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It appears David Guetta and Nicki Minaj’s latest collaboration is proving as successful as their previous offering, “Turn Me On.” “Hey Mama” is just on the cusp of breaking into the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. With the release of the accompanying music video and performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, the EDM track should cross the threshold this week.

Guetta and Minaj head to the desert for a Burning Man meets Mad Max-themed visual. Should a Beyond The Thunderdome remake ever happen, I nominate Nicki to step into Tina Turner’s fierce warrior wardrobe. Check out the surprisingly entertaining clip below where Minaj appears as a hologram.

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Heading into the 2015 Billboard Music Awards telecast, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s first performance of “Pretty Girls” was without a doubt the performance everyone was looking most forward to. About two hours in, the duo did themselves proud. It wasn’t at all a trainwreck, and in fact, both ladies looked sensational. Britney, IMHO, hasn’t looked this great and comfortable on stage in years. Well done.

Mariah Carey also made a notable appearance as well. She hit the Billboard stage for the first time in 17 years. Perhaps she’s still recuperating from bronchitis, but Mimi wasn’t at her vocal best. Every note felt so laborious as opposed to the ease she belted out those notes years ago.

Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson absolutely slayed her vocals during her “Invincible” performance as did Tori Kelly and Nick Jonas on “Nobody Love” and “Jealous” respectively.

Speaking of Jonas, he was in fine form tonight. Dude looked beyond sexy. Charlie Puth and Empire‘s Jussie Smollett also smoldered on stage during their respective performances. Check out all the videos below.

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I have to say I’m completely speechless with Ariana Grande’s latest video. It’s just so random and dramatic. She certainly loves looking to all things science-fiction for inspiration.

The Max Landis-directed clip begins with an explosion. We then see the 21-year-old navigate through a city being bombarded by meteors. After witnessing all the catastrophe surrounding her, Grande makes her way onto a rooftop with a male friend. As the apocalypse nears, the two exchange one last kiss.

One Last Time” is the fourth single released from Ariana’s Grammy-nominated album My Everything. Hopefully the David Guetta-produced track can follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and break into the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. Prior to this video, I thought it had a shot. Now, I’m not so sure. Check out the somewhat disappointing visual below.

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Who knew spinning tracks could be so lucrative? Just a few years ago Calvin Harris was bagging groceries in Scotland and now he’s the world’s highest paid DJ, earning $46 million in the past year. Not to mention getting to hang with the likes of Rihanna, Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding to name a few.

Harris leads an impressive list of musicians collecting six-figure nightly checks for performing at nightspots from Las Vegas to Ibiza and for other business ventures once reserved only for rock, rap and pop royalty. His string of eight Top 10 UK hits from his 18 Months LP probably didn’t hurt either. Harris takes over the top slot from Tiesto who ruled Forbes list last year. Check out the rest of the Top 12 below which includes a Jersey Shore alum.

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DJ Earworm Mashes Up Summer 2013’s Biggest Hits

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What’s your song of the summer so far? Is it Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky?” How about “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke? Perhaps it’s Pitbull and Christina Aguilera’s catchy dance anthem “Feel This Moment?” DJ Earworm definitely considers them as viable contenders for the 2013 summer crown. The musical genius has once again worked his magic and delivered another wicked mashup. Praise the dance gods he doesn’t just do a year-end one.

Along with the aforementioned tracks, DJ Earworm includes hit tracks from Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Icona Pop, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Zedd, will.i.am and Justin Bieber to name a few. Props to my buddy Trevor Guthrie for getting a nod for his collaboration with Armin van Buuren in the mashup.

As much as I love DJ Earworm’s latest masterpiece, I feel he unfairly snubbed Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It,” Mariah Carey’s “#Beautiful,” Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors,” and Miley Cyrus’ oddly addicting “We Can’t Stop.” I’ve definitely have all those songs on heavy rotation. Check out Earworm’s new mash below.

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It’s a long weekend up here in Canada so as we remember those who have served to protect our country, let’s fill our cup and toast to them. And what better way to celebrate than with Ludacris, Usher and David Guetta. Luda is preparing to release his new album, Ludaverse with this track serving as it’s official lead-off.

Titled, Rest of My Life, this trio have brought the party with Guetta’s signature dance floor antics with smooth melodies courtesy of Usher and some wicked verses from Luda himself. The song talks about making the most of your life which Ludacris makes very clear is alcohol, weed and money. I’m glad his priorities are in check.

The video showcases Ludacris and Usher performing infront of a backdrop of smoke on a highway while Guetta’s clip see him dancing on a platform in a room by himself with some club lighting. All this is intercut with clips of glaciers, crashing waves, a random basketballer and some people falling in love. While I’m sure the premise of the clip is to “live your life,” the video is a bit random. Thankfully, after a few drinks, the video doesn’t even matter and the song just makes you dance. Check it out below.

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It seems like the trend in music for 2012 is to re-release your album with new tracks to try and boost your album sales. Katy Perry did it, Nicki Minaj did it (and is about to do it again) as well as David Guetta who released Nothing But The Beat, 2.0 this summer. The new disc featured tracks from both his collaboration and electronic sides of the first version with a few added tracks. One of them is this little ditty featuring Akon and Ne-Yo which samples some classic Better Off Alone from Alice Deejay.

Right from the get-go, the iconic synth pattern kicks in with Ne-Yo singing, “said a hustlers work is never through. We making it cause we make it move. The only thing we know how to do. Work hard, play hard.” Then, Akon hits the track with his signature island, party boy vocals while the Guetta bass drums pulses the song forward. Give the track a listen below and tell us if you’ll add it to your gym playlist.

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Following the success of their smash hit “Titanium,” the talented David Guetta and Sia teamed up for an awesome new music video for their track, “She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)“. As in the “Titanium” video, neither of them are in this video, but the video is both captivating and a bit disturbing regardless.

The video starts off with a naked woman who then morphs into a wolf. The disturbing part is that the wolf is bleeding and injured, while being chased by hunters. Throughout the video, the predators end up getting killed by the beat and at the end, Shakira the She Wolf turns back into her naked self. I absolutely love this song and I think the video really complimented it well and it was beautifully shot. I’m glad there’s a happy ending.

Check out the video below. The track is from David Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat album. Enjoy!

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