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Dan Osborne Gets Wet With Male Strippers

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

This is a wet dream come true, literally.

It’s no secret I have a huge crush on UK reality star Dan Osborne. Who doesn’t? The 23-year-old Towie star recently announced he’s joining the male strip revue, the Dreamboys, in the name of charity. He’ll channel his inner Magic Mike for a seven-date stint on their Fit and Famous Tour this September.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the Fit and Famous tour with The Dreamboys and meeting all the fans,” Osborne told the Daily Mail. “Keeping really fit while having fun with the lads – what’s not to like?! I can’t wait to start rehearsals!”

“As a male and a father it is very important to me to be supporting Balls for Cancer,” he added. “We’ve all been affected in some way by cancer, whether it be through family, friends, a colleague or someone we know in our lives.”

To celebrate his new gig, he joined his fellow strippers at a car wash, supporting the charity, Balls To Cancer. Watch him rock out a wet tee, get soaked and show off that well-defined torso of his below.

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“I find it hard to go straight…. from this height,” says Dan Osborne while standing on the diving platform with a shirtless Tom Daley. For a hot second there, I thought that sentence was going somewhere else ;)

Even though Osborne finished off the Splash! podium, coming in fourth, in my eyes he won. Dude got to spend countless hours practicing dives with the Olympian. Speaking of eyes, you can clearly tell Daley has a thing for Osborne whenever he looks at him. The body language is also telling. Tom awkwardly grabbing his junk and covering it during the judges’ critiques make me wonder if he was trying to hid a potential boner.

Watch the video below and check out the unintentionally soft-core porntastic clip below.

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If you thought the four covers of Attitude Magazine’s annual ‘Naked‘ issue were hot, wait til you check out this clip. The publication gives a glimpse of the making of the sizzling visuals.

Watch Dan Osborne, Sylvan Longchambon, Kirk Norcross, Greg Rutherford and more goofing around while holding their junk for the camera. What I would give to be someone’s assistant in that room. Check out the NSFW behind-the-scenes clip below, along with some more pics from the sexy issue.

watch NSFW clip after the jump


It’s no secret I have a huge crush on Dan Osborne. The UK reality star is just too much.

Attitude magazine has chosen wisely for their annual Naked issue. Along with Osborne, Dancing On Ice hunk Sylvain Longchambon, former Towie star Kirk Norcross and Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford bare all on four different collectible covers. As much as I love Dan, I have to say that Rutherford is one sexy ginger. Yes please.

The publication promises this year’s edition will be the biggest Naked issue ever. With a total of 44 naked guys stripping off for their readers’ delight, I fully expect this to be one of their top-selling issues of the year. If not ever. Check out the other covers below.

check out the other covers after the jump


Sometimes life is just not fair on this side of the Atlantic. While we had Chuy Bravo and Louie Anderson on the US edition of Splash!, the Brits have the sexy Dan Osborne to drool over week after week in tight bathing suits. This week, the reality star donned a pair of leopard-print Speedos to execute his dive for the judges. Savvy move to wear skimpy animalistic trunks to distract judges from his technique and instead turn focus on his hotness.

With water cascading over his chiseled body, I’m surprised the commentators could even perform their jobs. Newly-out Olympian Tom Daley snuck in a glance or two at Osborne’s hot bod as he gave him pointers. Speaking of ‘pointers,’ I’m sure Tom had a stiffy just outside of the camera’s eye. Better watch out Daley, I’m sure Dustin Lance Black doesn’t appreciate a wandering eye. Hopefully, Osborne sticks around a bit longer so I have more weekly vids to share in the coming weeks. Check out Dan perform his dive this week below, along with several hot promo photos.

watch the video and more pics after the jump

Dan Osborne Gets ‘Banged’

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

Sadly, it’s not that kind of bangin‘ ;(

Prior to his scorching 2014 calendar, I had no idea who Dan Osborne was. This hot reality bitch became an instant sensation when he appeared on the hit UK show The Only Way Is Essex. Based on the picture above, you can see why. SIGH!!!

Wisely, men’s underwear online retailer, BangLads, tapped Osborne to front their new ad campaign called, “Bang.” With his sturdy 6’5″ frame and toned muscles, any piece of underwear looks mighty damn fine. Check out Dan strut his hotness below for photographer Darren Black. May the upcoming new year bring us more tasty visuals of Osborne barely clothed. Amen.

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Dan Osborne Previews His 2014 Calendar

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

I have no idea who this hot bitch is, but I’m in lust. Apparently, his name is Dan Osborne and stars on the hit UK show The Only Way Is Essex. Not surprisingly, with his bulging biceps and toned abs he became an instant hit with the ladies, gays and those questioning straight boys (wink) since joining the show this season. I don’t blame them. I could spend an entire afternoon tracing all his tats.

Naturally, with his new-found popularity, he’s releasing a 2014 calendar which was shot in Majorca. In addition to fronting his own, he appears on The Only Way Is Essex‘s 2014 edition as well. Clearly, the calendar distributor is expecting to cash in big time. Check out previews for both calendars below.

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