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Kelly Clarkson Rocks The Ellen Show

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Yesterday on Ellen, a former American Idol took to the stage at Universal Studios and rocked the house with a performance, jam packed with her hits. I’m talking about Kelly Clarkson. In a performance that was pre-taped on Sunday, Kelly reminded us all of why she won Idol in the first place. Opening with her first ever hit, Miss Independent, Kelly sounded great and looked like she’s been slimming down again. Her voice is sounding a bit strained but overall, I’m ready for a Kelly Clarkson comeback.

Kelly’s performance was part of Ellen’s action packed week in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios. With a big outdoor stage, Ellen’s team pulled out all the stops to make her shows in the sunshine state absolutely memorable including a new game called “City Walk The Plank”. Eric Stonestreet was the first victim and lets just say watching him fall into the water was hilarious.

A while back, I told you about some exciting updates that Kelly had been sending her fans via her Facebook page. Well I can now tell you that her album will be coming out this fall. I was really hoping for some summer Kelly jams but who knows. Maybe a new single is our near future?

Check out Kelly’s ‘Ellen’ performance here.

The Diversity Project

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So I think it’s been long enough that I should come out of the closet. Some of you may already be aware of a major project I have been working on to get off the ground called “The Diversity Project.” (This is also the reason I have been a little MIA.) The Diversity Project is first and foremost a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Diversity, Education, Understanding and Compassion for not only the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community but for anyone who has ever felt out of place or like they don’t fit in.

I launched the project on February 1st of this year and we have been getting some awesome attention. I was interviewed on CBC radio The Early Edition with host Rick Cluff, we’ve appeared in The Now, Tri-Cities News, Vancouver’s Xtra! and a few other publications including GayVancouver.com. One of the best things to come so far is the sponsorship from the local radio station The Beat 94.5. We have been working with them to create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the project to launch within the next month. I’ve heard it and I can tell you it’s AWESOME!

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Ellen Campaigns For Better Reality (Shows)

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She’s always fighting the causes that are important to us all. Equal rights for gays, stopping animal cruelty, and most recently fighting to stop reality shows that are two hours long. Two hours, too much. What shows is she talking about? “I’m talking to you Celebrity ApprenticeThe Biggest LoserSurvivor 2-Hour Finale…”

She understands that Celebrity Apprentice has assembled the craziest cast yet, but she explains that what’s crazy is “watching two hours of your show when I should be playing with my niece, what’s her name. I used to know it before I started watching.” It’s so true! These shows are taking over our lives lol! Sunday night I did a recap of Amazing Race (1-hour) and Celebrity Apprentice (2-hours). Monday night, Dancing With The Stars premiered so Tyrell was doing a recap for the 2-hour episode of that. Welcome to our life. Watch Ellen’s PSA below.

Her plea after the jump…

Jennifer Lopez’s diva attitude and demands have been widely long reported. Just check out a recent job description for a personal assistant that circulated last summer. Whether they’re true or not, most people are aware of them. So, when it came time for a prank orchestrated by Ellen Degeneres, it wasn’t too unimaginable for two unsuspecting job applicants.

During her appearance on Ellen’s show back in January (which I only caught when it re-aired this past Friday) the funny lady enlisted the new American Idol judge for an elaborate prank. Side note, I wonder if Ellen is at all bitter that Lopez is better on Idol’s judging panel than she ever was? Hmmm, anyhoo. In an office outfitted with hidden cameras, Lopez interviewed two potential assistants. Via a hidden mic, Degeneres fed the “Hit The Floor” singer lines and instructions as Lopez conducted the interview.

watch the duo pull a prank on two job applicants after the jump

Intruder Arrested on DeGeneres Property

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People Magazine is reporting that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s home was subject to an intruder on February 10th but was arrested immediately on the property according to Ellen’s rep.

In an official statement the rep stated that “the property is protected by a 24-hour security team that detected and detained the intruder until she was turned over to the custody of Beverly Hills police officers, who arrested her.”

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If you ever had any trepidation about James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosting the 83rd Academy Awards, you can squash them immediately. As the countdown to this year’s telecast kicks into high gear, ABC released two video clips promoting Hollywood’s biggest night. Franco and Hathaway step in for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin who did an excellent job hosting last year’s show. As a side note, Hathaway is the first woman to host the ceremonies since Ellen DeGeneres did in 2006. Whoopi Goldberg being the other female to hold the big job.

Besides breathing some much needed youth to the show, judging by the promos the dynamic duo will be serving a healthy dose of hilarity. Their chemistry is undeniably deliciously captivating. In the first promo, the two train for any unexpected incidents that might occur on live TV, including a wardrobe malfunction. In the second clip, the two flub their lines. Watch both videos below.

watch both videos after the jump

The short answer is YES. When? Not sure. Last week the Israeli edition of “Dancing With The Stars” caught media attention worldwide when they featured the first ever same-sex couple on any edition of the dancing competition show. Israeli television sports correspondent Gili Shem Tom, an out and proud lesbian, was partnered with professional female dancer, Dorit Milman. The two scored a 17 for their first dance, the Cha-Cha-Cha.

Since the casting stunt made headlines everywhere, including the United States, the US edition’s production team is now actively looking to do the same. The ABC hit show knows a thing or two about stunt casting. Ever since Kate Gosselin’s trainwreck factor brought in massive ratings to the show, DWTS has been trying to replicate that each season. Just look at Bristol Palin’s presence this year. So who do the producers have in mind? Check out below.

check out who the producers are eying as a potential contestant after the jump

Yesterday’s Halloween episode of Ellen was Hallow-rious! First off, let’s talk about her costume. She came out as Snooki’s POOF! Brilliant! Her entire costume was the hair-do, with a small cabbage patch doll at her feet as the body. Amazing. Ellen’s Halloween episodes are like a tradition for me now. Some of my favorite things she does on her show are the pranks, so when she does pranks and scares people left right and center on her Halloween episode, I am on the floor laughing my head off.

In yesterday’s episode, she sent one of her writers (Amy), who is notorious for getting scare easily, to a haunted house at Universal Studios, and of course filmed the entire thing. It’s hilarious. If I was in Ellen’s shoes, I would have done the exact same thing.

Watch the video after the jump…

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