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More “Anderson” To Come!

In: Kyle, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

Christmas has come early boys and… well, boys!

Just two months into it’s first season and despite having not-so-stellar ratings in the beginning, Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, “Anderson”, has been picked up for a second season. The gorgeous silver fox has already won over audiences on his CNN news show “Anderson Cooper 360″ and now he’s managed to win over the afternoon crowd as well.

As a gay guy, I’m faced with a tough decision everyday around four o’clock. Do I support my girl Ellen Degeneres on her talk show OR do I drool over the swoon-worthy Anderson? I’ll be honest, usually Ellen gets my vote because she’s so damn funny, but after taking a closer look at the “Anderson” website however, I realized that I may have to watch it a little more!

I have to hand it to Anderson, it was a risky move on his part to start this show. With Oprah gone (sad face), everyone was trying to get a piece of the daytime pie, but he managed to put together a “light” show that appeals to so many… and not to mention, look good doing it!

Just for fun, I’ve included some cute pictures of Anderson. Enjoy!

Cute photos of Anderson after the jump.

OMG, when I woke up this morning and saw that this week’s 7 Minutes In Heaven was with none other than the amazing Ellen DeGeneres, I almost burst with excitement. For those of you that haven’t watched any of these segments yet, today would be a good day to start. SNL writer, Mike O’Brien invites a new celebrity into his closet each week for an awkward and hilarious one on one interview. This isn’t just a straight forward interview as there is some closet theatre involved and random questions that you wouldn’t expect in an interview with a high profile celebrity. Also, O’Brien is fantastic at making the atmosphere in the tiny space extremely awkward.

In this week’s webisode, O’Brien talks to Ellen about the fact that she’s celebrating 9 years of her talk show, what happened with her previous shows, whether or not she’s coked up all the time on her show, and of course they do a closet theatre – probably the funniest one yet. The 7 Minutes In Heaven wouldn’t be complete without an awkward kiss (or two or three) at the end. ENJOY!

Watch the episode after the jump…

Last night, we were treated to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards hosted by The Big Bang Theory’s resident hottie Kaley Cuoco. The kick off the night, all of the Kardashians including Kylie and Kendall Jenner introduce the night’s DJ, who plays what I am assuming is a track from his upcoming album. The song is called Party Animal and it’s kind of only medium. The best part was when it transitioned into Party Rock Anthem. What made the opening performance so random were the groups of fans bouncing around on stage. Super distracting.

Once Kaley hits the stage, the show continues on almost as awkwardly as it began as she cruises the crowd to find the smartest teen. She first stops on Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and then finally ends on a semi-unsuspecting teen girl who says her favorite show is Make It or Break It instead of The Big Bang Theory. Thankfully, the awards begin and we are saved from the awkward writing and hosting from Ms. Cuoco. Check out the night’s winners and musical performance videos below.

Full 2011 Teen Choice Award recap after the jump…

Bethenny Frankel Heads To Daytime TV

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Bethenny Frankel is the holy grail of what other “Real Housewives” aspire to be. When she made her first appearance on “The Real Housewives of New York“, she was by far the least wealthy, wasn’t married and without children. My, oh my how things can change in just a few years. Not only is Frankel probably the wealthiest of the NYC ladies, but she’s happily married and has a daughter. And it’s all because she knew how to pimp her brand while creating great television on Bravo’s hit show.

On the heels of selling her Skinnygirl Margarita brand for a reported $120 million, Frankel is looking for a new venture to increase her brand. The very talkative former Housewife is looking to front her own talk show. If you caught “Bethenny Ever After” this season, she held a Q&A portion during her bus tour. Watch out Rachel Ray, you’ve got another chef turned talk show host giving you some serious competition soon.

guess which other daytime talk show host is helping her after the jump

Lady Gaga Performs “Judas” On Ellen

In: Music, Patrick, TV Shows

Yesterday, Lady Gaga stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show for a sit down interview and to perform Judas for the first time, and today the episode aired. Lady Gaga looked amazing! She talked about everything from what she wears to bed, to her current tour wrapping up, to being Elton John’s son’s Godmother, and much more. She even promised Ellen she’d wear jeans and sneakers next times she’s on the show. I’d LOVE to see that!

Ellen also asked her about the HBO special, where Gaga says she sometimes feels like a loser. “Do I feel like a loser sometimes? Yes, of course I do. We all feel like losers sometimes.” She then went on to explain how fans reacted last night when she asked them if they felt like a Judas in their own lives:

“I said [to the fans], ‘Some of you may feel like a Judas … you may feel that you’re part of the overarching destiny of life, but you may feel misunderstood by the world and that is how I often feel sometimes, I feel misunderstood. I think we all feel misunderstood sometimes. I really celebrate my identity and urge you to feel impassioned by what is magical inside of you.”

It’s a great interview & performance performance. Watch them both below. I can’t wait to watch the premiere of the “Judas” music video on American Idol next week!

Watch the interview & performance after the jump…

Meet OUT’s 2011 Power Gays

In: Totally GAY!, Tyrell

Sometimes, its not an understatement when people say “gays rule the world”. It’s no question that the powers of Apple are taking over the technology universe so is it really a competition when the top spot on OUT Magazine’s Annual Power 50 goes to COO and acting CEO for Apple, Tim Cook? I don’t think so. This is OUT’s 5th time naming the 50 most powerful gays. Tim Cook joins top earners Ellen Degeneres, Nate Berkus and more. The list covers many genres of gays including music, film, TV, executives and the like who make powerful decisions that influence not only the gays but everyone.

This year’s top spot earner always seems to slide into the shoes of Steve Jobs every time he goes on medical leave perfectly. Even though Jobs is the the engine that keeps that train running, its Tim Cook who mans the ship when demand for Apple products exploded. With the launch of the iPad 2 in effect and the iPhone 5 to be released in the fall, I’m sure Tim will soon find himself in an even more influential position within the company soon. Just you wait.

Check out the Top 10 Power Gays after the jump.

Kelly Clarkson Rocks The Ellen Show

In: Music, TV Shows, Tyrell

Yesterday on Ellen, a former American Idol took to the stage at Universal Studios and rocked the house with a performance, jam packed with her hits. I’m talking about Kelly Clarkson. In a performance that was pre-taped on Sunday, Kelly reminded us all of why she won Idol in the first place. Opening with her first ever hit, Miss Independent, Kelly sounded great and looked like she’s been slimming down again. Her voice is sounding a bit strained but overall, I’m ready for a Kelly Clarkson comeback.

Kelly’s performance was part of Ellen’s action packed week in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios. With a big outdoor stage, Ellen’s team pulled out all the stops to make her shows in the sunshine state absolutely memorable including a new game called “City Walk The Plank”. Eric Stonestreet was the first victim and lets just say watching him fall into the water was hilarious.

A while back, I told you about some exciting updates that Kelly had been sending her fans via her Facebook page. Well I can now tell you that her album will be coming out this fall. I was really hoping for some summer Kelly jams but who knows. Maybe a new single is our near future?

Check out Kelly’s ‘Ellen’ performance here.

The Diversity Project

In: Behind The Cast, Calan, Politics & Issues

So I think it’s been long enough that I should come out of the closet. Some of you may already be aware of a major project I have been working on to get off the ground called “The Diversity Project.” (This is also the reason I have been a little MIA.) The Diversity Project is first and foremost a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Diversity, Education, Understanding and Compassion for not only the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community but for anyone who has ever felt out of place or like they don’t fit in.

I launched the project on February 1st of this year and we have been getting some awesome attention. I was interviewed on CBC radio The Early Edition with host Rick Cluff, we’ve appeared in The Now, Tri-Cities News, Vancouver’s Xtra! and a few other publications including One of the best things to come so far is the sponsorship from the local radio station The Beat 94.5. We have been working with them to create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the project to launch within the next month. I’ve heard it and I can tell you it’s AWESOME!

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