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June 5, 2016 marked the 35th anniversary of a case study released by The Centers for Disease Control in 1981 which outlined the first documented cases of HIV/AIDS. Though treatment and education has come a long way since those early days, the disease once classified as the “gay cancer” continues to spread.

Bob The Drag Queen, Todrick Hall, Davey Wavey, Amber’s Closet, Catrific and Zackary Drucker teamed up for #HIVBEATS– an upbeat and engaging music video series from YouTube. Each popular personality discusses various topics regarding HIV/AIDS included PreP, ways you can’t contact the virus and other informative tidbits, but done in a humorous fashion. Watch the fun clips below.

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Naturally being of Asian descent, I’ve experienced some racism in my life. From subtle digs to a full-on physical altercation, I’ve seen my share of discrimination due to the color of my skin. For the most part, I don’t let racial slurs and comments, and for that matter, homophobic labels, bother me too much. I have pretty thick skin and let them roll off my back.

With the gay community already a minority, you’d think gay-on-gay hate wouldn’t exist, especially towards another minority. But it does and certainly when it comes to dating. It’s one thing to have a sexual preference, but there are ways to go about it without marginalizing an entire ethnic group. Even though I’m not on any dating apps, I’ve also seen racist behavior in this respect due to being part of an interracial couple. Everyone always naturally assumes, I’m the bottom. Not true, just in case you’re wondering 😉

Davey Wavey enlisted Todrick Hall, Ryan James Yezak and other online personalities to react to several racist profile messages. I often sometimes laugh and use humor to navigate through awkward situations. That’s probably the case in a couple of these instances in the clip below.

I hate to admit, I laughed at the comment, “I block more Asians than the Great Wall of China.” At least he’s being creative unlike that blatantly ignorant “Is there a block all black button?”

Check out the clip below and weigh in if you think if specifying race is simply dating preference of full-out racism.

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The thirst is real folks. Just look at Davey Wavey practically salivating at the fact he’s about to see Steve Grand shirtless up close and personal. I don’t blame him. The openly-gay singer is one hot piece of beef. Though, he’d like people to see him more than that. Good luck 😉

Grand appears in this tongue-in-cheek video where the YouTube personality apologizes for the way gay media has exploited and sexualized him. As an aside, don’t you find it rich when hot people complain about that.

The clip is a fun approach for Steve to take to promote his debut album, All-American Boy, which is available now. Sex sells for sure. Check it out below and try not to get too jealous of Davey Wavey when he’s rubbing oil all over Steve’s man tits.

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Oh straight guys, so easy to influence. Everyone’s favorite shirtless vlogger Davey Wavey uses some fancy wordplay to trick straight guys into admitting they’re a little gay. It’s like taking candy from a baby. For instance, is it gay to suck a dick? What if it’s your own dick. How about getting a handjob? What if it’s your own penis? Watch these boys squirm below as they realize they’ve been manipulated.

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Andrew Christian Holds Auditions In Latest Clip

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

In the vein of So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, Andrew Christian holds auditions of his own. The lucky ones to advance get a ticket to Las Vegas for the MATINÉE Festival over Memorial Day weekend. It’s four days of fun that includes eight parties, 20 DJs and lots of hot boys.

In charge of handing out the coveted tickets are Pandora Boxx, Davey Wavey, Todrick Hall and Andrew Christian himself. Watch them as they drool, manhandle and rate the sexy studs paraded in front of them. Note to future hopefuls: Flirt with Pandora. From the looks of it, she’s your best bet to advance. Also making appearances in the promo video are Drag Race alums Raja and Manila Luzon.

While it’s not as racy as their other videos, it does showcase a lot of jiggling bare booties and salacious behavior, ergo me saving it til Saturday to post the NSFW clip. Enjoy and if you’re in Vegas, have fun and be on the look out for the AC boys.

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Pirating Porn & Senior Citizens Talk Gay Sex

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Today you’re getting a twofer. I’m combining the latest clips from two of our favorite YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure.

First up are the towel-wearing studs of Steam Room Stories. They’ve discussed everything from funky spunk to being butt drunk in the past and everything in between. This time around they chat about online pirating, specifically porn. They come to the conclusion that if they pay for porn, the models will be hotter. Agree with that train of thought?

The second clip features Davey Wavey questioning senior citizens about gay sex. For all you Davey haters, he doesn’t appear in the clip. The golden gays are the stars here. Though not as entertaining as Davey Wavey quizzing Bel Ami models, this one has a lot of charm. The best moment is when one of the ladies says her favorite is the “cum, cum, cum, cum, cum” part. She then reveals when she was young she chased around all the “little dykes.” Check out both clips below.

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Davey Wavey Quizzes Bel Ami Boys

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Whether you love or hate Davey Wavey, you gotta give the guy credit. The shirtless vlogger has amassed a huge following. At last count, his videos have been viewed more than 90 million times. That’s a whole lot of nipple views 😉 His appeal transcends online as well. Spartacus International picked him as their cover boy for their 2013-2014 travel gay guide. Now he’s hanging out with the cute boys of Bel Ami. Lucky, right?

Davey Wavey got close and personal with Bel Ami’s Kinky Angels. He quizzes them on common sexual terms. Since most of the guys hail from the Czech Republic, they aren’t familiar with a couple of them, most notably “blue balls.” With exception to one, they all think it has to do with someone hitting you in the nuts. LOL. Those Czechs are adorable. Watch Gino Mosca (cute), Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol and Adam Archuleta (super cute) take the sex quiz. See who gets a passing grade.

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What Lesbians Think About Penises

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A while back, Davey Wavey released a video titled What Gay Men Think About Vaginas. It was actually quite funny to see what people said. Well, now he’s done it again… except for just the opposite.

In the following video, Davey Wavey asks several lesbians (one-on-one) what they think about vaginas. Their initial reactions range from wishing that they had one to explaining that lesbians actually don’t have a problem with penises… just what they are attached to. He then asks them to describe a penis in one word and some of their responses include: Pointy, transformer, squishy-stick, and of course many others. He also had them talk about how penises smell and also to make a face as if they were a penis. LOL.

Another random funny aspect to the video is that there’s one girl that’s all confused because it turns out she’s not a lesbian… well, she admits to being 10% lesbian. Enjoy the video below!

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