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Mitchell Wick looks at home on the beaches of Bali. As he should. With a body like that, I’m sure he’s enjoyed a few sandy beaches in his native Australia.

Wick rocks a colorful array of patterned swimwear from Teamm8 (love them) under the watchful eye of photographer Ronald Liem. Check out more pics below from the sizzling shoot found in the latest issue of Da Man magazine.

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Praise baby Jesus to Shonda Rhimes for writing more scenes requiring Charlie Weber to take off his shirt. The 37-year-old How To Get Away With Murder actor has certainly amped up the heat factor on the ABC drama. No disrespect to the others, but IMHO, he’s the hottest on the show.

Weber headed outdoors recently for a slick western-styled spread for the latest issue of Da Man. Photographer Mitchell Nguyen McCormack snapped Charlie rocking a bunch of denim, sweaters and Southwestern looks. I want every piece in my closet stat.

For the accompanying interview, Charlie talked about his roles leading up to his breakout gig. Did you know he’s appeared in all three CSI series, Veronica Mars, House and Buffy The Vampire Slayer to a name a few. Check out more pictures below, along with some quotes from his chat.

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Brian Shimansky, the current face of Versace’s Eros fragrance, takes a break from the Italian brand to model stylish threads from other designers. The 28-year-old male supermodel dons Louis Vuitton, John Hardy, Calvin Klein, Etro and other labels at the Edge Villas in Bali for a spread in Da Man magazine’s latest issue.

Check out more pics snapped by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack below. I don’t know what’s a more breathtaking view- the stunning tropical resort or the equally stunning chiseled Shimansky. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Initially, Alan Ritchson auditioned for the role of Finnick which eventually went to Sam Claflin. A couple of months after not hearing from the casting director, he received an offer to play Gloss. If you’ve seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, much to his fans’ dismay, he’s barely featured. Even more disheartening is the fact producers didn’t utilize that ripped eight-pack of his. Luckily for us, Da Man had no problem exploiting his natural assets.

The 29-year-old former American Idol hopeful poses for a stylish and sizzling editorial in Da Man’s latest issue snapped by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack. Ritchson can next be seen in Michael Bay’s upcoming big budget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where he plays Raphael. Given that he’s a turtle, I’m pretty sure, once again, moviegoers will be deprived of his toned physique on the big screen. Better get your fill from the pictures below.

On How He Keeps In Shape

“I’d be lying if I say genetics don’t play some part of that, but at the same time, I think people take for granted how hard it is to achieve any kind of success. I do work really hard, I work out five days a week and I’m very disciplined about my regimen. I focus on cardio; it’s the foundation of my workout. The best of me is poured into that and the rest of it goes into resistance training. If anyone wants to get ripped, I recommend sprint training.”

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As I was searching for related links to include for this post, I realized I’ve never featured Garrett Neff for my Model Behavior series. Shame on me. I’ll definitely rectify that in the near future. In the meantime, I wanted to share this sexy editorial of the 29-year-old model in Da Man magazine.

The publication taps the American stunner as the return of the male supermodel. I don’t blame them. He looks beyond scrumptious whether he’s wearing suits or skimpy white Calvin Klein briefs. Check out the Mitchell Nguyen McCormack-snapped spread below.

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The New Normal may be dunzo but that isn’t stopping Justin Bartha from talking about it. The 34-year-old discusses the challenges on playing a gay character with Da Man magazine. In addition to disclosing how to pretend to prefer penis, Bartha dons designer threads for a stylish editorial snapped by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack. Check out a few quotes and pics below from the issue on newsstands now.

On Challenges Playing A Gay Man

“As a straight man, the only unique challenge is to make the sexuality seem as believable as possible. Every role presents its own unique set of challenges. My own personal pussy preference doesn’t hold me back when pretending to prefer penis. Alliteration of the day.”

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Matt Bomer’s Da Man Photo Spread

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He’s just so darn pretty. SIGH. Life’s just not fair sometimes 😉

Matt Bomer definitely knows his bread and butter. He knows he’s dashingly handsome in a suit. Recently, the White Collar actor released a fashion line including bow ties, suits and pocket squares inspired by his character on the show, Neal Caffrey. The 35-year-old is certainly becoming the fashion maven.

Adding to his fashion cred, Bomer pops up in the latest issue of DA MAN magazine. Photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack, Matt’s spread is stylishly cool and relaxed. I love the blue blazer and plaid pant look. Soooo hot. Check out a few photos from his shoot, along with a few quotes where he discusses being a father, keeping sane in Hollywood and his next project.

On Staying Sane In Hollywood

Having a life outside of the business that grounds you. For me, it’s my family. They always come first, and always will. But it doesn’t have to be exclusive to family. There are lots of things that keep the business in perspective. We’re very blessed to be able to tell stories. It’s an essential way for humankind to understand itself: who we are, where we come from, where we could be going, what we’re capable of. But at the end of the day, if you’re not living a life outside of the business, you’re going to run out of things to bring to the table. 

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Simone Bredariol Goes Under The Hood For Da Man

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I first noticed Simone Bredariol when he popped up on the high fashion cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Since then, I’ve been a fan of this sexy Italian male model and followed his career. If you missed it, be sure to check out my Model Behavior post on him. Plenty of photos of him there.

Bredariol’s latest fashion editorial finds him in a racing state of mind. Photographed by Marco Marezza and styled by Cannon, Simone smolders surrounded by an armada of vintage automobiles. In one instance, he’s shirtless underneath one of the vehicles. Vroom, vroom is all I have to say. I’d definitely like a peek under his “hood”. When he is clothed (which is a shame), he’s sporting threads from Emporio Armani. Check out his spread in the latest issue of DA MAN magazine below.

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