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We’re still recovering from our NYE celebrations, so we decided to take today off. In lieu of new articles, we decided to repost some of our favorite 2010 Year End List-themed posts from this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

Is it me or did Fall 2010’s reality shows feature more annoying contestants than ever before? I don’t even think I’m exaggerating in the least. Cumulatively, the networks cast the most polarizing and irritating reality stars in recent memory if not ever. There were moments during this Fall TV season, when my jaw literally fell to the ground after witnessing some of their behavior. It was baffling to see how some of these people consistently remained on their respective shows, despite their shenanigans.

While I do recognize I could choose to stop watching the offending shows, I didn’t for the sake of my dear loyal reality TV fanatics. Papa’s gotta do his research you know. Hands up, if you believe that line of BS. Truth be told, I just didn’t have enough strength to stop staring at the trainwrecks. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and help me bequeath “The Most Annoying Reality Star” title to one of these hookers.

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DWTS Argentina Gets Down And Dirty

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Wow! Talk about leaving it all on the floor. Argentina’s version of Dancing With The Stars, Dance For A Dream got a little X-Rated this week when couple Silvina Escudero and Nicolás Scillama took the term Dirty Dancing to a whole new level.

The office storyline seems cute and innocent enough, but then, it all goes down hill when the female CEO takes her pony tail out and whips her hair around. This is followed by Nicolás ripping of Silvina’s skirt to reveal the most scandalous of see through thongs. Some choreography ensues but suddenly, Silvina is on all fours and Nicolás is miming doing her doggie style. WHAT!?

Fast forward to Silvina in just her bra and panties and she tears off Nicolás’ jumpsuit to reveal him in only black boxer briefs. A bit of sexual choreography continues to bring them behind the desk, where he whips off her bra, leans her down on one of the desks and well… you’ll just have to watch for yourself.

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Married lesbian sportscaster Gili Shem Tov and her professional female partner, Dorit Milman, made history when they became the first ever same-sex pairing on any “Dancing with the Stars” series in the world. Now, they earn the distinction of being the first ever same-sex couple to be eliminated from the dancing reality show. After narrowly escaping elimination last week with their low scores, their luck finally ran out and placed 8th overall in Israel’s fifth season of the dancing competition.

This week the competitors had to incorporate an artifact into their performance. Tov and Milman chose a naked mannequin as their prop. In the end it was a bad choice, since Tov proved stiffer than the mannequin. While some people might see their elimination as a sign of public acceptance of the same-sex pairing, I personally think they were booted for Tov’s dancing skills. I’ve seen clips of a couple of their performances, and while I’ve seen worse (Kate Gosselin), Gili Shem Tov wasn’t the most graceful. Don’t take my word for it, check out a few of their dances below.

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DWTS Season 11 Finale: And The Winner Is…

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14 weeks ago, three stars from three very different walks of life, joined a competition without knowing what they were about to get themselves into. Over the course of the competition, these three realized that they each possessed something that would carry them forward. Kyle Massey realized he was fearless and could take on any task that was handed down to him and attack it force. Bristol Palin never expected to get this far but realized that with hard work, barriers can be broken. Jennifer Grey had high expectations placed upon her and realized that sometimes, greatness comes at a cost.

These 3 knew what they needed to do. But, when the dust settles and the lights go down, would it be enough? In the end, 3 very different paths, all head towards the same destination. When the dances are done, and the votes are tallied, one stands above the rest. Tonight, we crown the winner. Who will it be?

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DWTS Season 11 Finale Video Performances

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12 Weeks Ago, the stars met their pros. They’ve had their successes, their fallouts, and moments of defeat. But now, it all comes down to this: the Season 11 Finale. The three finalists will compete in Part 1 of the two part finale tonight. Four dances will help determine who the mirror ball trophy and tonight, we see two of the four. First up is the Redemption Dance. Each judge picks a routine they think the couple should have excelled at but didn’t do their best. That judge will then visit rehearsals and help mentor the stars and pros to make their dance the best of the best. Secondly, the couples will perform the most anticipated dance of the season… The Freestyle. Our first couple to the floor is Kyle and Lacey.

Song: “Feelin’ Good” – Nina Simone
Kyle has had quite the journey this season. His charisma has always been his strength on the show but what he has lacked the most in his performances is his technique. Week after week, Len praised him for performance but criticized him heavily on his lack of details when it came to the finer things and his feet especially. As their redemption dance, Len picked the Foxtrot. Their first Foxtrot happened during TV Theme Week when they performed to the theme from Charlie’s Angels. Len HATED it so much that he thought they should do it again.

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In lieu of the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 finale creeping upon us, I thought it was about time to grab the reigns and do a Top Ten countdown of the hottest male pros the show has seen throughout its 11 seasons. Patrick and I took some time over a glass of wine to contend the 15 male pros against each other. It wasn’t an easy task by any means as the number 1 and 2 spots were fought over and ended with a win (by me) over a best out of 3 “rock-paper-scissors” battle.

Five male pros didn’t make the cut unfortunately and they will get their honorable mentions at the end of the countdown. Without further ado, let us begin the countdown.

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Last night, our stars set their sights on the finals. When it mattered most, they all delivered the goods. All the pressure brought on peak performances and Jennifer Grey even pulled off a perfect performance. Tonight, after all the voting, we learn who your Final 3 couples will be for next week’s two part finale. Before we get started, I’ll recap my thoughts on last night. Jennifer Grey was a sight of perfection last night with both of her dances. Jennifer may win this thing. No question. Brandy nailed it and where it mattered most, during her video montage about her background before the show, she became very vulnerable. I loved seeing that honest side of her. Kyle had a great night of performances too and his story of moving to LA with his family was so sweet. Kyle is always Mr. Performance and Charisma and he didn’t hold anything back last night. Bristol actually shocked me last night. Her first dance wowed the ballroom and the judges as she committed full heartedly to the routine. Her second dance however took a step backward for her. She looked lost in the middle and didn’t commit. But, as we’ve seen with this season, anything can happen and truly, anyone can go home.

We begin the night with a beautiful performance from Annie Lennox. Man, does she still got it. Recognize one of the dancers? It was Brandon from Season 5 of SYTYCD US.

Jennifer and Derek are up first to hear their fate. With two perfect 30’s, they better be safe.

Jennifer & Derek: SAFE

They are going to the final! Well deserved.

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DWTS 11 Week 9 Video Performances

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Tonight is the DWTS Semi-finals. Whoah. Where did the time go? Next week, the final 3 couples will battle it out for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy. Tonight, we will find out who has what it takes to take them all the way to the top. Tonight, each couple will perform two dances. First, they will perform in a latin round where the star must break apart from their pro and dance a solo. Then, the ballroom round where the couple must compete a style they have not yet competed. I think tonight is going to get very heated. Obviously, IMHO, Bristol doesn’t stand a chance against the other 3 stars. Brandy and Jennifer have consistently been on top with Kyle not far behind. However, Bristol seems to continue to fly under the radar and make it through to the next round. Will this week be the end of the activist or will she live to fight another day?


Song: “Firework” – Katy Perry
We start off with Brandy and Maks. These two have shared the lead for the last four weeks so will this dance keep them on top? With this Paso, Brandy must also break away from Maks and perform a solo. Her biggest competition is Jennifer for sure but her growth has brought her a long way and if she can overcome a few of her obstacles, she may go all the way. On to their dance. They perform to one of my favorite Katy Perry songs. They begin with this little acting sequence that leaves something to be desired. It feels contrived and I don’t think the panel will like it. As Maks walks off, Brandy follows with her solo which she actually executed well in my opinion. Once her and Maks connect again the Paso is on and I’m digging it. Song choice is such a big deal for me and I think this song was the wrong choice for this Paso at this stage in the competition. However, song aside, I thought Brandy danced it well and embodied the character that was given to her. She finishes alone, strong centre floor. Len said that Brandy came out 100% and gave everything she got. Bruno thought Brandy released all of her aggression but lost finesse a few times when she let it all out. Carrie Ann agreed with both judges and thought she was locked into the character and used her upper body well. I agree with all of their comments but did they honestly not watch the first 20 seconds of the dance? Hmm.

Carrie Ann: 9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
TOTAL: 27 out of 30

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