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X Factor Season 3: Thanksgiving Results Show

In: Donovan, TV Shows

While I appreciate original programming on Thanksgiving night, it must suck for the crew, judges and the contestants, especially the latter. For the rest of their lives, getting voted off will by synonymous with Turkey Day. At least they can drown their sours away by overindulging on turkey and cocktails. That’s my go-to remedy ;)

The filler moments tonight included performances from both Demi Lovato and Michael Buble. Love Demi, but if the judges had to critique her vocals, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Pitchy, pitchy, pitchy. I love that the other guest performance was a non-Yankee. Since Buble already celebrated Thanksgiving last month (as we do in Canada) he had no holiday familial obligations this week. BTW, he gave the BEST vocal of the night by far. Without further ado, find out who were voted off on tonight’s show below.

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Neon Lights” is pretty much your generic paint-by-numbers dance pop number. Right?Admittedly, I wasn’t a big fan of the Ryan Tedder-produced track. However, that all changed after watching Demi Lovato’s new clip. It’s by far my favorite from the X Factor judge, next to “Skyscraper.” The concept is relatively simple but Lovato absolutely glows in it, literally and figuratively.

The 21-year-old entertainer works florescent makeup like she was from the 80s. Whether she’s submerged in water, surrounded by shirtless backup dancers or writhing on a lit floor, Demetria is serving major sex appeal. Girlfriend even actually executes choreography and isn’t as stiff as her compatriot Selena Gomez. Love Selena, but for a Latin chick, she’s awfully stiff. Check out the “Neon Lights” visual below.

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Glee Welcomes Adam Lambert In New Promo Clip

In: Donovan, Music

When Glee returns this Thursday, Adam Lambert makes his debut. Based on the stills and audio of his “Marry The Night” performance, it should be a memorable and thrilling extravaganza. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

In a behind-the-scenes clip, Lambert introduces his character Elliott Gilbert who goes by the stage name Starchild. He also talks about initially auditioning for Glee years ago, but producers told him he was too old. Apparently, Glambert found the fountain of youth and now is Glee-ready. Speaking of looks, his skin looks fantastic in the vid. Remember when he was on American Idol? It wasn’t nearly as flawless back then.

Check out the clip below where Chris Colfer and Demi Lovato sing his praises.

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Demi Lovato Gets Chilly In ‘Let It Go’

In: Donovan, Music

Sometimes less is more. Demi Lovato’s new music video is relatively simple in concept but it’s one of her best. The X Factor judge serves moody dark glamor as she emotes in a gorgeous Victorian-designed set. “Let It Go” is for Disney’s upcoming animated film Frozen which explains all the scenes interspersed with Demi’s. Frozen hits theaters November 27.

Lovato sure is an expert in juggling these days. Along with sitting on X Factor’s judging panel, she’s guest starring on Glee, planning her Neon Lights tour and filming videos for Disney movies. Girl is working… hard. Check out her new visual below. The end of the clip where she’s randomly ripping off bed sheets is animated gif worthy.

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Kanye West visited Jimmy Kimmel last night to squash their “epic” two week “rap feud.” Even though both maintained that the entire thing wasn’t a publicity stunt or staged, I still call BS. Perhaps not on Kimmel’s part, but the Twitter insults from West’s end reek of a Kardashian antic. Don’t you agree?

In honor of Kanye’s appearance, Jimmy resurrected his Mean Tweets segment. This time only featuring musicians. Watch the likes of Selena Gomez, John Legend, Pharrell, John Mayer,Adam Levine, the Backstreet Boys and Ke$ha read unflattering Tweets about themselves from their respective haters. The insults directed at country artists like Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley and Lady Antebellum are the best. Check out the music edition below.

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Demi Lovato Announces Neon Lights Tour

In: Donovan, Music

Not only is “Neon Lights” the next single off Demi, but it’s also the name of the tour to support the album. Demi Lovato made the announcement on Facebook on Sunday via a short promo clip.

Like her buddy Selena Gomez, the “Heart Attack” singer is kicking things off in Vancouver, BC. Apparently, my hometown is the go-to choice lately to get things going. More than two dozen dates were announced with tickets going on sale October 5. Check out the announcement vid and concert dates below.

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Listen To Demi Lovato’s First Glee Performance

In: Donovan, Music, TV Shows

Glee returns for its fifth season next week, but Demi Lovato doesn’t appear until the following week. The “Heart Attack” singer joins the cast playing a struggling artist named Dani who befriends Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera), specifically the latter. Santana finally gets her groove back and the two become lovers. To prep for their big kissing scene, Demi and Naya did a little homework.

“I made out with her like in my trailer before we shot the scene. So then I just like warmed her up. You know what I’m saying?” Rivera tells Access Hollywood. “She’s awesome and we’re having a blast and we’re so happy to have her.”

Since the two-part premiere features music solely from The Beatles, Demi covers the classic “Here Comes The Sun” with her onscreen girlfriend. The track first appeared on the group’s 1969 iconic album Abbey Road. Their romantic duet is a relatively low-key affair, but it’s fantastic nonetheless. The two ladies’ voices blend surprisingly well together, resulting in some beautiful harmonies. I can’t wait to see the actual performance. Give their duet a listen below.

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Is Demi Lovato Joining Glee’s Fifth Season?

In: Donovan, TV Shows

According to, it’s a “yes.” The website reports that Demi Lovato is close to finalizing a deal to join Glee for a “significant arc” for the FOX show’s fifth season.

Reportedly, her character Dani ia a struggling artist friend of both Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana’s (Naya Rivera). She’ll make her first appearance sometime in October and will stick around for at least six episodes, much like Kate Hudson did last year. I can already picture the network’s promotion of an all-Demi night with X Factor and Glee. Lovato is the latest guest star to sign on with the FOX musical series. Adam Lambert is also coming on board.

Over the weekend, Glee debuted it’s first promo for the upcoming season. Given the tragic loss of Cory Monteith, the show decided to go with more of a cheerful and upbeat tone to the teaser. No mention of Monteith or his character Finn Hudson are in the clip, despite using footage from last season. Check out the “Once Again” promo below.

watch the first promo for Season 5 after the jump

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