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dancing with the stars

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Do you remember a time in television when gays and lesbians weren’t depicted at all in your favorite television series? In this day and age, that’s all changing. I remember being a kid and being curious about my homosexuality and sneaking out of bed late at night to watch Queer As Folk, the only gay characters I knew on any show. Now, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing gay dads, a gay storyline or a gay character of any kind on your favorite prime time program. Now, new numbers are showing us that LGBT characters have hit an all-time high.

This new report on this budding trend in TV is called “The New Mainstream.” The study found that 28 percent of all primetime TV viewing last season depicted a gay or lesbian character and or storyline. That’s quite an impressive percentage. Even more, one in four scripted series and one in five reality programs have been designated as LGBT inclusive. That’s coming a long way, wouldn’t you say? Despite the fact that gay characters and plot lines seem to be on the rise, GLAAD recently stated that the number of LGBT characters on scripted broadcast network TV had dipped slightly to 19 out of nearly 650 roles. But, why not celebrate the small victories? Check out more of the study’s findings below:

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Last night was a pretty dramatic night in the ballroom. How appropriate considering that the night was dedicated to Broadway. We two pretty stellar routines from this season’s favorites, Ricki Lake and J.R. Martinez. However, two stars did fall to the bottom of the pack in a big way. I’m talking about Hope Solo and Chaz Bono who scored the lowest for the evening and received the most devastating comments from the judges. But, who would be eliminated tonight?

Of course, the night wouldn’t be a true Dancing With The Stars elimination night with a fair share of fillers. Once again, star of the upcoming series GCB’s on ABC, Kristin Chenoweth took the floor to sing along with country star Martina McBride who also performed. However, the number that stole the show was the Macy’s Stars of Dance routine, choreographed and conceived by Kenny Ortega and starring his High School Musical friend and colleague, Corbin Bleu. His medley of Broadway songs was electrifying and the dancing with absolutely stunning. Check out his performance below.

See who got eliminated from DWTS after the jump.

Last night was Broadway night on Dancing With The Stars with routines dedicated to songs from shows that have graced the stages of the great white way. To kick the show off, the cast of Sister Act performed a rocking medley of songs from the Tony nominated show. What a great way to begin the night. After that, the stars kicked off their performances. Tonight, we would see everything from Cha Chas, to Quicksteps, and even a Rumba.

But, now that the stars have reached the halfway point in the competition, it’s time for them to endure the group dance. This season, the routine was choreographed by Kevin Maher and you can check it out at the end of the recap. So, with the stars at their breaking point having to learn two dances, who would crack under the pressure and who would rise to the challenge?

With only a few competitors left in the season, I thought I would provide you with all the routines to watch versus picking just my favorites. So, watch all of the dances and check out their scores below.

Watch all the dances after the jump…

Last night, the ballroom was transferred back in time to the 1980’s for a Manic Monday on Dancing With The Stars. We heard some epic tunes but failed to see a slew of amazing routines. Ricki Lake who has found a safe spot at the top fell short this week creating a new leader in J.R. However, crowd favorite Carson Kressley failed to impress with his routine. So, will he be saved by his fan base once again or will he be sent packing? Let’s find out.

Our first celebrities to find out their fate are Ricki Lake and Hope Solo. Ricki and Derek are safe but Hope and Maks are in jeopardy. After a quick montage on how the stars and their pro partners have got on, we’re treated to a performance of Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson. I absolutely love this song and she sounded so great live tonight. Accompanied by Tristan and Kym on the floor, the performance was absolutely amazing!

Tonight, we were treated to an AT&T Spotlight Performance. This is to showcase a dancer who overcame extreme obstacles to pursue dance and how it’s changed their lives. Tonight, we were introduced to Charm Ladonna who despite growing up in Compton and watching her mother struggle to pay for dance classes, booked a tour with Madonna and used the money to pay her way through college. She then did an epic performance with Derek Hough and Mark Ballas to Till The World Ends. Anyone else notice the inspiration at the top of the number?

Find out who was eliminated after the jump.

Last week, pop princess Chynna Phillips made a big flop in the ballroom when she blanked on her routine and was sent packing. In my opinion, too soon as I thought she had some great potential. Tonight, the stars and their partners will pay tribute to one of my favorite decades (even though I was born half way through it). I’m talking about 80’s Week.

I know I’m a little late on the recap here but better later than never right? Donovan has already shared the music of the night which brought us back to the good ol’ days, but how did the routines fare? I checked them out and am ready to give you my four favorites. I have to say this week, the talent and skill didn’t quite match last week’s epic movie madness. However, one star impressed me so much with his improvements, I couldn’t help but put him in my top four. Check out my picks below.

Check out my four favorite dances after the jump.

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, we were treated to a whole lot of fluff and not a lot of actual DWTS, however, the filler was worth it this week with the return of Julianne Hough to the ballroom. Not only would she dance with her Footloose co-star Kenny Wormwald but she will also do a duet with her brother Derek Hough. Also added to the evening’s list of performers is Raphael Saadiq and the woman who broke all of our hearts with her first audition on …Got Talent, Susan Boyle.

With all of these condiments, it’s easy to forget that there is actually some meat to this Dancing With The Stars sandwich. That’s right, there is a dancing competition going on. Last night was evening of exciting highs and lowest lows. Chynna Phillips had a rollercoaster night when she hit the hardwood but blanked and forgot her routine. However, Ricki Lake soared to the top of the leaderboard for the third week in a row. But, who would be safe and who would be sent packing?

Tonight, three big names are in the bottom three. Chynna Phillips, Rob Kardashian and Nancy Grace. So who will be the star heading home tonight? Check out Susan Boyle and the Footloose performance and see who went home after the jump.

Performance videos and the results after the jump.

Last week was a rough week on Dancing With The Stars. After sharing personal stories through their routines, the cast grew closer than ever. The heartbreak continued as the ballroom went into shock after TV sweetheart Kristin Cavallari didn’t have the votes to stay in the competition and was sent home.

This week, the stars will be dancing to some of the most epic movie themes of all time. We’ll see the tango, the paso doble and more. With the pressure at it’s highest, the stars are beginning to hit their breaking points. Who will come out on top tonight? Check out my four favorite routines from the night below.

Check out my four favorite dances after the jump…

After last night’s emotional night of personal stories, the stars are ready to hear their fate as one of them will be sent packing. But, you can’t get a night of eliminations without a little performance from R&B queen, Mary J. Blige who gives an electrifying performance of “Real Love.” You always forget how good that song is until you hear it again. I digress. Let’s get to our first set of results.

The first three stars to hear their fate are Chaz Bono, who had a pretty rough night falling to bottom once again, Ricki Lake who took the ballroom by storm with her emotional rumba, and J.R. Martinez who had the ballroom in tears with his portrayal of the men and women who served our country but didn’t come home. All three couples are declared safe and will dance again next week.

The next four stars to hear their fate are Nancy Grace who performed a beautiful number dedicated to her children, Carson Kressley who brought the house down with his funny and witty tango, Hope Solo who turned up the sex but failed to impress the judges and Rob Kardashian who showed the most signs of improvement. In the end, Hope and Carson would be in jeopardy and Rob and Nancy would be safe.

After a tribute from the troupe to “Gone With The Wind” to celebrate next week’s episode with music from movie scores, we are treated to the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance featuring Estelle. The R&B superstar starts off with a slew of men until she introduces the originator of the twist, Chubby Checkers. The performance is a lot of fun and totally electrifying. More results below.

More results after the jump…

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