There’s a lot of media attention right now on LGBT youth due to an unfortunate string of suicides. Some of the Homorazzi cast participated in the “It Gets Better” campaign, and recorded a video message to youth out there that things get better after high school. I didn’t do a segment for that video. Not that I don’t agree that life gets way better after high school, but to be frank, I wasn’t bullied in high school. I wasn’t out, and I wasn’t too flamboyent. If anything I was picked on for being a nerd, but that’s being a bit dramatic. High school was a weird and confusing time for me, but it wasn’t life threatening.

Still, I feel saddened by the trend in gay teen suicides and I tried to think about back to when I was in high school, what would have made life easier for me; what would have cleared up some of my confusion? A corollary of me not being that flamboyant is that I can’t really remember having too many (if any) gay role models that I could relate to when I was a kid. Hell, I’m having trouble even thinking of one gay celebrity right now. KD Lang comes closest I guess. Liberace and Elton John didn’t really hold my attention the way hockey players or grunge rock stars did, and there weren’t any high profile out people in those professions.

Since I didn’t take part in the “It Gets Better” video, I still wanted to use this venue to perhaps give some support to some questioning youth out there. This isn’t to out ‘supposed’ homosexuals, but to highlight people who have publicly stated that they are queer, but aren’t necessarily obviously defined by their sexuality.

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