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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant introduced us to a whole new crop of wannabes. And you know what? Not a plus-sized girl among them. No fatties. No midgets. Just a busload of tall skinny girls with high fashion potential. Thank god. Can Tyrant really find the next couture sensation? Can she find that awkwardly beautiful diamond in the rough? Probably not. The only thing we know is that a bunch of waifs will scream, cry, yell at each other, and lust for Nigel Barker. Just like me! Who will be the first to go? Who will be America’s Next Top Model?

The title of this week’s episode is simply “Diane Von Furstenberg”. Saweet. Can’t wait to see her on the judging panel. Loved her on Project Runway. But first we have to get reacquainted with the 14 finalists as they move into their new pad in Venice Beach. Ugh. Back in California. This show is WAY better when it’s in NYC. Oh well. I’m actually kinda jealous of their new place. It’s gorge… AND they have a runway. I want a runway in my condo. Sigh. When I get married, there is going to be a runway. Walk off!

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Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s premier edition of “TV BackTalk“. I’m back today with a couple of quick reviews on two shows I watched last night. After working all day and playing tennis in the evening, I was looking forward to leaning back and watching both these shows while having some tasty din-din. I love fashion and teen angst. What a perfect night.


CBS’ primetime special took viewers behind the scenes of the world’s largest celebration of fashion. The show consisted of footage from the actual event which took place Friday September 10th, behind the scenes footage and designer spotlights. The event was the brainchild of Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour to celebrate fashion and boost the sagging retail industry affected by the global recession. The initiative was such a huge hit last year, it was a no-brainer it’d be back for a second round.

This year the event took place in more major cities around the world and was kicked off by the world’s largest public fashion show in NYC. Over 200 models strutted their stuff in front of Lincoln Center, the new home of New York Fashion Week. Neil Patrick Harris hosted the television special.

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It made attempts to make fashion more accessible to the average joe, instead of just solely focusing on the glitz and glamor. The underlying message they were trying to convey was that fashion financially supports more than just designers and fashionistas, but various other industries, including electricians, delivery people, retail workers, carpenters, etc… The message got a bit heavy-handed at times, but I appreciated the effort.

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ANTM Cycle 15: Episode 2 Preview Pics

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Did catch the season premiere of ANTM Cycle 15 this week? It’s still early on, but I think this cycle has a lot of potential. Tyrant and company did a decent job weeding out their usual suspects of commercial girls and so-so pretty girls with interesting back stories.

In my opinion, there are a handful of girls that could legitimately make it as working high fashion models. Hopefully this year the eliminations are based on working viability instead of lame shizz like lack of personality or some other phony reason. My early favorites are Chelsey, AnaMaria, Kendal, Kayla and Rhianna.

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ANTM Cycle 15: Episode 1 Preview Pics

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For all you hardcore ANTM fans out there, I bring you, your first look at America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15’s season premiere. I’m just heading out the door, and don’t have time to do a quick write up. Enjoy the pictures.

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ANTM Cycle 15: Meet The High Fashion Models

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As previously speculated, “America’s Next Top Model” is trying to go all legit for Cycle 15. Tyra Banks is attempting to make ANTM go high fashion this go around. Sure, she’s made that claim before, but this time she has Andre Leon Talley in her corner. Sources say, he was instrumental in getting Italian Vogue and a group of well-respected fashion designers on board.

Instead of randoms on the judging panel, they’ve bagged some fashion heavyweights to take turns dwindling down the 14 model wannabes. Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, I love you both, but you have no business on that panel. Signing on to judge and critique the ladies are Roberto Cavalli, Zac Posen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Margherita Missoni and Italian Vogue editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani. Ann Shoket, you and your nose will be missed.. NOT.

I’m pleasantly surprised the CW released video interviews of the models instead of their heinous cast shots first. I think you’re able to better grasp their personalities and model potential this way. Remember last cycle, that awful 80s aerobic styling. Great for a theme party but not flattering at all.



Height: 6’2″
Age: 19
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
She may look like Gollum’s long-lost sister, but that’s actually a good thing for this cycle. Ann’s tried to book an agency numerous times, but has been turned down for being too tall. Standing at a behemoth 6’2″, Ann also has the smallest waist in the world, according to the ANTM promos. Someone give this Gothic Lolita an In-N-Out burger immediately.

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