Hi kids, between a crazy work schedule and dedicating my DVR watching to Oprah, I wasn’t able to get to last week’s Drag U (and the week before was Labor Day so the girls had a break).  But, now I’m back with some tranny goodness.  Below are quick recaps from the past two weeks.


RuPaul’s Drag U Season 1, Episode 7 (Mother vs. Daughters)

Last week’s show featured a mother and her two daughters, all of which had fairly negative attitudes towards life.  There was 35 year old Tasha who didn’t go to prom, considered herself the unpretty one and lived in her younger sister’s shadow. Her sister even called her ‘Osh Kosh Big Tosh‘ when they were kids (betch), so it’s understandable that her self esteem was next to non-existent.  with ongina.  Her sister Brandy is 33 and dabbled in modeling when she was younger and even had a band name Stilettos. Finally we met mother Connie, who until about 5 years ago still felt like a hot biker chick, but after having to get glasses and a cane due to a hip problem had lost her sexy…back.

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