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Demi Lovato has certainly come a long way in her personal journey with regards to her body image. Without a doubt, the 23-year-old has become comfortable in her own skin. Just look at her sexy new image.

With this building confidence, it’s only fitting Lovato title her fifth studio album Confident. Just look at the above cover art. Girlfriend is serving it to the nth degree.

Lovato took a unique approach to reveal her upcoming LP’s tracklist. She enlisted her famous friends to tweet a song title each to their followers. Some of those who participated include Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, Hailee Steinfeld, Nick Jonas and naturally her beau Wilmer Valderrama. Somehow notorious blogger Perez Hilton took part as well. I had no idea they were such close friends.

Check out below the tracks featured on her new album. Among the bunch is a collaboration with Iggy Azalea. Naturally, the Aussie rapper tweeted out that track.

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Demi Lovato Is Confident On New Pop-Rock Track

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Believe it or not, “Cool For The Summer” wasn’t originally intended as the lead single for Demi Lovato’s upcoming fifth studio album. The bombastic track was planned as the second release but was moved up to coincide with the dog days of Summer. Definitely a wise move.

Confident,” initially picked to kick Lovato’s new era, has now been relegated to follow “Cool For The Summer.” The track finds the 23-year-old singer teaming up with Savan Kotecha, Ilya Salmanzadeh and Max Martin once again.

Instead of going the dance-pop route, Demi opted for more of a rock-tinged offering. Personally, I don’t find it nearly as catchy as “Cool For The Summer,” but I feel it might grow on me like its predecessor. Give the track which Demi co-wrote a listen below.

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Well hello there, Miss Demetria Devonne Lovato. Someone’s make sure everyone knows that they’re all grown up. Subtle, this is not.

Every pop starlet worth her salt goes through a slutty phase as part of their public coming of age. Miley Cyrus did it during her Bangerz era, Christina Aguilera dropped it like it was hot for her Stripped album and Britney Spears… Well, she’s done it her entire career ;)

Clearly, Demi’s forthcoming fifth studio album is going to be her sexiest yet. The 22-year-old singer comes out swinging with the first visual off the LP, serving legs, face, boobs and other body parts.

It’s also a parade of slinky bikini and latex outfits for Demi in her “Cool For The Summer” video. The Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip is one big romp featuring hot girls and hotter guys kicking it at some sick party. Everyone look so dewy.

I didn’t want to like “Cool For The Summer” but it hooked me. The glossy music video is fantastic and should help the single’s performance on the Billboard Hot 100. Give it a watch below.

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The second Demi Lovato dropped “Cool For The Summer,” she immediately went in promotional overdrive. The 22-year-old singer hit as many pool parties as possible from coast to coast. Lovato strutted around in sexy bikinis in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles to name a few.

Footage from her promotional stops has been used for the lyric video of her latest single. Demi parties it up with swimsuit-clad fans, while lyrics for the Max Martin-produced summer anthem appear on the screen. It’s a cute clip and definitely evokes the single’s fun and playful vibe.

My only qualm with the clip is that Demi neglected to include her epic fall on stage during her LA stop. She took a huge spill on stage before jumping in the pool. I mean, she already shared it on Instagram this week, using the hashtags, #NOTCoolForTheSummer #FuckIt. Why not include it as well, right? Check out both clips below.

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Well, someone’s trying on a new look. “Cool For Summer” is nothing like anything Demi Lovato has released previously. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Max Martin co-produced track doesn’t become her biggest hit to date. It could also be a strong contender for this year’s Summer Song crown.

“Cool For Summer” is the first taste of what the 22-year-old singer has in store for her Lovatics for her upcoming fifth studio album. Ali Payami, Alexander Erik Kronlund and Savan Kotecha also worked on the catchy track.

At first listen, the electro-pop concoction sounds a bit Katy Perry meets Jessie J. In fact, the hook reminds me a lot of the latter’s hit “Domino,” especially during the chorus. Give it a listen below.

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Demi Lovato Joins The Smurfs Reboot

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Did you know a Global Smurfs Day existed? Apparently, there is and it was celebrated this past weekend on Sunday.

This year was more special than most since Sony Pictures Animation announced a reboot of the beloved franchise is in the works. This time around, they’re forgoing the live-action trend and will return to the roots of Peyo’s creation for an CG-animated origins adventure story.

“We have gathered a group of filmmakers and artists who have grown up with these loveable characters, and ‘Get Smurfy’ will be imbued with the same spirit of adventure that first made all of us lifelong fans of these little blue guys…and girl,” says Kristine Belson, president of Sony Pictures Animation.

The first batch of talent announced include Demi Lovato. The “Neon Lights” singer is, not surprisingly, stepping into Smurfette’s white heels. Mandy Patinkin and Rainn Wilson are also on board, playing Papa Smurf and evil wizard Gargamel respectively.

Check out the video below announcing the project and talent involved. The studio plans to release Get Smurfy on March 31, 2017.

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X Factor Season 3: Thanksgiving Results Show

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While I appreciate original programming on Thanksgiving night, it must suck for the crew, judges and the contestants, especially the latter. For the rest of their lives, getting voted off will by synonymous with Turkey Day. At least they can drown their sours away by overindulging on turkey and cocktails. That’s my go-to remedy ;)

The filler moments tonight included performances from both Demi Lovato and Michael Buble. Love Demi, but if the judges had to critique her vocals, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Pitchy, pitchy, pitchy. I love that the other guest performance was a non-Yankee. Since Buble already celebrated Thanksgiving last month (as we do in Canada) he had no holiday familial obligations this week. BTW, he gave the BEST vocal of the night by far. Without further ado, find out who were voted off on tonight’s show below.

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Neon Lights” is pretty much your generic paint-by-numbers dance pop number. Right?Admittedly, I wasn’t a big fan of the Ryan Tedder-produced track. However, that all changed after watching Demi Lovato’s new clip. It’s by far my favorite from the X Factor judge, next to “Skyscraper.” The concept is relatively simple but Lovato absolutely glows in it, literally and figuratively.

The 21-year-old entertainer works florescent makeup like she was from the 80s. Whether she’s submerged in water, surrounded by shirtless backup dancers or writhing on a lit floor, Demetria is serving major sex appeal. Girlfriend even actually executes choreography and isn’t as stiff as her compatriot Selena Gomez. Love Selena, but for a Latin chick, she’s awfully stiff. Check out the “Neon Lights” visual below.

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