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Even though it’s Star Wars Week on Jimmy Kimmel, that isn’t stopping ABC from promoting the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s all about corporate synergy these days folks.

The first teaser trailer doesn’t give away too much except for the fact Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) are on the outs due to Steve Rogers wanting to protect his old friend, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). Should we prep ourselves for an epic fight between these two Avengers?

The third installment of the Captain America franchise will give fans the first look at Tom Holland as Spider-man and marks the first appearance of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. They’ll join returning players Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Emily VanCamp as Agent 13 and Paul Bettany as Vision in the highly-anticipated flick.

Captain America: Civil War invades theaters everywhere on May 6. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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A Major Character Will Die On Revenge Season Finale

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Were you annoyed by Victoria Grayson’s faux death on last year’s season finale of Revenge? As much as I love the character, the fake out was very daytime soap 101. Knowing fans of the show didn’t appreciate the stunt, series creator Mike Kelly promises to change that on the Season 2 finale. He revealed that a major death will take place on the two-hour finale airing May 12. “One of our core cast members will not survive the finale,” he says. Here’s what he told TVLine.com.

“Our audience will not have to wait to find out the identity of the person that didn’t survive. We will let them know within the two hours. It’ll be a surprise who it is – and it’s certainly a surprise to Emily.”

How great is it that we don’t have to wait til the Fall to figure out who? Who do you think will meet their maker? Given that Kelly stated it’s a major character, I only added series regulars on the poll below. Cast your vote on who you think is bidding auf wiedersehen? After that, keep reading to find out who I predict it’ll be.

Revenge: Who Do You Will Die On The Season Finale?

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Imagine my delight when I checked my email this morning and saw a press release from Marvel Studios. Not only did it reveal cast info, a bit of the plot, but it also gives a first look at Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America in the sequel.

Titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the film takes place after The Avengers, and will feature Steve Rogers/Captain America as he adjusts to living in the modern world. He will also be teaming up with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to fight a new villain in Washington, D.C. Dum dum dummmm.

Even though he looked like he died in the first film, Sebastian Stan is back to reprise his role as Bucky Barnes who becomes the Winter Soldier. Also returning are Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter and Toby Jones as Arnim Zola. Samuel L Jackson once again will appear as Nick Fury. They’ll all be joined by newbies Robert Redford as senior S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Alexander Pierce, Georges St-Pierre as Georges Batroc, Emily VanCamp as Agent 13. Uh oh, things are about to get Revenge-y. Check out the full pic of Chris Evans as Captain America below.

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Revenge: Potential Major Spoiler Alert

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With the SAG Awards having taken place last Sunday, and the Super Bowl this Sunday, I’m definitely going through Revenge withdrawals on Sunday night. Thankfully, it’s returning the following Sunday and with the news of Emily’s hot foster brother joining the mix, a wedding coming up, and a major shocker around the bend, I’m totally stoked.

Paparazzi were on set or at least nearby watching Revenge bing filmed and the scene was a funeral and pretty much the entire cast was there. Notice how I said “pretty much”. That’s right, it’s believed that one of the core cast members and integral characters is going to die in an upcoming episode. I hadn’t really thought about that possibility, but if last season was any indication, expect the unexpected and anyone is fair game.

With observations made by the paparazzi and as evidenced by the pictures, certain conclusions have been made as to who people think has died. If you don’t want to know who the funeral was likely for, do not read on.

Potential MAJOR Spoiler Alert after the jump…

Other mystery person from Emily Thorne’s past is making his way back into her life in ABC’s Revenge this season, and TV Line has learned who the mystery man is in terms of a character and who he is going to be played by.

Actor Collins Pennie has been cast in a recurring role on the series as Emily’s former foster brother, Eli. He will be making his debut later this spring. He’s known for his role in the TNT series, HawthoRNe, as well as guest appearances on shows that include NCIS: Los Angeles and CSI: Miami as well as movies like In Time, Fame, and Prom Night. He’s 28-years old, of Trinidadian descent, and in impeccable shape. He’s also a Ford Model and has done a CK One Fragrance campaign for Calvin Klein. In addition to acting and modeling, he also is a writer and dancer. In fact, he was the leading man in Beyoncé’s “Run The World music video!

With the Super Bowl happening this Sunday, the next episode of Revenge doesn’t air until Sunday, February 10 at 9/8c. In the meantime, check out some pictures of the sexy Collins Pennie below.

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Elle Magazine Gets Revenge

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No, it’s not the fashion magazine getting payback at Vogue or another one of their competitors. Though I’m sure at some point they’ve wanted to. I hear that Anna Wintour is kind of a ruthless beyotch 😉 At least, the Meryl Streep Devil Wears Prada version is.

In the latest issue of Elle magazine, you’ll find a glamorous editorial featuring the cast of Revenge. Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe and company took a break from plotting against each other to pose for a beautifully shot spread. Matthias Vriens-McGrath perfectly highlights the ladies and the only male in the shoot, Joshua Bowman. Check out a few of the photos and a behind-the-scenes clip below. I always forget that Bowman is British. He plays Daniel Grayson so well, that when he speaks with his normal voice, I’m always blown away.

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My favorite guilty pleasure returns this Sunday and couldn’t be more excited! Oh how I’ve missed the fake smiles and backstabbing of Revenge and the looks that Emily and and Victoria Grayson exchange between each other.

In this upcoming episode which is titled “Power,” Victoria begins plotting a scheme which, surprisingly, involves Emily, while Emily locks in on her next target, and Declan discovers something that may threaten the future of the Stowaway.

In the following preview, we see Emily making a scene to make someone believe something has happened when it actually has not. She smirks to herself as she walks away, delighted with her revenge-y work. Love it! Enjoy the preview below and be sure to tune in this Sunday (and play the Revenge Drinking Game if you’re up for it!)

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Before They Were On ‘Revenge’

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Since Revenge is airing its winter finale tonight, I thought it was a perfect time to write this post. The inspiration for this came to me while I was nursing a flu recently. Nothing brings me back from the brink of death more than chicken noodle soup and watching old movies on Netflix.

While watching 13 Going on 30 for the umpteenth, I recognized one of the cast members from the ABC drama. Have any ideas on whom? Thankfully for IMDB, I didn’t have to rack my brain for hours trying to recall where I knew this person from. Seriously, what did we do before IMDB and internet?

After I figured out who it was, I decided to research what other roles the cast of Revenge played prior to their current ones. Do you know who starred in two Jason Bourne movies? How about, who starred in a movie, coincidentally titled Revenge? How’s this for a head-scratcher… who hooked up with Amy Winehouse? Find out the answers to all these below.

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