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Dylan Bruce Joins Heroes: Reborn Cast

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Don’t worry all you Dylan Bruce fans out there. Just because he left Orphan Black, it doesn’t mean you won’t get your weekly fix of the 35-year-old Canadian stud. He just joined NBC’s Heroes: Reborn revival in a recurring role.

Dylan joins fellow franchise newbies, Zachary Levi, Ryan Guzman, Robbie Kay, Eve Harlow, Judith Shekoni and Danika Yarosh. No word on what part he’ll play. Among those returning from the original series include Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Haitian), Masi Oka (Hiro), Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) and Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet).

If you’re not familiar with Bruce, check out several pics below of him with and without his shirt on.

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Adam’s Brit TV Pick: Orphan Black

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Yes, the entire British domain and international community of nerds are well aware of this little gem, but, seeing as it somehow didn’t pick up a single worth Emmy and that basically ZERO of my gay friends have heard about it, I thought it was high time I tell y’all about the amazing show Orphan Black. And, before you zone out because you “don’t like shows with robots and flying cars”, know that this British dark drama actually takes place in present day and has one of THE hottest man starring in it- often naked- and I just found out is FROM my hometown of Vancouver, Canada and went to uni at Seattle, Washington. So yeah, you’ll get to watch my future husband bang a lot if you turn on this show!

Orphan Black actually takes place (though you have to pay attention to realize it) in Toronto, Canada where its filmed and wonderfully makes use of some pretty amazing local talent. Starring the darkly beautiful (and Canadian) actress Tatiana Maslany it follows its sometimes-heroine, sometimes-villain as she attempts to reconcile the fact that she is not a normal girl but a clone and an endangered one at that. The MAIN Tatiana is thrust into a life of lies as she attempts to recover her daughter and is forced to work with other very colourful versions/clones of herself and survive about 4 different factions of people trying to kill her. The show is futuristic in the science made available in the world but not so advanced that you couldn’t see most of this happening in the next few decades if the scientists really wanted. What matters here though is two things: the unbelievable acting and the incredibly HOT co-star Tatiana plays against and gets pounded by (excuse my French) in countless scenes.

Click through to see the show’s trailer and find out who her hot counterpart is

Maybe it was lowered expectations, but I thought Lindsay Lohan did a solid job as guest host of last night’s Chelsea Lately. She was playfully goofy and appeared at ease taking light-hearted jabs at herself. From her brief lesbian relationship to recent court-ordered vacation aka rehab stint, the 27-year-old actress somehow found a way to add a self-deprecating personal anecdote, no matter which celebrity the show’s comedians were making fun of. From dissing Kristen Stewart to poking fun at Justin Bieber to Harry Styles, all roads somehow led to Lohanville.

One of my favorite moments occurred when discussion took place regarding gay-rights activists dumping vodka to protest Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda” law. LiLo joked, “Waste of good vodka” before claiming she’s now allergic and as a result, ends up in jail or rehab if consumed. “Rightfully so,” she further added.

And while not always the best interviewee, Lindsay showed she could helm her own talk show. She looked like a natural while interviewing new Arrow stud Dylan Bruce. As a side note: How hot did he look? And more importantly, how in the world did Lohan get so lucky to sit across this stud as her first post-rehab gig? Check out their adorable interaction below, along with Lohan’s opening monologue. Overall, a solid first step in what will hopefully be a legitimate comeback.

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As if Stephen Amell wasn’t enough to raise the temperature on Arrow. The CW added Colton Haynes last season to add more sex appeal. For Season 2, producers are raising the bar by injecting more hot testosterone to the mix. Kevin Alejandro and Michael Jai White have previously been announced as Sebastian Blood and Ben Turner aka the Bronze Tiger respectively. Today, the network revealed Dylan Bruce is head to Starling City for the show’s sophomore season as well.

Out of the new additions, Amell might have to keep his eyes on Bruce the most. He’s joining the series as Adam Donner, a new co-worker and potential love interest for Lauren (Katie Cassidy). According to TVLine.com, Donner is a handsome “all-American” lawyer who will most likely make Oliver Queen jealous. He’s set to appear on the season premiere and third episode of the new season.

Bruce is a 33-year-old actor born in Vancouver, BC. He’s best known for his roles as Chris Hughes on CBS’s daytime drama As the World Turns and Paul on BBC America and Space’s Orphan Black. His other credits include NCIS, The Sopranos and CSI: NY. He’s also appeared on the big screen, most recently in Unstoppable with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. Check out several pictures of Bruce looking all hot below.

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