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Yesterday’s Halloween episode of Ellen was Hallow-rious! First off, let’s talk about her costume. She came out as Snooki’s POOF! Brilliant! Her entire costume was the hair-do, with a small cabbage patch doll at her feet as the body. Amazing. Ellen’s Halloween episodes are like a tradition for me now. Some of my favorite things she does on her show are the pranks, so when she does pranks and scares people left right and center on her Halloween episode, I am on the floor laughing my head off.

In yesterday’s episode, she sent one of her writers (Amy), who is notorious for getting scare easily, to a haunted house at Universal Studios, and of course filmed the entire thing. It’s hilarious. If I was in Ellen’s shoes, I would have done the exact same thing.

Watch the video after the jump…

“Maniston is played out. From now on it’s just Jennifer Aniston.”
Wow, this is quite interesting and well, commendable on his part. Perez Hilton has posted a video on YouTube this morning, titled “I’m Going To Be Doing Things Differently“. He goes on to explain that since all of the gay suicides have been occurring as a result of bullying, he wants to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

He recognizes that people look at him as one of the biggest bullies out there, and I would have to agree with that. So, he says instead of going for the cheap joke, he is going to try harder to be more clever and not just well, plain mean with what he posts on his site. He says he doesn’t care if it affects his traffic, but he’s hoping that it doesn’t. The change starts today.

“From The Heart! Please watch this heartfelt, sincere message in its entirety,” says Perez Hilton. Perez also chats with Ellen Degeneres today about this announcement as well.

Watch/Listen to his announcement after the jump…

First Lady, Michelle Obama has officially been ranked the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes Magazine. I guess being married to the most powerful man in the world (depending on how you look at it) has something to do with it.

She was popular amongst the citizens right from the get go and she hasn’t let them down. She’s more involved in policy than Laura Bush was, but she has stayed away from hard policy (unlike Hillary Clinton). As Forbes put it, “A fashion icon and an athletic mother of two, she’s Jackie Kennedy with a law degree from Harvard and street sense from Chicago’s South Side.” Well said. 54% of Americans view her favorably.

Some of the top 10 most powerful women in the world are in our face & ears all the time, consisting of TWO talk show hosts, TWO pop stars (that have done a duet). Others include successful political or business women. For Top 10, keep reading…

Top 10 World’s Most Powerful Women after the jump…

If you’re an avid reader of the site, you know I usually write about fluffy entertainment news. Hearing this latest tragedy, prompted me to get more serious. 18-year old Tyler Clementi is the fourth gay teen in the past month to commit suicide. 13-year-old Seth Walsh in Tehachapi, California. Asher Brown, 13, of Cypress, Texas and 15-year-old Billy Lucas in Greensberg, Indiana all took their owns lives due to bullying and teasing they endured because of their sexuality. Just when you think we were moving forward in our fight for equality, incidents like this give us a HUGE wake up call that we are still a long way away.

Clementi was a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Before he jumped off the George Washington Bridge he changed his Facebook status to “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

Fellow students Dharun Ravi who was also his roommate and Molly Wei allegedly placed a camera in their room. The images were then streamed directly on the internet. The following was a tweet Ravi posted on the microblogging site: “Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay.

Ravi and Wei are both charged with invasion of privacy and could face up to five years in prison if convicted. I debated posting their FB profile pics or linking to them here, but decided against it for the following reason. When I first heard about this heartbreaking news, I searched for Clementi on FB. What I found was a memorial set up individuals who cared for him deeply.

While there was an outpouring of condolences, sympathy and kind words for the family, I was disgusted by certain individuals who wrote hateful comments about Clementi’s sexuality and that he was probably rotting in hell because he was gay. What in a person’s head provokes them to actively search out a memorial and post such hate while a family is suffering? What was even more disturbing, was a few of the comments came from young adults. I honestly thought the younger generation was far more tolerant and educated.

check out organizations that you can support and view video messages from Ellen Degeneres, Ciara, Jay Manual talking about bullying after the jump

Last month, Portia de Rossi filed a name change petition in L.A. Superior Court. As of yesterday, the blond stunner is officially now Portia Lee James DeGeneres. Au revoir, de Rossi. So we all know where DeGeneres came from, but what about Lee and James. According to reports, Lee is Portia’s given middle name, but James was added. For what reason, it hasn’t come out yet, but you have to admit, it has a nice ring to it.

The two were married in 2008 after dating for nearly four years. Both wore Zac Posen designs. Portia chose a white princess gown, while Ellen wore an all-white suit. Neil Lane furnished the wedding rings.

Congrats to Mrs & Mrs DeGeneres.

I love both of these women! Recently Jane Lynch (or was it Ellen Degeneres?) joked about the fact that people get the two of them confused, saying, “No, I’m the other one,” since they are both the most well known (and loved) lesbians in show business. Today, Jane Lynch was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show and she talked about how Ellen had inspired her to come out of the closet.

“I used to lay in bed and go, ‘How will I come out or will I come out?” She added, “You were at the height of your fame and you came out. And that just blazed a trail for me. It really did. It made it so much easier for me what you did.”

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Labor Day Celebrity Tweets

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As everyone takes it easy today, enjoying their Labor Day by not doing any…Labor, I thought I’d highlight what some celebs are Tweeting today while their servants have the day off…unless their servants are tweeting for them on their day off…

Ellen Degeneres: “#MusicMonday See you on my premiere show @JustinBieber @UsherRaymmondIV @KatyPerry @JustinTimberlake!”

Heidi Montag: “Warning: to anyone who is thinking about getting their ears pinned, I learned after the fact it is the most painful surgery a person can get”

Barack Obama: “This Labor Day, know that I’m going to keep fighting to turn this economy around, put our people back to work, and renew the American Dream.”

Alyssa Milano: Listening to 4 girls arguing passionately over whether or not a Brazilian wax means everything comes off.

Pee Wee Herman: Mmm, coffee-y! Happy National Coffee Ice Cream Day! (and Happy Labor Day too)

Happy Labor Day!

SYTYCD 7: America’s Favorite Dancer Is…

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We have finally made it folks! America’s favourite dancer has been revealed after two long, painful, filler-crammed nonsense hours. Can you even believe it! Lauren, Kent and Robert are the final three contestants (as you all know from Wednesday night’s performance show) and one of them will be walking away with the title. The show opened with its usual style; a performance with a collection of all-stars and season seven contestants, including an injured Alex Wong performing sitting choreography.

The piece was yet another new routine for Kent, Lauren and Robert to learn on top of all their routines from Wednesday. The number was put together by Christopher Scott, known from his role in LXD (legion of extraordinary dancers). I thought this routine was pretty fantastic right off the start and it makes sense when credit was revealed to Mr. Scott.

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