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Lenny Kravitz Debuts Collection For CB2

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Lenny Kravitz is pimping everything these days. He recently appeared with James Franco to promote the Guitar Hero relaunch and now this.

The 51-year-old rocker (who looks amazing BTW) just unveiled his celebrity collection for CB2. Inspired by 1970s decor, the pieces are a “perfect blend of earthy and elegant.”

I love buying stuff for our home and adore Kravitz, so naturally, I’m all over this. Check out some of my favorite pieces below.

check out some of my favorite pieces after the jump

Crate and Barrel‘s younger, spin-ff store, CB2 (which opened in Vancouver earlier this year), just released an apology for offering a product in their stores that was in poor taste.

“We made a bad decision when we purchased this product,” Marta Calle, CB2’s President and Chief Merchant wrote in a statement to Yahoo! Shine. “We apologize for the product and the insensitive language used in its description. We have pulled the product from our stores and our website. Please accept our apologies for this lapse in judgment.”

The item in question is a wallet and I believe it came to everyone’s attention after a post on the popular website, Jezebel. The author of that post (Jenna Sauers) wrote: “Imagine being reminded of shelter overcrowding and underfunding, the economic disenfranchisement of our veterans, and the health care system’s failure to provide services for the mentally ill every single time you take out your wallet to pay for an overpriced iPhone stylus or an off-brand Jenga imitator.”

As you’ve probably figure out, the product is a wallet… but not your average looking wallet. Check out what it looks like and what it’s called below.

Check out a picture of the product after the jump…

Photo courtesy of Prideful Engagements

Home decor and more store Crate & Barrel is holding The Ultimate Wedding Contest for a couple with the most votes to win $100,000 and a wedding organized by celebrity wedding planner, Yifat Oren. To enter, you must explain how you met, details on your wedding and then how you’d design your dream home.

One story in particular is gaining some serious steam and if they win, would be a huge step in the support of marriage equality. Meet Robbie & Allen from Los Angeles, CA who say that their connection was Love At First Wink. Their story is so cute so I couldn’t help but give them an extra boost. What I love most about this story is that Robbie wasn’t even out two and a half years ago to his friends, family, or himself. And now, he’s canvasing for your votes. Amazing right?


Robbie had seen Allen’s profile a few times on a gay connection site but never did anything because he was confused about his own sexuality. Mustering up the courage, Robbie sent a “wink” to Allen and the rest is history. The two began emailing back and forth and met shortly after and never looked back. Three months brought on the I love you’s, 12 months prompted the move in, and after two years of bliss came the will you marry me?

Check out pics of the adorable couple and learn more about them here.

Top 5 Thursdays: Apartment Toys

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Given that Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I would try my luck publishing my (dream) Christmas wish list on the www in hopes that Santa Clause would take notice. Below are 5 “toys,” gadgets and interior decor that I’d like to see in my apartment (on Christmas morning…)


5) Closet Organizer – I absolutely lucked out in the closet department when I found my apartment.  The closet in my studio is big enough that if I wanted more of a “one bedroom” feel I could fit my queen size bed inside it – but who wants to sacrifice a closet?  Right now I have an Ikea dresser for (some) of my folded stuff (underwear, socks, sweaters, shorts) and for my hanging stuff I have a bar that stretches the length of the closet, plus I have two shelves above the bar for shoes and any extra folded stuff.  Works out OK, but my wish is for something like the picture below.  The style of the closet isn’t exactly to my taste, but the overall functionality makes my OCD happy.  This closet organizer system is from California Closets – one of the best.

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