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2012 Emmys: Our Predictions

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Since the 64th annual Emmys air on ABC tomorrow, we thought it was the perfect time to share our predictions on who’ll walk away with the coveted statues. Will reigning shows like Modern Family and Mad Men continue their winning streaks, or will new upstarts like Girls and Homeland crash the party? For the first time, none of the big four broadcast networks has a series among the nominees for drama series. In fact, only two nominees in the comedy category air on a major network. It’s all about cable these days. Without further ado, check out all our predictions below. Which Homorazzi.com writer do you think will get the most correct? Sound off in our comments section with your thoughts.

Drama Categories

Best Drama

  • Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
  • Breaking Bad (AMC)
  • Downton Abbey (PBS)
  • Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Homeland (Showtime)
  • Mad Men (AMC)

Donovan: Mad Men
Patrick: Game of Thrones
Adam: Breaking Bad
Tyrell: Downton Abbey
Matt: Game of Thrones
Nic: Game of Thrones

check out our predictions after the jump

Looks like all that hard campaigning was worth it for Sabrina Bryan. The 27-year-old performer beat out Carson Kressley and Kyle Massey to secure the 13th slot on the upcoming All-Stars season of Dancing With The Stars. Bryan is arguably the best dancer out of the three and should prove a formidable foe for the other twelve returning stars.

In Season 5, she received a perfect ’30’ during the fourth week of competition. In a shocking turn of events, she was eliminated just two weeks later in one of the most surprising exits in the show’s history. Not surprisingly, Bryan is excited for a shot at redemption. Here’s what she told Good Morning America, after she was revealed as the final competitor.

“I am so excited. I’m getting teary eyed just right now. I feel like the stars are aligning and I get a second chance.” About Carson Kressley and Kyle Massey, she continued, “It was a fight… we all three really wanted it. I’m the lucky one with some amazing, incredible fans that have really stuck behind me.”

During her first stint on the show, Sabrina was paired up with Mark Ballas. Since her former partner is saddled with Bristol Palin for the All-Stars season, Bryan has a new professional to work with. Have any guesses on who?

find out who her partner is after the jump

It’s not official until you see it in black and white. In this case, in shiny bedazzled colorful skimpy outfits. In other words, DWTS battle fatigues. Up to this point, only the identities of the celebrities coming back for Dancing With The Stars‘ first All-Stars season and their professional dancers have been revealed. Now, we finally have our first look at all the new and returning partnerships ready for battle, beginning on Monday, September 24 on ABC.

Of the thirteen stars fighting for the Season 15 mirrorball, only eleven promo shots have been released. Obviously, the thirteenth spot won’t be filled until Monday, August 27 when the results of the online voting between Kyle Massey, Sabrina Bryan and Carson Kressley will be announced. Personally, I’m hoping for Kyle or Carson.

The other missing photo is of Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy. Could there already be trouble in paradise? Apparently not, according to Alley’s Twitter. The actress revealed she’s been out of town, but will be posing with Maks for their picture next week. In the meantime, check out the couples who managed to make the photoshoot below.

check out all the pairings after the jump

The All-Stars returning for the 15th season of “Dancing With The Stars” finally know who they’ll be dancing with when the dancing competition kicks off on Monday, September 24. Let’s face it. As talented as you are, it all depends on who you get as your professional. Not all DWTS pros were created equal. Plus, you never know what kind of chemistry will result when you put two individuals together.

Of the twelve partnerships, five are previous pairings. Those five lucky stars are probably ecstatic they’re coming back into the competition with a familiar face on their side. It’s interesting to see who the producers decided to saddle which star with each pro. Cheryl Burke has three previous partners returning, while Derek Hough, the most-winning pro with three titles, has no one returning. Find out who they’ll be coaching this season below.

check out all the pairings after the jump

Dancing With The Stars Announces All-Stars Cast

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Dancing With The Stars” first All-Stars season doesn’t premiere for almost two months, but ABC announced the majority of the cast during their TCA 2012 Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills today. Surprisingly, the show is only having thirteen stars returning for the 15th season. I thought for sure they would’ve brought back at least 14-16 returning favorites. Surprisingly, Mario Lopez isn’t coming back. If you recall, the “Extra” host let it slip that the show was doing an All-Stars season. Is he being punished for having loose lips?

That said, the crew they did invite back is a solid bunch with a couple of exceptions. Twelve of the thirteen slots were announced with the last spot decided upon by viewers. A trio of former competitors will have their All-Stars fate decided by public votes. Among the confirmed stars, there are six previous winners and three runner-ups. In fact, 11 of the 12 have all appeared in the finals. The only exception is Pamela Anderson who came in 6th place during Season 12. Check out the All-Stars cast below.

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With shows like ‘Big Brother‘ and ‘The Glass House,’ you’d think all the drama is reserved for inside the house. As proven by the legal action CBS attempted on ABC for their Big Brother copycat show, ‘The Glass House,’ this is no longer the case. Well, now the plot thickens.

Since the judge ruled in favor of ABC and allowed ‘The Glass House’ to proceed with airing, CBS has decided to go to war by developing their own copycat show called ‘Dancing On The Stars‘ (the emphasis: “ON” The Stars). This of course is a copycat of ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars‘. To elaborate, the show will take place at “Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and will feature moderately famous and sort of well-known people you almost recognize competing for big prizes by dancing on the graves of some of Hollywood’s most iconic and well-beloved stars of stage and screen,” as CBS explains.

This of course is hard to believe, but CBS has actually released a press release about this and it is blatantly a retaliation against ABC. You absolutely have to read the press release below. I’ve never read anything like this from a television network.

Read the official press release after the jump…

Tonight, I was busy filming an upcoming music video so I’m sorry that this results post is a little delayed. If you’re still one of the few who missed it and haven’t Googled the answer to the question, “Who won Dancing With the Stars, Season 14,” then you’re in luck because I’ve got the answer right here. It’s been a competitive season and one of my favorites to watch and critique. At this point it’s anybody’s game but, only one couple can win that coveted mirror ball trophy.

Of course, tonight’s finale results show wouldn’t be complete without 40 minutes full of filler. Tonight, a few selected couples will hit the floor with revamped versions of some of their favorite routines. I’m not going to put them all in as they would take up too much space but you can check them all out here. However, I will share with you Kelly Clarkson’s performance of her new single “Dark Side” which she mashed up with her hit single, “Stronger.” But most importantly, you’ll be able to watch the video that determines who won the trophy this season. Check it all out below.

The evening’s performances and crowning of the champion after the jump.

We’ve been hanging out all Spring and now, we are so close to crowning the champion of Dancing With The Stars, Season 14. It has been one heck of a competition and I have never seen competitive edge come out in a season like this one. Each and every star wanted it so bad and didn’t let go without a fighting chance. It made for a great season to watch but now, we’re down to our last three remaining stars: William Levy, Katherine Jenkins and Donald Driver – all vying for that mirror ball trophy.

Tonight, each couple will dance not one, but two dances and tonight, the stars and their pros perform the most anticipated routine of the season in the Freestyle Round. Here, the couples must perform elements of traditional ballroom and Latin dances with a lot of Freestyle flare. Lifts are a go and also mandatory in this routine. Buckle up because these routines usually pack a heavy punch. It’s been a rumor and somewhat proven fact that the winner of the Freestyle round usually wins the season. Will that be true after tonight’s performances? Check them out with judges’ scores below.

The finale performances, scores and of course, my thoughts after the jump.

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