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Pepsi has Beyonce and now Diet Coke has Taylor Swift. No disrespect to T Swizzle, but where did sexy lawn mowing man Andrew Cooper go? I’d rather see him sweating up a storm than Swift sipping on the beverage. I’m sure I’m not alone.

“Taylor is a true artist, deeply involved in the full creative process, from writing to production to release,” said Stuart Kronauge, general manager, Sparkling Beverages, Coca-Cola North America.

The 23-year-old singer’s “Music That Moves” commercial debuted during last night’s airing of American Idol. The 30-second spot centers on Taylor writing her youth anthem 22. It shows her penning the track backstage of her concert, at her hotel room and at a cafe. Those scenes flip back and forth with clips of Swift’s fans singing the track. The ad, filmed in Nashville, is part of Diet Coke’s “Stay Extraordinary” ad campaign. Check out her new commercial below.

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Karl Lagerfeld did it in 2011. Jean-Paul Gaultier was the man in 2012. Now it’s Marc Jacobs‘ turn. The 49-year-old is the latest designer to become Diet Coke’s creative director. As part of his duties, Jacobs will design three bottles for the soda’s 30th European anniversary. Apparently, that’s not all that’s required from him based on the recently released artwork.

Unlike Lagerfeld or Gaultier, Jacobs poses shirtless enjoying the beverage. The above photobooth-inspired picture snapped by Stéphane Sednaoui is a common theme of the ad campaign. For the corresponding commercial, Marc has fun in a photo booth while three women drool from outside. They sure are barking up the wrong tree 😉

“I still think it’s hysterical people want me to take my shirt off” Marc Jacobs told WWD, “I’m going to be 50 in two months, so I guess I should be glad.”

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Marc looks fantastic given that he’s almost 50-years-old. If you look at images of him just a few years back, he looked like a dowdy soccer dad. Props for him for breaking out of a rut.

In the press release, Jacobs reveals he referenced iconic looks and female empowerment from the 80s and 90s for inspiration when he designed the bottles. He also revealed he tinkered with the Diet Coke logo for his designs. Additional details of the “Sparkling Together for 30 Years” initiative are to be unveiled at a launch event in London on March 11, where Jacobs is expected to attend. I can’t wait to check out his creations. You can check out Lagerfeld and Gaultier’s previous designs below, along with Marc Jacobs’ commercial.

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Man Crush: Andrew Cooper

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Normally, I try to stay away from male models for my Man Crush posts. I already have my other weekly feature, Model Behavior, to highlight them. To boot, last week’s hottie (Justin James Hughes) was also selected for appearing in a commercial. With that said, I couldn’t ignore all the hype and slobbering over Andrew Cooper the past couple of days. You may not know his name, but you definitely know his well-defined abs.

Cooper became an instant viral sensation when his Diet Coke commercial debuted. Like the women in the ad, the second the British stunner took of his shirt, you were instantly hooked. Nothing could tear your eyes away from his sweaty physique. Given that you know his body of work (literally), I thought I’d share more photos from this stud’s portfolio.

Currently on, Cooper is the 18th ranked money-making male model in the industry right now. With gigs for Ralph Lauren, Gap, Bottega Veneta, Perry Ellis, Banana Republic and DKNY to name a few, it’s not hard to understand why. He’s definitely the go-to guy when it comes to selling a product or lifestyle. The 31-year-old is represented by several agencies worldwide including New York Model Management (NYC), Models 1 (London) and Elite Milan (Milan). Since I’ve gathered so many images, I’m not commenting on them. Instead, I’ll let his hotness speak for itself this week. Enjoy.

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Celebrating 30 years of Diet Coke, the soda company has unveiled it’s brand new sexy TV commercial starring Andrew Cooper as their new Diet Coke Man.

In the commercial, a group of ladies are in a park gabbing away, while one of the ladies notices a hot guy mowing the lawn. She seems to be the “horny” one and signals to her girlfriends to watch what she’s about to do. She decides to get the guy’s attention by rolling a can of soda over to him. Of course everything is in slow motion and sexy music is playing in the background. Given that the can was just rolled over, when he opens it, it litterally explodes all over him... I’m thinking that’s what the woman wants him to do in return… only not with Diet Coke. LOL.

As you can expect, he’s got to get that sticky shirt off of his body and it’s mission accomplished for the ladies. Watch the sexy new commercial below.

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Recently, Redd wrote about the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier has become the new creative director for Diet Coke. Well, the famed designer has wasted no time having just revealed three new Diet Coke bottles in a new ad and commercial.

One of the bottles draws inspiration from Madonna’s iconic infamous cone bra outfit from back in 1990 which he designed. The other has black & white stripes, likely inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s own look. The third is another edgy outfit but I’m not certain what it’s inspired by. The bottles and ad will only available in Europe.

Check out the picture of the bottles below, as well as the TV spot and behind the scenes look at the shoot. Bottoms up!

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Jean Paul Gaultier is Coke‘s new Creative Director, taking over last year’s Karl Lagerfeld. With his new role there will be limited-edition bottles, cans and retail displays.

In a series of three odd but brilliant videos titled, “The Serial Designer“, Gaultier plays a saviour to marionette women in fashion emergencies.

The video below is titled, Episode 1: The Serial Designer Rocks Out, where the fashion genius transforms rock chick Irene from fashion hazard column inches to the hottest headline. Following that one, there are other videos you should check out. Enjoy!

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Diet Coke Passes Pepsi As #2 Soft Drink In U.S.

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For decades, behind Coke as #1, Pepsi has been the #2 soft drink in the U.S. Now, Diet Coke has surpassed Pepsi, meaning that both Coke and Diet Coke take the top two spots and Pepsi moves to third.

According to Beverage Digest, Pepsi lost 0.4 market share in 2010, bringing them down to 9.5% of the soft drink category. On the other hand, Coke has a 17% share and it’s partner in crime, Diet Coke has 9.9%.

Marketing strategists and analysts are now calling into question the “Pepsi Refresh Project” campaign, launched last year. The concept is to help “Refresh” the world and make it a better place by taking ideas from consumers and implementing them in their communities, funded by Pepsi. It’s a very socially responsible thing to do, but will it help sell more Pepsi? I don’t think so. Neither does John Sicher, the editor and publisher of Beverage Digest, as he explains: “In the cola wars, the Refresh Project by itself isn’t enough to market Pepsi’s cola brands. They need, in addition, more product-oriented advertising and marketing. I think that the 2010 results are probably a wake-up call for Pepsi.”

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