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Disney Reveals Live-Action Mulan Film Is Next

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Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live with the assistance of The Rock joked that a live-action Bambi was on the way. Though it was just a parody, at Walt Disney’s current pace of remaking their classics, I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio announces an actual film about the beloved dear was in development. After all, they are working on a Dumbo live-action film as we speak.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Mulan is next on the production line. Chris Bender and J.C. Spink (We’re the Millers) are producing the new project.

The 1998 animated classic follows a young woman who disguises herself as a man so she can take her father’s place in the army and go to war. With the help of her trusty dragon sidekick Mushu, she becomes a skilled warrior and, eventually, one of the country’s greatest heroines.

With Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast and now Mulan on the way, which animated classic do you think is next to get a live-action remake? Weigh in below and check out Christina Aguilera’s soundtrack contribution “Reflection.” One of my favorite Disney theme songs from the 90s for sure.

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The casting team for the Beauty and the Beast live-action adaptation are obsessed with Brits. Emma Thompson is the latest from across the pond to join the star-studded cast. The 55-year-old will feel at home on set with her fellow countrymen Emma Watson (Belle), Luke Evans (Gaston) and Dan Stevens (Beast).

What part is Thompson playing? She’ll take on the role of Mrs. Potts, voiced originally by Angela Lansbury in the 1991 animated classic. Since the new version will feature the movie’s original songs, Emma better brush up on her vocals. The title track is one of the most revered and beloved from the Disney archive. As RuPaul would say, ‘Don’t f*ck it up!!!’

The studio also revealed that Kevin Kline is on board to play Maurice, Belle’s father. At least now, Josh Gad who’s taking on Le Fou will have another American to talk to on set ;)

In other BATB-related news, Luke Evans who’ll channel his inner douchebag to play the obnoxious Gaston recently shared a shirtless sweaty pic of himself on a hike. Let’s hope the live-action adaptation allows at least a couple of scenes for Evans to show off his physique. Check out the photo below.

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With Cinderella hitting theaters this weekend, Walt Disney has already begun planning their next live-action adaptation. As if their plate wasn’t full enough with Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book currently in production.

The Mouse studio is in the beginning stages of giving another classic animated film a reboot. Find out which beloved film below along with which director is reportedly attached.

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Forget her Oscar for Dreamgirls or her Grammy for her debut album. All that doesn’t matter. Jennifer Hudson has officially arrived now that she’s forever immortalized as a Disney character for Disney Parks.

Obviously, I’m exaggerating, but posing for Annie Leibovitz for Disney’s Dream Portrait Series is a big thing. The 31-year-old entertainer joins the elite ranks by channeling Princess Tiana from The Princess and The Frog. Her picture features the caption, “Where you always follow your heart.” Check out previous portraits below and see how Hudson ranks among them.

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Prior to her stint on Dancing With The Stars, I had no clue who the eff Zendaya was. Most likely due to the fact I’m not a tween with a subscription to the Disney Channel. But since she was paired up with my favorite DWTS pro, Val Chmerkovskiy, I thought I’d give her a chance. Unlike her Disney buddies on the reality competition, I actually quite liked her and she quickly waltzed into my heart with her kickass performances. After hearing her debut single, I’m officially a fan or as they like to call themselves… a zswagger.

Zendaya is the latest Disney pop princess torchbearer. Unlike her predecessors, her first single is much grittier and urban than I would’ve expected. While I love Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez now, their first tracks were way too bubblegum pop for my liking.

As the lyrics state, “Replay” is so good, I have to put it on replay. Produced by Mick Shuultz and written by Tiffany Fred and Paul “Phamous” Shelton, “Replay” is a slick pop jam with an infectious electro-R&B beat and supremely catchy chorus. I can’t wait to see what else Zendaya has in store for us on her debut album. Can’t wait for the music video to drop. This hot track deserves an epic clip. Check it out below.

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Mariah Carey Shuts Down Disneyland

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Must be nice to have so much disposable income. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyland. The 43-year-old singer and American Idol judge wore a white princess-like wedding gown with a sparkly headpiece, while Cannon was clad in Prince Charming’s finest. Personally, I don’t get the whole fascination with having a princess wedding theme, but to each their own.

About 250 guests mingled on the chilly night in Fantasyland for the reception, which Cannon deejayed. I wonder if Nicki Minaj was invited ;) The park was reportedly closed to the public so guests could take advantage of the rides and attractions. The park was decorated with 10,000 crystals for the occasion, along with about 15,000 flowers imported from South Africa, Holland and France.

In 2008, Carey and Cannon married in the Bahamas. Each subsequent year, they renew their vows in some sort of elaborate manner. Last year, they did it atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Hopefully, the duo live happily ever after, unlike another high-profile celebrity couple who renewed their vows on a yearly basis. We all know what happened with Heidi Klum and Seal. In addition to celebrating their love, it was also the couple’s twin’s- Monroe and Moroccan- second birthday. Check out Mariah Carey’s Vine below to check out their special night.

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This post may seem a little random, but since I babysit my niece on Wednesdays, I thought it was appropriate to publish today. Plus, I have a close friend who loves to deliver quotes from the animated film in Merida’s voice. Yes, he’s a little odd ;)

Watch out Snow White, there’s a new Real Housewife princess in town. Disney announced the heroine from Brave will become the 11th Disney princess. Merida is the first character to receive the honor from a Disney/Pixar production and the second from a CGI-animated film. Her addition to the princess line-up will become official in a coronation ceremony at Cinderella’s Castle in the Orlando theme park on May 11. Who knew the whole ordeal was so regal?

Even though Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs hit theaters eons ago, the official Disney princess initiative didn’t begin until the early 2000s. Then-chairman Andy Mooney saw the lucrative potential of packaging the animated ladies as a brand. He certainly was correct. My niece is obsessed with all things Disney princess-y.

Before Merida joins Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Rapunzel, she has to undergo a mild make-under. She’ll be un-3D-ified To fall in line with the rest of the ladies. Check out her new look below, along with the coronation of Rapunzel who was the most recent addition.

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Cate Blanchett Finally Has Her Cinderella

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At long last, Disney finally found someone to wear those iconic glass slippers. At one point Amanda Seyfried and most recently Emma Watson were rumored to take on the titular role in the live-action version of the beloved fairy tale Cinderella. The studio revealed their final pick earlier today. Find out who below.

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