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I freakin’ love Ellen Degeneres and how she interviews celebrities on her show… especially when she wants to find out if they are dating. Ellen put on her best investigative skills (which aren’t subtle in the slightest) to find out if today’s guests were in fact, dating as rumors in Hollywood are somewhat suggesting.

Promoting their animated film The Lorax, both Zac Efron & Taylor Swift did the best job they could at deflecting Ellen’s one-two punches of stating that they were a cute couple. Watching the two get annoyed and defensive only begs the question, maybe they are?

To add to the cuteness factor, Zac told Ellen that Taylor had taught her a little bit of guitar and the two decided to play a little didy for Ellen. The two began singing Pumped Up Kicks but quickly changed up the lyrics to describe their experiences appearing on Ellen. The two have nice harmony together and I kind of want to hear more from this duo. Check out their hilarious interview and impromptu song performance below.

Zac & Taylor’s interview and song performance after the jump.

In today’s episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, Ellen addresses the backlash from the “One Million Moms” group about her being the spokesperson for JC Penney. In case you aren’t aware, the group tried to get JC Penney to fire Ellen because she’s gay, saying that they are jumping on the gay bandwagon and that she doesn’t represent traditional family values.

Commencing with the fact that Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional this week, Ellen decided to address her haters – something she normally doesn’t do. She said her haters are her motivators. Ellen showed what they had said about her on their Facebook page (which has no where near one million fans) and took the time to point out what her supporters had been saying in her defence.

Thankfully, JC Penney is standing by Ellen. She took the time to clear up what she does stand for in terms of values: Honesty, Equality, Kindness, Compassion, Treating People The Way You Want To Be Treated, and Helping Those In Need. My eyes seriously started to water. Watch the segment below.

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2011’s Most Googled Gays Are…

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2011 was definitely a trying year for the gays with multiple suicides and oppression occurring not only overseas but in our own backyards. It was also a triumphant one. We saw New York open its doors to gay marriage and many celebrities came out of the closet despite the adversity they might endure in their careers.

Thanks to the Advocate who spent hours researching this topic, we now have a list of the 20 Most Googled Gays of 2011. Last year, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton found himself landing in the #1 spot. I can tell you that he did not regain his crown and a new queen has claimed the prize. Check out the full list below.

Check the 20 most Googled Gays after the jump.

Watch Ellen’s Siri Commercial

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Ellen Degeneres never ceases to amaze me or make me laugh for that matter. From her hilarious web videos to my favorite segment, Bad Paid-For Photos, the laugh dial is always on high. Now, a new video she has made as a faux-commercial for the iPhone’s newest feature, Siri has got me in some serious stitches.

When Ellen calls upon her voice activated friend, she asks her what the rest of her day looks like. Siri responds with “only a meeting at 4:30.” However, when Siri realizes that she is talking to Ellen Degeneres, the hilarity continues. Siri keeps promoting Ellen to dance instead of helping Ellen find what she needs. She also keeps asking for tickets to her famous 12 Days of Giveaways. Check out the hilarious web spot below.

Check out Ellen’s Siri commercial after the jump.

I can’t get enough of these two girls. A while back, I wrote about Sophia Grace getting noticed for rapping a Nicki Minaj song on YouTube and the two of them getting invited on Ellen as a result. They’ve now been on Ellen twice and now after this weekend, a third time as Ellen had them interview celebrities on the red carpet. They were amazing!

Sophia Grace did all the talking (as usual), chatting with celebrities that include Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas, Taio Cruz (who Sophia was surprise to learn was also British), among others. Their favorite though was definitely Katy Perry. She was just as excited to see the girls as they were to see her! Sophia Grace sang “Firework” for her and Katy Perry was eating it all up! Who knows, maybe Perry will have them in one of her videos one day. After all, she did feature Rebecca Black in one of her most recent ones! Anyway, enjoy the clip below. Totally made my day.

Watch the video after the jump…

Cue the Julie Andrews because these are a few of my favorite things! Yesterday, Melissa McCarthy (whom I love) stopped by Ellen DeGeneres‘ show (which is always a riot) to take part in a little “Bridesmaids 2” scene (amazing), which was written and directed by Ellen herself. So yeah, the title is misleading, but it got your attention right?

Ellen surprises her guest, Melissa McCarthy with the skit as the two of them acted out a mock scene from ‘Bridesmaids 2.’ The scenario was that the two of them are riding their motorcycles to get to Melissa’s church for her wedding in time. They achieve this by acting it out in front of a green screen. Well, as per usual, Ellen has a more than a few tricks up her sleeve to throw Melissa off her game. It’s too funny. Check out the video of the segment below.

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More “Anderson” To Come!

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Christmas has come early boys and… well, boys!

Just two months into it’s first season and despite having not-so-stellar ratings in the beginning, Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, “Anderson”, has been picked up for a second season. The gorgeous silver fox has already won over audiences on his CNN news show “Anderson Cooper 360” and now he’s managed to win over the afternoon crowd as well.

As a gay guy, I’m faced with a tough decision everyday around four o’clock. Do I support my girl Ellen Degeneres on her talk show OR do I drool over the swoon-worthy Anderson? I’ll be honest, usually Ellen gets my vote because she’s so damn funny, but after taking a closer look at the “Anderson” website however, I realized that I may have to watch it a little more!

I have to hand it to Anderson, it was a risky move on his part to start this show. With Oprah gone (sad face), everyone was trying to get a piece of the daytime pie, but he managed to put together a “light” show that appeals to so many… and not to mention, look good doing it!

Just for fun, I’ve included some cute pictures of Anderson. Enjoy!

Cute photos of Anderson after the jump.

OMG, when I woke up this morning and saw that this week’s 7 Minutes In Heaven was with none other than the amazing Ellen DeGeneres, I almost burst with excitement. For those of you that haven’t watched any of these segments yet, today would be a good day to start. SNL writer, Mike O’Brien invites a new celebrity into his closet each week for an awkward and hilarious one on one interview. This isn’t just a straight forward interview as there is some closet theatre involved and random questions that you wouldn’t expect in an interview with a high profile celebrity. Also, O’Brien is fantastic at making the atmosphere in the tiny space extremely awkward.

In this week’s webisode, O’Brien talks to Ellen about the fact that she’s celebrating 9 years of her talk show, what happened with her previous shows, whether or not she’s coked up all the time on her show, and of course they do a closet theatre – probably the funniest one yet. The 7 Minutes In Heaven wouldn’t be complete without an awkward kiss (or two or three) at the end. ENJOY!

Watch the episode after the jump…

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