“Nights are long, but you’re on your way to a brand new life around the bend!”

Who’s the Boss was the show that introduced the world to our first official “Manny”. Tony Micelli (played by Tony Danza) is former Cardinals second baseman forced to retire due to a shoulder injury. Wanting to get out of Brooklyn for the sake of his daughter Samantha (played by Alyssa Milano), he ends up taking a job as an live-in housekeeper in Fairfield, Connecticut. His boss? Advertising Executive Angela Bower (played by Judith Light). Angela has a son, Jonathan (played by Danny Pintauro) and then there is her mother Mona (played by Katherine Helmond). Mona was titled at the time as the “sexually progressive mother” who brought home her nightly dates that ranged from college students to silver fox CEO’s.

The title of the show played off the two lead characters. The obvious being that Judith was the breadwinner and that Tony stayed home. However, it seemed as though Tony ran the household truly begging the question, Who’s the Boss?

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