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Walt Disney has released several trailers for Maleficent up to this point. All of them seem to indicate their origin story of the iconic villain will be another home run for the studio. If you’re curious to know the magic required to bring the story to life, Disney just released the first featurette.

“We’ve respected the classic, we’ve tried to bring you what we love about this story. We also hope to bring a world you have never seen before,” says Angelina Jolie in the featurette. “It’s a very beautiful story, and I think it’s very different from what people are going to expect.”

Both Elle Fanning and Jolie sit down to discuss their thoughts on this new take of the Sleeping Beauty villain. They’re joined in the clip by director Robert Stromberg and screenwriter Linda Woolverton. Check out the featurette below. Maleficent bows in theaters on May 30.

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I just pray to God this lives up to all its promise. Angelina Jolie as the evil Maleficent sounds great on paper. Hopefully, that translates to film. Based on the first trailer, it looked promising. After the newest one, I’m thoroughly convinced. The 38-year-old actress is every bit as sinister as I had hoped she would be, and then some.

The latest clip ingeniously incorporates footage from the 1959 Disney animated classic with scenes from the live adaptation. It also includes footage of Prince Phillip (Brenton Thwaites) as he’s about to kiss Aurora (Elle Fanning) in hopes of breaking the evil spell cast by the iconic villain. Unlike Sleeping Beauty, the upcoming film explores the origins story of Maleficent as she transforms from a beautiful young woman into a cold-stoned sorceress. It looks at the events that hardened her heart and drove her to curse young Princess Aurora.

Maleficent also stars Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, Peter Capaldi and Lesley Manville. It’s helmed by first-time director Robert Stromberg, who’s best known for his brilliant art direction for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful. The re-imagining of the iconic Disney character hit theaters nationwide on May 30, 2014. Check out the new trailer below.

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Not only is Lupita Nyong’o one of the breakout stars of the year thanks to her fantastic turn in 12 Years A Slave, but the Kenyan actress has proven herself to be a fashionista during this awards season. Event after event, Nyong’o impresses with each impeccably put together ensemble. She’s naturally stunning, but couple that with stylish threads, the woman is a knockout. It’s no wonder Miu Miu tapped her as one their leading ladies for their Spring 2014 ad campaign. I expect Nyong’o to be a fashion muse for years to come.

Along with Lupita, Miu Miu enlisted fellow rising actresses Elizabeth Olsen, Elle Fanning and Bella Heathcote. Frequent Lady Gaga collaborators Inez and Vinoodh photographed the ladies, highlighting each of their individual unique styles during the process. Check out the other Hollywood starlets below.

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Disney Debuts First Maleficent Trailer

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ANGELINA.IS.EVERYTHING!!! I predict her turn as the villainous titular character will be the archetype for all future evil queens. Too bad Julia Roberts didn’t have a chance to study Jolie before starring in that awful Mirror, Mirror debacle. I stopped watching after 20 minutes. I rarely ever do that. It was that bad.

Disney just debuted the first trailer for the live action Sleeping Beauty film. In all fairness, the clip is more of a teaser than an actual trailer. It just gives a peak at the gorgeous visuals that we can expect and how deliciously evil Mrs. Brad Pitt will be, but with no actual plot details.

Maleficent opens in May 2014. It also features Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Juno Temple, Sharlto Copley and that sexy Brenton Thwaites. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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2013 Critics’ Choice Awards: Fashion Roundup

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Can you tell we’re in the heart of awards season? On Wednesday, the People’s Choice Awards took place. On Thursday, the Oscar nominations were announced and this Sunday it’s the Golden Globes turn to take front and center. Sandwiched in between all that action were the 18th Critics’ Choice Awards.

Ben Affleck experienced heartbreak earlier in the day when the Academy snubbed him for Best Director, despite Argo earning seven Oscar nominations. What a difference a few hours make, the 40-year-old walked away with Best Directing honors from the Broadcast Film Critics Association, and Best Picture for Argo. This was Affleck’s Oscars. Clearly, the Academy is still punishing him for Gigli ;)

The big winner of the night was Silver Linings Playbook scoring Best Comedy Movie, Best Actor and Actress in a Comedy and Best Ensemble. The film’s female lead Jennifer Lawrence also nabbed a win for her role in The Hunger Games to match her Silver Linings Playbook Best Actress statue. Not only was Lawrence the critics’ darling, but she also wowed fashinistas everywhere. After a ho-hum fashion showing at the People’s Choice, girl revved it up for the Critics’ Choice. Hands down the best dressed. Check out other noteworthy fashion statements below.

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The New York Times have release a new video gallery titled Wide-Awake starring the famous faces that the publication has determined to be the ‘Hollywood Heroines Of 2012“. These are the thirteen actresses whose performances defined the year in film, “discovering powers they never knew they had.”

The women starring in the videos include: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Keira Knightley, Rebel Wilson, Helen Hunt, Kerry Washington, Elle Fanning, Shirley MacLaine, Marion Cotillard, Emmanuelle Riva, Amy Adams and Quvenzhané Wallis.

There are thirteen of these short films/videos (one for each actress) and they all involve some sort of a dream sequence and/or transformation. For example, Anne Hathaway plays a depressed hotel maid who transforms into the beautiful woman she feels she is inside. Rebel Wilson finds herself lying on the ground in the middle of a waterfight, but then makes her way into the water and transforms into a mermaid. The videos are all very cool and very different from one another. Watch them below!

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2011 MTV Movie Award Fashion Roundup

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Did you catch last night’s 2011 MTV Awards show? I managed to catch glimpses in the background while doing housework. Was it me, or did everyone seem kinda loopy- especially Robert Pattinson. He seemed all over the place. I guess it’s par for the course, since the awards show is a bit unorthodox when compared to other shows. It’s more of a platform to promote summer movies than actually honoring great film work from the past year. Oh well, whatever the reason, it gave a great opportunity for Hollywood’s females to bust out some serious fashion. Check out the following match-ups I created and don’t forget to vote.

First up to battle are the leading ladies from two of today’s biggest movie franchises. Twilight’s Kristen Stewart shows off her great legs in a Balmain dress outfitted with numerous safety pins. Harry Potter’s Emma Watson also showed off some bling in a short ivory jewel encrusted Marchesa. Personally, I love Stewart’s dress more. It’s edgy and fun, a perfect choice for this awards show. She also picked up Best Female Performance and Best Kiss at the ceremony. And she got to go home with Pattinson too, if it that’s your thing (not for me).

2011 MTV Movie Awards Fashion Battle: Team Twilight or Team Harry Potter?

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In what I am classifying as E.T. for the Next Generation, this new J.J. Abrams written and directed film looks hella good. Steven Spielberg is also on board serving as the movie’s producer which stars Elle Fanning, AJ Michalka and Kyle Chandler.

The movie is set in 1979 Ohio when the US Air Force closed off a section of Area 51 and decided to relocate some of their ‘goods’ to safe location in Ohio. A group of six kids from a small town are making a movie on a Super 8 Camera when they witness the Air Force train collide with a pick up and derails into a section of the small. All seems fine until something emerges from the cargo bins of the wrecked train.

This will be J.J. Abrams first original film project produced by Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot and Amblin Entertainment. With such an interesting story and solid cast, I think this film will be a hit this summer.

Check out the ‘Super 8′ trailer here.

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