live. No wonder Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous lasted for over a decade. I’m clearly not alone with the curiosity bug.

No matter what he does in his career, Ethan Hawke will always be Vincent from Gattaca to me. Such a great movie. He was so good in it along with his future ex-wife, Uma Thurman. The two met on set and were married until 2003, until reports of Hawke’s infidelity surfaced. With whom? The nanny of course. Isn’t it funny that both stars of Gattaca, Jude Law and himself, were involved in nanny scandals. Must’ve been something in the water on set.

Speaking of the nanny, Hawke married her (Ryan Shawhughes) in 2008. The couple have recently put their NYC townhouse on the market for $6.25 million. Located in Chelsea, the 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms living space spans over three separate floors, including a garden space. If you’re into a bohemian colorful space, you’re going to love Ethan’s abode. Personally, I love a modern contemporary look. That said, his yellow and tangerine kitchen is totally adorable. Definitely the best part of the entire place. Check out a few of the rooms below and share which one is your favorite in our comments section.

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The movie trailer for ‘Sinister,’ a thriller/horror starring Ethan Hawke has just been released and we’ve got your first look. Before we get to it, let me first tell you that this film is directed by the same guy who did ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose‘ and the producer of ‘Paranormal Activity‘ and ‘Insidious‘. If that isn’t a recipe for scary, I don’t know what is.

The film is about a true crime novelist (Hawke) who is struggling to find his next big story. When he and his family move into a new house (where a family died 9 months earlier), he discovers a box of home videos that shows other families being brutally murdered. As he delves deeper, his investigation leads him to a supernatural entity that may be placing his own family in harm’s way. This entity is effing scary.

The film comes out on October 5. Check out the trailer below… if you dare.

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I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie with Ethan Hawke, so when I saw this trailer for ‘The Woman In The Fifth,’ it definitely piqued my interest.

Hawke plays Tom Ricks, an American writer who moves to Paris to be closer to his young daughter who is living with his estranged ex-wife. Completely broke, he gets a job as a night guard for a local crime boss. Situated in a basement office, his only task is to push a button when a bell rings. In the quiet of the night, he hopes that he’ll find focus for writing his new novel. During the day, his life starts to get a little more exciting when he become romantically involved with a widow named Margit (Kristin Scott Thomas). The mysterious woman sets the following rules for their meetings: she will only see him at her apartment in the fifth arrondissement, at 5pm sharp, twice a week and he should ask no questions about her work or her past life. Very bizarre.

Things start to get intense when people around Tom start dying. He starts to believe that a dark force has entered his life that punishes anyone who has recently done him wrong. After he is accused of murdering his neighbor, he uses his weekly visits to Margit’s place as an alibi. The problem is he learns that she hasn’t lived at this address for the past 15 years. WFT? Check out the trailer below.

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