He’s back! MISTER‘s favorite butt boy with a big mouth, Evil Twink, returns to spill the T about his latest app-induced sexcapades. Unsurprisingly, they involve being hungry like the wolf for Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner and dressing up in eight miles of drag to give Eminem something he likes to call “the brown tarantula.” The new video is called “F*&#ed By Taylor Lautner.”

Evil Twink (David Willis Coleman) made his debut in MISTER’s video for what they called the “Evil Twink Block Party” (which was absolutely hilarious). Fortunately in this new video, the very sexy MISTER (Doug Repetti) is on hand to tell him about a better way to showcase his flair for the dramatic in his online profile.

MISTER brings to Evil Twink’s attentioned that their app lets you upload up to 25 pics and have a complete profile, as opposed to just one picture.

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