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Can you believe it? We’ve reached the semi-finals on Dancing With the Stars. Only four couples remain and it honestly feels like yesterday that we began watching this thirteenth season. Wow time flies. Tonight, the stars will be taking on a whopping three dances. Hope and J.R. will take on the dark and menacing Paso Doble while Ricki and Rob will attempt the sexy Samba. For round two, the stars will all take their turn working out an Argentine Tango and ending the night with an exhausting Cha-Cha relay. Did you get all that?

We all understand how round one and two work but if you’re not 100% sure on what the Cha-Cha Relay is, I’ll quickly explain it to you. Each couple will take a turn dancing a portion of Enrique Iglesias’ song, I Like How It Feels. Afterward, the judges will converse about who will win the round. The winner receives 10 bonus points, second place 8 bonus points, third place 6 and last place 4. These bonus points can definitely shake up the competition.

Tonight, the stars are going to bring everything they’ve got. However, tonight J.R. has a hindering ankle injury. Will this jeopardize his place in the competition after riding high on last week’s perfect 60? Let’s hope not. Meanwhile, Hope Solo had a great week last week but will she be able to maintain her climb upward or will this week separate her as the weakest amongst the strong. That leaves Rob and Ricki who in my opinion are going to be battling it out in the end for that mirror ball trophy. Without further ado, check out all the night’s performances and scores below.

Check out all of the night’s performances and scores after the jump.

Last night, the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars was full of excitement. The first round of competition saw the couples performing some of their best routines. J.R. Martinez pulled a double perfect score with 60 out of 60 for his Waltz and for his Instant Jive. Nancy had a strong Tango but her Instant Jive left something to be desired. So, who will be the four couples to move on to next week’s semi-finals and who will miss the mark one week early?

The first couples to receive their results are Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke, Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy and J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff. Rob and Hope both had some of their best dances all season long but J.R. did kick the hell out of last night’s competition by scoring a perfect 30 not once, but twice. J.R. and Hope are proclaimed to be in the semi-finals as Rob and Cheryl are sent to the bottom two. The ballroom definitely didn’t agree with that and resounded with boos.

The last two couples to hear their results are Ricki Lake and Derek Hough and Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus. Ricki had a lackluster night compared to her previous weeks but still managed to stay fairly close to the top. Nancy’s Tango was brilliant but her Jive lacked well, everything. Who will be safe? Is it going to be another ballroom upset? Ricki and Derek are safe and headed to the semi-finals while Nancy and Tristan find themselves in the bottom two with Rob and Cheryl. So, who will get the boot tonight? Find out after the jump.

The night’s elimination after the jump.

Last week, the ballroom got spooked by a plethora of Halloween inspired dances. This season’s favorite Ricki Lake came back on top with her fantastic Paso Doble and the combined total from her stunning team dance. However, the ballroom was rocked when David Arquette became the latest victim to fall short of viewer votes leaving Nancy Grace the opportunity to compete for one more week. So, how would our stars fare this week having to not only compete with one, but two routines.

That’s right, this week the show’s favorite curve ball, the instant dance is back! After the first round of competition, the stars and their partners will randomly draw a song out of a mirror ball. They will then be given 20 minutes to rehearse their choreography with the song. Then, they must head out on to the hardwood and give it all they got to impress the judges to win those scores.

Tonight, the stars performed some of their best routines of the season and one star even received a perfect combined total of 60 out of 60. However, Len did say the following to one competitor: “You have been a real Cinderella story, but Cinderella, the ball is over and it’s time to go home.” Who do you think Len said that to? Check out all of the night’s performances and scores below.

Watch all the performances after the jump.

Last night, the stars took to the ballroom for a night of spooktacular routines. Nothing like Dancing With the Stars going full out to celebrate Halloween. After individual routines and two team dancers, Ricki Lake found herself once again topping the leader board while Nancy Grace fell to the bottom. Would this be the end of the courtroom queen? We’ll have to wait and see. But first, the evening is kicked off with a performance from YouTube’s highest watched superstar, Justin Bieber who performs the title track from his 3D documentary, Never Say Never (video after the jump).

After an encore performance from Team Paso (Rob & Cheryl, Ricki & Derek and Hope & Maks), we receive our first set of results. It’s between Nancy Grace and reality royalty, Rob Kardashian. The judges told Rob that this was his best dance of the season but Len audibly stated that it wasn’t Nancy’s greatest moment. With Nancy being the base of the leaderboard, would this be her demise to the bottom two? It would and Rob and Cheryl are safe to dance another week.

After an AT&T inspirational performance, Derek Hough and SYTYCD alumni, Allison Holker take the stage for a flamenco inspired routine. I can’t complain, any routine that involves Derek shirtless is okay in my books. Accompanied by violins, a classical guitarist and an amazing drummer, the two gave a jaw dropping performance. Back to results. J.R. Martinez has been fighting for top spot with Ricki Lake week after week but last night, fell into the middle of the pack with Ricki regaining the lead. Ricki and Derek are safe and so are J.R. and Karina. Shocker! So, will it be Hope Solo or David Arquette joining Nancy in the bottom. Find out below.

Performance videos and who went home after the jump.

We all know that being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars can have an amazing effect on your weight loss. Just ask former contestant Kirstie Alley who lost almost 100 pounds during her season’s run. Now, talk show queen Ricki Lake is the latest to lose the weight. But, it’s not just paying off in the waste line, but in the bedroom as well and I’m sure her fiancé, Christian Evans is thankful for that.

“Oh, my god, my love is pretty spicy. When I get home [from rehearsals], I train horizontally. [My fiancé] has noticed a difference in my stamina over the last couple of weeks.”

Umm, thanks for sharing Ricki, but I think you’re giving us a little TMI. However, how would pop culture fanatics like us thrive without living vicariously through our favorite celebrities lives. Apparently, she’s been quite candid with her new found sex life, and she’s not afraid to share it with her show’s partner, Derek Hough.

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Tonight, the ballroom turned into a haunted house on Dancing With the Stars. Filled with spooky puns galore, the show took us through a playlist of Halloween favorites. One of the most unique features of the night was watching every couple do a unique genre of ballroom dance before taking on the show’s first ever Halloween team dance. Before the show kicked off, we learned that show favorite Ricki Lake had experienced an injury in her ribs during the week. Would she be well enough to perform?

What I was really looking forward to was Rob Kardashian’s appearance and who in the family would be there to support him despite the recent divorce news of sister, Kim Kardashian. Alas, no talk of the split. There was also no talk about Maks’ little fight with the judges last week. Instead, they took their frustration out on the hardwood for one of Hope Solo’s best routines. The night was full of great routines however, so let’s get at them. Check out all of the night’s performances and scores below.

Watch all of the performances after the jump.

Do you remember a time in television when gays and lesbians weren’t depicted at all in your favorite television series? In this day and age, that’s all changing. I remember being a kid and being curious about my homosexuality and sneaking out of bed late at night to watch Queer As Folk, the only gay characters I knew on any show. Now, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing gay dads, a gay storyline or a gay character of any kind on your favorite prime time program. Now, new numbers are showing us that LGBT characters have hit an all-time high.

This new report on this budding trend in TV is called “The New Mainstream.” The study found that 28 percent of all primetime TV viewing last season depicted a gay or lesbian character and or storyline. That’s quite an impressive percentage. Even more, one in four scripted series and one in five reality programs have been designated as LGBT inclusive. That’s coming a long way, wouldn’t you say? Despite the fact that gay characters and plot lines seem to be on the rise, GLAAD recently stated that the number of LGBT characters on scripted broadcast network TV had dipped slightly to 19 out of nearly 650 roles. But, why not celebrate the small victories? Check out more of the study’s findings below:

More of “The New Mainstream” after the jump.

Last night was a pretty dramatic night in the ballroom. How appropriate considering that the night was dedicated to Broadway. We two pretty stellar routines from this season’s favorites, Ricki Lake and J.R. Martinez. However, two stars did fall to the bottom of the pack in a big way. I’m talking about Hope Solo and Chaz Bono who scored the lowest for the evening and received the most devastating comments from the judges. But, who would be eliminated tonight?

Of course, the night wouldn’t be a true Dancing With The Stars elimination night with a fair share of fillers. Once again, star of the upcoming series GCB’s on ABC, Kristin Chenoweth took the floor to sing along with country star Martina McBride who also performed. However, the number that stole the show was the Macy’s Stars of Dance routine, choreographed and conceived by Kenny Ortega and starring his High School Musical friend and colleague, Corbin Bleu. His medley of Broadway songs was electrifying and the dancing with absolutely stunning. Check out his performance below.

See who got eliminated from DWTS after the jump.

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