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Wet & Wild: Vancouver’s Newest Night

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In the past few years, one of Vancouver’s longest standing watering holes (pay attention to the double entendre as we’ll return to it later) has seen quite a bit of change. The Pump Jack bar on our one and only “gay street” has gone from older gentleman attending semi-seedy with don’t ask don’t tell back rooms, through an acquisition of space and remodel to become a sought after dancing club and bar, to a now hit locale that attracts guys of all ages and all types. While the soul of the old gal still exists with it’s regulars from “back in the day” being forever welcome and offered a place to drink or cruise, the face of the place has definitely changed. Recently, in conjunction with our largest bathhouse- Steamworks– the Pump Jack is venturing into a new world with new offerings with its Wet & Wild weekly shower nights.

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WinterPRIDE 2013 is only six weeks away, with this being the 21st Annual Gay Ski Week in Whistler, B.C. A bunch of us here at Homorazzi actually started attending back in 2009 and that’s actually where we came up with the name for what would be known as “Homorazzi” one year later. We always have such a blast, and the last couple years we’ve even captured our experiences in video recaps. Patrick and Adam actually once spent the entire week at WinterPRIDE and had an unforgettable time meeting people from all over the world and attending some incredibly fun parties and apres skis. Homorazzi will be there again this year and we definitely want to see YOU there too!

Every year, there are different performers and events to look forward to and this year there is no exception. The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the amazing Chad Michaels will be there to perform and the headlining DJ for the week is DJ Paul Goodyear. In addition, one of the sexiest and most popular porn stars around, Brent Everett will also be on the mountain and appearing at various events.

Without further delay, check out the Top 10 Reasons why you and your friends should get your ski bums in gear and start planning to be at WinterPRIDE 2013 taking place this coming February 3 – February 10 in Whistler, B.C..

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I know what you’re thinking: it’s usually Madonna that does the riding, right? But, this weekend it’s the sexy boys of YVR that will be riding the Material Girl into the wee hours as Vancouver’s best gay talent takes to the stage at Club 560 to perform and spin their biggest and best remixes of Madonna’s greatest hits this Saturday, March 31st at 560 Seymour Street in the heart of downtown.

PONI– for those who haven’t heard- is Saturdays revamped at Club 560 as they refuse to let the gays go gently into that good night and continue to offer us week after week of the newest and greatest talent out there with big names, touring parties at one of Vancouver’s biggest venues. Three floors to accommodate any vibe and all customers, this weekend promises to be a damn good one for anyone who loves the endless song book of Madonna as remixed by DJ Adam Dreaddy and DJ Nick Bertossi: possibly Vancouver’s sexiest DJs if not some of the most talented (no joke, click on the links to realize I’m not just makin’ it up). Not only that, but we’ll be getting a performance by my FAVOURITE fishy drag queen (thanks RuPaul for that vocab): Raye Sunshine. This girl is sex personified as she dresses to the nines, lip synches like a dream and puts her all into every single performance. She’ll be done up better than Madge herself and there’s a rumour the hirsute DJs will be supporting her LMFAO style!

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Well, another ski week has come and gone and so far nothing burns when I pee so let’s declare this one a total success! I didn’t end up meeting my international prince charming so not a TOTAL conquest, but low drama, high fun and minimal hangovers definitely score big time in my books so I’ve got nothing but great things to say re: this year’s WinterPRIDE.

Interestingly, about 4 years ago to the day was the first ever post I published on Homorazzi and how things have changed! But, what hasn’t are my closest friends and co-owners of the site: Donovan and Patrick who came up en masse with a throng of razzi writers (Tyrell, Nic, Tommy, Rich, Stephen and Jonny) to enjoy the festivities to their fullest. True, a maxed out gay ski week experience starts the Sunday earlier but busy lives and jobs prevail so we restricted our adventures to this past weekend and boy did we make up for lost time!

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As you probably already know, Whistler’s Gay Ski Week, otherwise known as WinterPRIDE, is fast approaching, and the forecast calls for “Snowstorm.” Vancouver’s biggest gay nightclub is making the trek up to Whistler for their annual “Snowstorm” party on the Friday, February 4th. This year, it’s taking place at Garfinkels.

The night’s music will be taken care of by the sexy DJ Nick Bertossi, with special performances by “Syren” (aka Homorazzi’s Tommy D) at 11:30 and midnight, as well as performances by Celebrities Dance Troop. As you know, Tommy has been covering this third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and recently interviewed RuPaul and the first eliminated contestant, Venus D-Lite. Halellu, now we get to see him as Syren lip syncing for his life, and boy does she know how to bring it. This is definitely one of the weekend’s biggest parties and Homorazzi plans to be there, so hope to see you out!

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Make Up, Extensions & Outfits! Oh My!

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GMF Vancouver Is Coming Back to Town, and This Time We Are Bringing a Spicy Hot DJ From The Big Apple


The best way to find out is by attending our upcoming event!

In my own words, GMF is the party where you can be whoever you want to be! An event where you can relax and be yourself, or let your alter-ego come out and play. It’s not just about going to the club and dancing, it’s about going to a place where you feel welcome, where people have fun, where you can experience something different and where you are not afraid to express yourself.

This party was launched for the fist time last month, and there were so many expectations and questions about the party we were bringing to town. “Let Your Imagination Run Wild” is our motto, and indeed imagination was floating all over the club in our first event. People dressed up in outrageous attires with only one intention: TO HAVE FUN!

What can you expect at GMF?  You can expect great music from local and international DJ’s, local performers, fun dancers, and friendly people. We are gay , we are fun, and we love to party!

This is a GLBT event and we are open to everybody. It is held at Pulse Nightclub, and what is very interesting is that GMF producers spend a whole day changing the club set up and adding extra features to make this event as special as it is. Read the rest of this entry »

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