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Pop Danthology Mashes Up The Biggest Hits Of 2015

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When it comes to year-end mashups, DJ Earworm is my guy. The San Francisco DJ’s “United State of Pop” masterfully splices together the Top 25 songs of year in one awesome mashup track. Looks like he has some competition on his hands.

Vancouver-based Daniel Kim has crafted an annual mashup of his own. His “Pop Danthology” features hits from Ariana Grande, Adam Lambert, Madonna, Carly Rae Jepson, Ellie Goulding, Justin Bieber, Adele and Taylor Swift to name a few. Over 85 songs were incorporated. It was so jam-packed, Kim decided to do two mashups. Check them both out below.

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Global BC News is one of the top two news stations in British Columbia, if not the top, and the whole team from the TV station just revealed a holiday-themed “Call Me Maybe” lip-dub that they made and it’s definitely worth checking out.

I know you’re probably thinking, not another one… but this is the first I’ve seen done by a news station and not only is it very well done, it looks like they had an absolute blast doing it. Watch for my friend Peter dressed in a sailor’s hat during the part where they are in the digital studio. The video even wraps up with the whole crew doing a bit of “Gangnam Style” in the parking lot.

The video was actually shot on Halloween (as you’ll notice by all the costumes) and was made for their Shaw Christmas Party which took place this past Saturday… and they won. The video was filmed over a copule hours on Halloween morning. Not surprisingly, it was raining that morning so the staff got soaked when filming the “Gangnam Style” part in the parking lot.

Watch the awesome video below…

Daniel Kim has just released his mashup music video for some of the biggest hits of 2012, calling it Pop Danthology 2012. The song/video features over 50 songs from the year, cleverly blended together for one giant 8-minute trip down a musical memory lane of 2012.

All of the usual suspects are in the song/video, including Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, One Direction, David Guetta, and more. One big name I’m surprised was not included was Taylor Swift, with her big hit, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Also, I wish he had waited a bit longer and included Britney & Will.i.am’s “Scream & Shout” in the mashup as well. I’d say the most recent release that’s included in the mashup is Ke$ha’s “Die Young” track. Regardless, it’s still very good and worth checking out.

As mentioned, the video was done by Daniel Kim who also happens to be from Vancouver, Canada. According to his Facebook page, he’s a self-produced electro house musician who writes, composes, and sings his own music.

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