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Dancing With The Stars Week 6 Shocking Results

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Typically, Tyrell recaps Dancing With The Stars, but tonight’s results were so shocking that I had to post the outcome immediately. Most people, including myself, predicted either Kirstie Alley or Kelly Monaco would get the boot this week since they received the lowest scores from the judges from the past couple of weeks. But once they were safe, you can tell the audience and especially the remaining stars were shaking in their boots. Very appropriate considering this week was country week.

As Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet began to reveal the results, it was clear that the ones who were in danger, were the judges’ favorites from the past two weeks. The All-Stars with the three highest scores were all in peril– Melissa & Tony (86), Apolo & Karina (86.5) and Sabrina & Louis (88.5). To boot, last night both Apolo Ohno and Sabrina Bryan scored the first perfect scores of the season.

Yikes!!! I was just hoping it wouldn’t be Apolo, but given the lack of chemistry with Karina, they were very vulnerable. Melissa seems the logical choice to leave given she has the least star wattage. But then again, Sabrina has been the victim of voter apathy before. Find out who kissed their chances for the All-Star mirrorball goodbye.

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Last night, the ballroom was lit on fire with a night of firsts. One of my favorite parts was Paula Abdul as a guest judge on the panel. She’s usually pretty crazy and cooky but on last night’s show, she was insightful and nothing but a pleasure. We also received our first 10’s of the season which were very well deserved.

But, the biggest first of the night was the evening’s challenge. Last week, the stars picked new dance genres for each other which included dances that had never been seen before in the in ballroom. The night was action packed and full of surprises but no one is safe until the results are read. Let’s begin with the first set of results.

Bristol & Mark: IN JEOPARDY
Kelly & Val: SAFE
Sabrina & Louis: SAFE
Shawn & Derek: SAFE

More results, performances and elimination after the jump.

I am SO EXCITED for Paula Abdul to be a guest judge on tonight’s show. She is a talent show veteran when it comes to judging and I think that she’ll actually be in her element with tonight’s challenge. Last week during the results show, the couples chose dances for each other. The catch? Each routine would be different and a lot of the dances have never been done on the show before. To say a majority of the pros will be out of their comfort zone is a complete understatement. Should be good.

Tonight, we are going to be seeing some Bollywood alongside fun dances like the Charleston and Jitterbug. Check out the evening’s performances and scores below.

Check out the evening’s performances after the jump.

Okay ladies and gentleman, it’s time for the All Star season’s first painful and shocking double elimination. Last night was probably the best dancing that I have ever seen on the show in all the fifteen seasons I have been watching and the judges agreed. Because of this, its going to be hard to predict which couple is going home. After Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough re-perform their epic routine from last night, we get to our first results of the night. Tonight is going to be a doozy.

Melissa & Tony: SAFE
Gilles & Peta: SAFE
Kirstie & Maks: IN JEOPARDY
Emmitt & Cheryl: SAFE

The evening’s guest performances and eliminations after the jump.

Tonight, the ballroom was heated up with some serious fire as the stars took on the role of creative director for their entire routines. The task at hand? To take an iconic dance from a previous season and make it their own. They also had to live up to Len’s challenge from last week which was to give him something to remember and something that he never seen before. So, did the stars rise to the challenge?

This week, the duos face a double elimination so the stakes are even higher than ever. To say that the couples brought it tonight would be a complete understatement. I could keep telling you about it but I think the dances will speak for themselves.

Watch the evening’s performances after the jump.

I was a little late getting my recap of last night’s show up on the site but I’m right on time for the evening’s results. With the competition being so stiff this season with all of the all-stars, it’s going to be hard to predict who could be going home each week, especially when we get closer to the end. Right now, I feel like three are in the running for elimination. The first is Drew Lachey who, even though is a returning champion, couldn’t escape the claws of the bottom two last week.

I think Bristol Palin may have put the nail in her coffin last night with her dance but just like her season, I feel like America *cough* the producers *cough* will keep her around to keep that Republican footing and Sarah Palin in the audience. And lastly as much as it pains me to say it, Kirstie Alley has had two shaky weeks in a row. I hope that doesn’t translate to elimination. Let’s get to the first set of results.

Drew & Anna: SAFE
Emmitt & Cheryl: SAFE
Sabrina & Louis: SAFE

More results, performances and elimination after the jump.

First off, I have to apologize for the late arrival of my Dancing With The Stars recap today. Last night, Patrick and I were hitting up a few events and got home a little too late for me to spend two more hours recapping the show. I finally had a chance to catch up on the show this afternoon and have my my comments and feedback on last night’s performances ready for you. Honestly, I thought it was a great night!

Last week’s premiere definitely kicked off with a bang showing that these all-stars came back for one reason and one reason only- to win that coveted mirror ball trophy. The bar was set so high that it will be interesting to see just how hard the stars will bring it in the upcoming weeks. The competition is stiff and everyone has to be on their A-game. Let’s see how the stars did with the Quickstep and the Jive.

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Last night, Dancing With The Stars kicked their all-star season off with a bang. The returning celebs didn’t hold anything back as they hit the ballroom to show the judges and America why they deserved to be back. Returning NFLer Emmitt Smith took the top score of the night while Pamela Anderson failed to impress the judges receiving he lowest score of the night. Will America’s votes completely flip the script.

For the first prolonged hour of tonight’s two-hour elimination episode, the couples were introduced individually with each star revealing why they returned to the show. YAWN! No one cares. The second hour finally kicked off with an impressive routine featuring the pros and this year’s troupe. You can watch it below if you missed it. Time for the first set of results of the night. Let’s meet the first four couples.

Joey & Kym: SAFE
Apolo & Karina: SAFE
Bristol & Mark: IN JEOPARDY
Shawn & Derek: SAFE

More results, performances and who went home after the jump.

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