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Chandler Bing Heads To Cougar Town

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Reunited and it feels so good (AGAIN). For all you Friends fans pining for a reunion special or movie, here’s something to tide you over for what will possibly never happen. As much as I want a full-fledged reunion, I don’t think that will ever come to fruition.

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are reuniting once more. Since the iconic comedy, the two have appeared together to promote Jennifer Aniston’s co-hosting gig on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and also on Perry’s now-canceled NBC sitcom, Go On. Matthew is now returning the favor for his former TV wife and stopping by the fifth season of Cougar Town.

Go On creator Scott Silveri, who also worked on Friends, stated that “there were no trades” between his show and Cougar Town. “We just sent them some wine. I know they like that over there,” Silveri joked at the time, adding that “it was really fun to see the two of them together.”

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Cougar Town‘s Season 4 promo featured the cast spilling wine. This year, they’re taking a vastly different approach. Jules (Courteney Cox) suggests they forgo wine until the show’s fifth season premiere. Who is she kidding? Naturally, this doesn’t go over well with the cul-de-sac crew. As expected, they last mere seconds before partaking in some vino.

Season 5 of Cougar Town begins January 7 at 10pm on TBS. Relax and uncork yourself a bottle before checking out the new promo. It’s exactly how the cast would want you to.

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TBS Renews Cougar Town For Season Five

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Looks like the gamble paid off for TBS. The network scooped up Cougar Town from ABC when the alphabet network canceled the comedy. Luckily for the wine-loving cul-de-sac crew, TBS stepped in and gave the sitcom a fourth season, inching even closer to that magical syndication number of 100.

“‘Cougar Town’ has been everything we hoped it would be: a smart, big-hearted, laugh-out-loud comedy that shines a bright light on the TBS brand,” TBS president Michael Wright says in a statement. “This season, the brilliant cast and immensely creative production team on ‘Cougar Town’ have crafted their best episodes yet, and we couldn’t be happier inviting them back for more.”

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As you may already know, Cougar Town is moving to TBS in 2013, premiering on January 8. With this move comes a bit more freedom in what they can say and do, and in the following video, they provide some examples of their new found freedom.

Courtney Cox, Ian Gomez, and Busy Phillips sit down with an interviewer and start spewing out the dirtiest and naughtiest words just to prove they can. They then want to emphasize how they’re allowed to drink actual wine in scenes instead of the fake grape juice stuff and things get a little crazy. It’s at this point that Josh Hopkins joins in…fully clothed…at first.

After all of the chaos, the interviewer reveals something to cast that causes them to bolt in a matter of seconds. Find out what he said and enjoy all the Cougar chaos in the video below.

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Cougar Town Spills The Wine For Season 4 Promo

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Removing red wine stains from anything is a headache, let alone white fabric. I can only imagine what TBS did with the wine-soaked clothes after filming this promo.

Cougar Town settles into its new home on TBS on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. To signal a new era for the Courteney Cox-helmed sitcom, the cast filmed a psychedelic video involving the show’s most imporatnt cast member- red wine. Set to the 1970 classic “Spill The Wine” by Eric Burdon and War, the Cougar Town cast get into a wine war hurling glassfuls at each other.

The clip is the latest promotional push by TBS for their newly-acquired sitcom from ABC. Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With a previously-released music video and this wine battle royale, the network has already done more marketing than the comedy’s entire run on the alphabet network. No wonder, Cox and the gang felt like the ugly red-headed stepchild at their former home. Hopefully, all of TBS’ efforts translates to ratings. Otherwise, the cul-de-sac crew might find themselves permanently evicted from television. Check out the “Spill The Wine” video below.

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Cougar Town Promotes Its TBS Debut With Music Video

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When ABC announced its 2012 Fall schedule, fans of Cougar Town thought their little sitcom that could had finally met its maker. Ever since its debut, the show was always on the cancellation bubble. Luckily for Courteney Cox and the cul-de-sac crew, TBS stepped in to give it a last minute reprieve. The comedy makes its debut on their new network on January 8th, 2013.

Instead of your standard press release, the network and cast decided to pen their own ditty, titled “We’re Back“, and film an accompanying music video. Given the show has always taken an irreverent approach to its promotion, it makes perfect sense. The Cougar Town cast must feel great not being treated like the redheaded stepchild, as ABC often did. Alexandra Wentworth joins the cast as Tom’s new girlfriend for Season 4.

Watch the clip below which features a handful of cameos by Nia Vardalos, Sarah Chalke, Conan O’Brien (kinda). Even Danny Pudi makes a surprise appearance. His character on NBC’s Community is a die hard fan of Cougar Town. If the cameos and original song aren’t enough motivation to watch the video, perhaps the show’s male stars dancing shirtless on tables will.

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“Cougar Town” Season 4 Status Revealed

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It’s official. The fourth season of “Cougar Town” will not air on ABC next fall. There is good news, however, for the show’s weekly 5 million viewers. The cul-de-sac crew are heading over to TBS.

“‘Cougar Town’ is a smart, whimsical sitcom that draws its humor from likable, relatable characters,” TBS/TNT/TCM president and head of programming Michael Wright says. “We are thrilled to have ‘Cougar Town’ moving to the TBS neighborhood as the network continues to expand its slate of original comedy series.”

The cable channel announced today that it’ll take the Courteney Cox sitcom from the alphabet network. In addition, to ordering 15 episodes for Season 4, TBS grabbed the rerun rights for the first three seasons as well. I expect they’ll air them before premiering “Cougar Town’s” fourth season, which is scheduled to air early 2013.

While, I haven’t watched the third season religiously, I’m glad the Penny-Can playing group aren’t saying good-bye forever. That said, with them gone, the likelihood of my other favorite on-the-bubble ABC sitcoms stand a good chance of returning when the network announces its Fall schedule next week. “Don’t Trust The B…“, “Suburgatory” and “Happy Endings” anyone???

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Cougar Town is probably the worst named show in television history. While the title fit the original concept of lead star Courtney Cox dating younger men in Florida, the show ended up taking on its own life and now, couldn’t be farther from the title. For a while, ABC tried to decide whether or not to change the title for it’s second season. After brainstorming got them nowhere, they decided to keep it as is.

However, it looks like they’ve reopened the case. A new Funny or Die video is out where the cast of Cougar Town pitch different show titles to the camera. Some of them are pretty hilarious including Courtney Cox claiming right off the top they should just call it Friends… when she realizes that won’t work, she changes her mind and pitches Buddies instead. Still a bad idea in my opinion.

Regardless of how terrible the title of the show is (it’s actually become part of its charm), fans are rejoicing that Courtney and the gang will be returning to TV on February 14 to kick off season three. With the fight to get the show back on the air, I fear this may be its last run on the small screen. Check out the title pitches below.

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