Skream, an English dubstep record producer has just released his new single called “Copy Cat” featuring the artist whose “milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,” Kelis. The song premiered on Skream’s radio show Skream – Stella Session last month but the final edit of the song just came out this week. I love it!

I’m not sure if the song is an actual message to someone who’s been copying either Skream or Kelis, but it’s a pretty “catty” song, calling out a “copy cat” with some In the chorus, Kelis gets her own claws out in a passive agressive way, singing: “Aww, come here copy cat / You my puppet / You know i love it / Aww, come here copy cat / You can sit on my lap / Look at how I work baby girl / You could do it, you could do it / You could do it, I did it… already.

It’s everything I love about Kelis’ music and if you’re a Kelis fan, I think you’ll enjoy it. Listen to the new track below.

Listen to the track after the jump…