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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Lana Del Rey drops a brand new video showing off her “Burning Desire.” Dressed in a white gown, Del Rey does what Del Rey does best. Gives major pout, sensual drama and eleganza while delivering a moody track. That obviously appeals to advertisers, because once again, she’s been tapped by a major brand to rep their product. This time it’s luxury car manufacturer Jaguar.

Her new clip not only serves to promote her Born to Die – The Paradise Edition EP, but does double duty as a commercial for Jaguar’s F-TYPE convertible. That definitely explains the numerous shots of the sexy red sports car in the video. It’s product placement to the nth degree. Reportedly, an upcoming short film titled “Desire” for Jaguar will feature Homeland‘s Damian Lewis. That should be an interesting watch.

Del Rey certainly has a hard-on for David Lynch. For her stint as H&M’s Fall and Winter 2012 pitchwoman, she sang “Blue Velvet” in the commercials. Her latest clip feels an awful like a hybrid of Lynch’s Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway. Perhaps, it’s all just a coincidence, but I think it’s intentional given Lana’s fondness for film noir and paying homages. Check out her music video SLASH Jaguar commercial below.

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There’s pretty much only one time of year when you actually want to be watching the commercials and that day is the day of the Super Bowl. Last night, the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and Beyonce put on a killer performance, reuniting with Destiny’s Child for a portion of the Half-Time Show.

When people weren’t watching football or Beyonce, they were watching this years batch of entertaining Super Bowl commercials and movie trailers. Since we’ve already compiled all of the movie trailers that aired during the Super Bowl last night in a separate piece, this post only includes the actually commercials and there were a lot of them.

For Canadians (and I’m sure other countries as well), these fun commercials are now shown during the Super Bowl so the only way to see them is online. For those of you that are interested in checking them out, I’ve included them all below. Of course watching all of them would take you a while, but feel free to scroll through and find the ones that catch your attention. I loved Amy Poehler’s Best Buy commercial! Also, I can’t believe there was a Scientology commercial that aired. That one is included below as well. Ads for this year’s Super Bowl reportedly cost around $3.8 million for 30 seconds. Enjoy the commercials below and share which ones were your favorites in the comments!

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We are just days away from the Super Bowl XLVII and the commercial previews keep on coming. At the same time, the rejected commercials are also getting released and the following video is one of those that was not accepted.

The commercial is from the website,, a website with countless pornographic videos that seem to address what anyone might be into. Gay, straight, male, female... literally everything and most types of fetishes. With that, I think they wanted to release a commercial that highlighted the fact that they have something for everyone… and that may be that what one person likes to watch may be different from what their partner would watch. I dont’ think that they every expected it to get accepted – I think it was literally just about the attention from not getting accepted. Here’s the press release from Pornhub:

“Super Bowl TV network CBS has stepped up its defensive line ahead of this Sunday’s big game, blocking a proposed multi-million dollar commercial from…a CBS spokesperson offered this brief response via email to the website’s proposal: “CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission.”

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said: ‘The Super Bowl is the Holy Grail of ad spots and given our website’s huge following in the US, we developed a G-rated commercial that we felt would meet the network’s advertising standards.'”

Watch the commercial in question below. The ad isn’t racy per-say, but it’s just the website that it’s promoting that obviously isn’t “family friendly” for television.

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With the Super Bowl coming up next Sunday, a lot of companies have been preview their commercials ahead of time and setting all the buzz in motion. Toyota has revealed a couple new commercials for their new RAV4 that star Big Bang Theory beauty, Kaley Cuoco as a sassy, pretty in purple genie.

In one of the spots, she shows up at a family’s home and starts granting their wishes. As always, be careful what you wish for! In the second spot, she walks down the street with her chihuahua by her side with Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” playing in the background. She grants the wishes of people around her with the snap of a finger. When she gets into the RAV4, the guy in the passenger seat is “a rabbit in a hat with a bat,” which of course come from the lyrics of the song. Too funny.

Watch both funny commercials below.

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Celebrating 30 years of Diet Coke, the soda company has unveiled it’s brand new sexy TV commercial starring Andrew Cooper as their new Diet Coke Man.

In the commercial, a group of ladies are in a park gabbing away, while one of the ladies notices a hot guy mowing the lawn. She seems to be the “horny” one and signals to her girlfriends to watch what she’s about to do. She decides to get the guy’s attention by rolling a can of soda over to him. Of course everything is in slow motion and sexy music is playing in the background. Given that the can was just rolled over, when he opens it, it litterally explodes all over him... I’m thinking that’s what the woman wants him to do in return… only not with Diet Coke. LOL.

As you can expect, he’s got to get that sticky shirt off of his body and it’s mission accomplished for the ladies. Watch the sexy new commercial below.

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Who’ll Win The Coke On Super Bowl Sunday?

In: Donovan, Random Reads

All you white powder-loving druggies, calm down. It’s NOT that type of coke, but Coca-Cola ;) Side note: Did you know that the beverage is sold everywhere in the world except two countries- Cuba and North Korea. Had no idea until I wrote this post. Learn something new every day.

We’re a week away from the big game and while some are looking forward to the battle between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, others are hyped about Beyonce’s halftime show and Destiny’s Child reunion. For this huge consumer, it’s all about those big budget commercials. I.CANT.WAIT!!!

The soft drink company recently unveiled a teaser for their Super Bowl spot airing next Sunday. Titled “Coke Chase,” the commercial features three groups- Cowboys, Showgirls, Badlanders- vying for what seems to be the only drink in the desert. Who will win? Well, that depends on you. Through a series of ads airing on Super Bowl Sunday, viewers can voice their preference through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms or on

Being a huge Priscilla: Queen of the Desert fan, I obviously cast my vote for the showgirls. Check out the commercial created by Wieden & Kennedy below. FYI: Dan Wieden, one of the founding owners of the agency coined the iconic “Just Do It” Nike tagline.

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According to GayStarNews, the Thai Transgender Alliance have sent an open letter to address their concern about a “negative and stereotypical” Ikea commercial that was broadcast on Bankok’s sky train system from December 28 – January 13, as well as on YouTube. The ad is called “Luem Aeb,” which translates into “forget to deceive”.

Coincidentally, yesterday I wrote about the Ladyboys series that brings to the forefront the estimated 1% of the male Thai population that use hormone therapy and/or surgery to become women. In the commercial, a woman is so surprised by something that’s on sale that she ends up speaking in a male voice. The guy that is with her is totally shocked and caught off guard.

“The MTF transgender/transwomen character is openly mocked as being ‘deceitful’, the Transgender Open Alliance open letter to Ikea read. “The transgender content of the advertisement is negative and stereotypical in nature, perpetuating misunderstanding transgenderism as human sexuality for ‘deceitful and deviant lifestyle‘.” They are asking that Ikea release a public statement about the advertisement. Watch the ad below.

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Back in 2010, I wrote about NFL hottie Eric Decker as one of our featured Sports Studs. The 25-year-old is a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and has recently signed on as one of the faces of Proactiv and is featured in an infomercial.

Here’s what Proactiv says about Decker’s struggle with acne and how their products helped him: “Eric Decker, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, struggled with acne until his teammate gave him Proactiv his freshman year of college. Proactiv helped him achieve and maintain clear skin, which boosted his confidence both on and off the field.” You have to wonder how much money Proactiv spends on celebrity endorsements like Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, and Justin Bieber, among countless others.

Watch the commercial below to see Decker footage of Decker working out, playing football, and in the locker room using Proactiv products while shirtless.

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