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Dragbook Brings the Queens Togetha’

In: Nic, Totally GAY!

A missed market has been filled with the new and fabulous Dragbook where finally all of the queens and fans of the queens can get together on one social media platform!

In the style of Facebook (some website you might have heard of), an easy to create online profile gives you access to the newly started community base for drag queens, for fans of drag queens, and people playing looky loo from the corner. Whether you’re at Micky’s every week, are Willam’s number 1 fanclub moderator, know every Li’l Kim lyric (WAIT, SHE’S STILL A WOMAN?!), or have watched Drag Race once and wanna’ know the scoop on the scene, Dragbook is looking like the new place to come.

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The minute anybody started paying attention to Sharon “The Fucking Future of Drag” Needles, girlfriend was in some hot water. It turned out she occasionally liked to perform wearing blackface and swastikas, brag on Facebook/Twitter about how she’s sooooo edgy, she “[doesn’t] say n-word..i say nigger…” and associate her employers and all their countrymen with mass murder.

After a near-perfect run on drag race (having only fallen into the bottom two when it didn’t matter, as Willam was disqualified that episode anyway), Needles was finally told to sashay away this May the instant her spiked heel hit the airport runway in Vienna, Austria. Needles was booked to perform at the Life Ball, a schmancy international AIDS fundraiser (we’re assuming there was no distasteful punning with her name intended). Upon arrival, Needles, apparently drunk but probably in total control of her image and artistry as she is at all times because she’s obviously a genius, proclaimed she was happy to be in Vienna, the birthplace of Hitler.

That carefully planned performance piece must have gone over my head, because I thought Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn.

According to other passengers on the flight, Needles also told this joke: “Did you hear the one about the baby with AIDS? It never gets old.”

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The Face Of Furry Creek Hits The Mark!

In: Nic, TV Shows

The newest brain child of friend of Homorazzi’s Mark Kenneth Woods, known for the Deb and Sisi series, premiered on OutTV two weeks ago, with the second episode just airing this week. This latest mini series follows a group of delinquent characters all vying to win the title of spokesman for their hometown in a television competition testing their, *ahem*, “skills”.

Premiering to mixed opinions, the comedy series actually does something that I haven’t seen OutTV do before, and new blood and fresh ideas on that network are always welcome in my books. With more extras on the internet than there is actual television show, after every episode you can go online to, for instance, watch the audition videos after the first episode, or catch the blogs the characters have created in a, mostly, disastrous attempt to win that grand prize. Not only do you get an entertaining show, you also can delve into the internet side of the show and get to know the characters a little more in a non-live “After Dark” style thing.

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Yes I know we missed Serena and Monica with their elimination interviews but due to scheduling conflicts we couldn’t get them. That being said, we found a perfect plan and we are back on schedule with our interviews.

This week we’ve got two fabulous queens for you, Honey Mahogany & Vivienne Pinay who were both sent home this week is a (not so) shocking elimination. The reason I keep saying “not so shocking” is because there were 14 contestants, and Vivienne explains it in her interview so you’ll get the scoop.

Also we talk about Honey’s new single, “It’s Honey“, her collection of caftans & how she felt being the first SFO queen on the show. I’ve also included the new music video for “It’s Honey”! Enjoy everything after the jump!

Music video and interviews after the jump…

A few days ago, Willam released a brand spanking new episode of Willam’s Beatdown, and best believe, this is is a good one. On this episode, Willam takes on Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, gets a Holiday makeup tutorial from DailyGrace and goes Ganguro style with Glowpinkstah.

We’ve actually written about My Drunk Kitchen before and these drunk cooking tutorial videos are pretty hilarious. Needless to say, when combined with Willam’s commentary you get double the funny.

One thing that happens in this episode that’s hasn’t happened in another other Willam’s Beatdown episode is that one of the YouTubers that she makes fun of actually comes into the study to confront her directly. Watch the latest episode below!

Video after the jump…

With RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 having premiered last night, it’s obviously the perfect time for a past Drag Race winner to release a new album and music video. Three other queens also leveraged the Drag buzz this week when Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox released their “Boy Is A Bottom” music video parody yesterday.

Her new PG-13 album is described as “an eerie, somewhat chilling mix of fright-inducing punk and emotional catharsis, these eclectic songs range from an anticipated pop-punch to dance-beat.” The first track on the album is “This House Is A Haunted House,” which features RuPaul herself in the opening narrative – paying tribute to her own song, “Cover Girl” with some of the things she says.

In addition to the album and video, Needles has also just released a documentary and limited edition book. The documentary is called Sharon Needles: Parental Guidance Suggested and it is an in-depth look into the making of aforementioned music video. The book is called, This Book Is A Haunted House and it is filled with “gorgeous and gruesome” stills from the video. It also features backstage photos, portraits, handwritten notes, messages, and scribbles by Needles herself.

Video & Album Track List after the jump…

How can you tell RuPaul’s Drag Race is starting up today? New releases from former and current contestants!

The Drag trio of Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox have released the follow up to their MASSIVE hit Chow Down (at Chick-fil-a), a hilarious parody of Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” song called, “Boy Is A Bottom“. I have to tell you these three have it. They are all funny, don’t take themselves too seriously, and can all pretty much sing. I have to give major props to Vicky on this one, in the “Chow Down” video we didn’t get to see much of her and she pretty much steals the video in this one.

And don’t forgot to watch Drag Race tonight on Logo (in the US) and OUTtv (in Canada) at 9pm, then tomorrow check back for my full review where I cut these bitches down! Enjoy the video below!

Video after the jump…

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Willam Belli is back with Episode 3 of her new web series, Willam’s Beatdown, which is in association with The Stylish. If you’ve watched the first two episodes, you must be as excited as I am that the third one has finally arrived after a holiday delay. If you don’t know what the concept is, Willam says it best: “I watch videos and I’m gonna teach you how to be better… through the faults of others.” If you missed the first two episodes, I’ve also included the links to those below.

This week, Willam takes on the princess of YouTube beauty videos, Blair Fowler! Also on the chopping block are newspaper nails and Kool-Aid hair dye! Yeah, as you can imagine Willam has some fun with those. At the beginning of the video, Willam takes on a guy named Gregory Gorgeous who provides all sorts of makeup tips and Willam looks like she’s about to explode. LOL.

Watch the latest episode below, and be sure to watch the other two if you haven’t yet. Seriously, this queen is harsh…and hilarious. Enjoy!

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